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31.7.13 13:38 
Listened to Technimatic - Mixmag Mix of the Week - get it free from Mixmag
31.7.13 12:39 When banning e-cigs as part of a "tobacco-free policy," please also ban the equally tobacco-free carrot sticks and celery stalks
31.7.13 11:24 @ladygypsy You GOTTA stop calling it that.
31.7.13 11:04 
31.7.13 09:42 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: CHERRY (fruit on the bottom) #yogurtoftheday
31.7.13 09:03 
Of course I filed my candidacy early! If I hadn't, I would have had to navigate a City Hall overrun by weddings #MPLSmayor
31.7.13 07:58 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
30.7.13 23:21 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
30.7.13 20:09 
Can anyone get me to Sweden? (via Giorgio Moroder:
30.7.13 19:54 
Well, Facebook wants me to post as this page instead of as ME, which is reinforcing the nagging feeling that using social media to run a campaign is a terrible, terrible idea. HOWEVER, I don't want to spend any here we are. On Facebook. Here's a quick intro:

Over the coming weeks, I don't know what to expect. I will probably be labelled a fringe candidate, which may not be inaccurate - or even worse, I may NOT be labelled, because I won't be mentioned at all! - but I have a feeling that as the weeks go on and we all learn more about these other folks who are running (some of whom HAVE been running for months), there will be no end of opportunities for me to delineate myself from the rest of the candidates. I can't say that that will make you want to VOTE for me, mind you...but you WILL know how I'm different.

Please feel free to ask me any dumb question you like and I'll do my best to provide a smart answer...or at least a smartass answer. Anticipating that the first question is: "Why are you DOING this?" the short answer is: why not? I'm qualified. (The "secret" is that practically EVERYONE 21 or over living in Minneapolis is "qualified," but there are folks out there who will try to make you believe it's more complex than that!) I'm sure I will elaborate on this in the days to come.

Finally, my wife is super awesome for giving me her OK and letting me try this and you all should let her know that if you see her. I'm also hoping she'll help me get a nice outdoorsy photo on this page Real Soon Now - right after it stops raining. (I would use an old one but it would be misrepresenting the haircut I got a month ago...besides, you can go to my own page if you want to see my long hair.) After I have a proper photo, I'll put out the request for Likes - but of course you can Like right now if you really want. It's a free Facebook.

Thanks for reading this far! ("CRZ for Mayor" status update)
30.7.13 18:29 @JulieNelsonKARE From the @msumankato website "...teaches students to turn a discipline upside down..." @PerkatPlay
30.7.13 15:03 
Listened to Nightosaur - Spaceaxers
30.7.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 24.35 ▲0.28 (Range: 24.11 - 24.54)
30.7.13 14:32 
Listened to Nightosaur - Demosaurus
30.7.13 13:41 
Listened to Nightosaur - Black Blood of the Earth
30.7.13 13:04 
Listened to jonwayne - Cassette 3: Marion Morrison Mixtape - get it free at Stones Throw Records
30.7.13 12:34 
Listened to Jeremiah Jae - Bad Jokes - get it free at
30.7.13 12:14 
Coffee time!
30.7.13 10:33 
30.7.13 09:51 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
30.7.13 09:41 
McDonald's (Minneapolis, MN)
30.7.13 09:21 
Just filed for #MPLSmayor!
30.7.13 08:44 
Minneapolis City Hall (Minneapolis, MN)
30.7.13 08:15 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
30.7.13 08:00  Yes, I am really a candidate for mayor of Minneapolis! Click on the big logo to the left for E-Democracy's information on all *35* candidates in the race.

My own "campaign" page, hosted at, ALSO contains info on EVERY candidate. Please visit and Like my page!

(To ONLY see "CRZ 4 Mayor" entries, click on this icon: )
29.7.13 22:34 Strange they didn't ask Vincent to change his name lest people confuse him with Mr. @VinceMcMahon #TotalDivas
29.7.13 21:30 
In the preceding match, Brie pulled her pants up 572 times #RAW @nicoleandbri
29.7.13 21:15 
Kane didn't light pyro, he lit Bray Wyatt's match! (At least we got a pin BEFORE the run-in) #RAW
29.7.13 20:37 
Uh oh! @MichaelCole used the forbidden word "backbreaker" #RAW #PutMyTweetOnTV
29.7.13 20:00 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
29.7.13 19:57 
Whoa! Did the crack @WWE legal team vet this? #RAW
29.7.13 19:56 
RT @PhilRippa: @CRZ it will be more amusing when there are confused people wondering why a Hulu original program is suddenly trending
29.7.13 19:53 
Is Lawler fined every time he fails to punctuate ANY blow landing with an "OOH!" noise? #RAW
29.7.13 19:49 
RIP "Over the Limit" - nice to see WWE is still picking long, hashtag-unfriendly PPV names #Battleground
29.7.13 19:48 
29.7.13 19:34 
You can still hear a difference between "live" commentary and stuff they taped last week but you REALLY have to be paying attention #RAW
29.7.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 24.07 ▼0.20 (Range: 23.96 - 24.29)
29.7.13 13:19 
29.7.13 11:56 
How Much Reality Can You Take? I wrote a few paragraphs on kayfabe and #TotalDivas for the message board:
29.7.13 11:53 
29.7.13 10:55 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
29.7.13 10:45 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
29.7.13 01:03 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
28.7.13 21:40 
Who WAS that guy? He looked just like @BJRatedR!
28.7.13 21:09 
Grantland pitch: "#totaldivas: The night kayfabe died"
28.7.13 20:32 
@HackmanRSPW @TheKFV @the_rafiki1
Lagana's blocked me!
I must have said something really awesome about him years ago before I unfollowed him
28.7.13 20:14 I'M THE BEST
27.7.13 23:02 
Ha! That @adultswim ad during @FOXADHD was perfect. Fortunately, I don't have to choose (because suck it anime)
27.7.13 21:20 
I like how they give you enough time to figure out where the hell FUEL is on your dial before they start the @UFC post- show
27.7.13 21:00 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
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