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22.10.13 18:42 
McRIB IS BACK - McDonald's (Minneapolis, MN)
22.10.13 18:40 
22.10.13 18:29 
Listened to Ben UFO - Essential Mix 2013-10-05
22.10.13 18:16 @jpreyno ....which is why I'm sure to procrastinate
22.10.13 17:17 
Listened to Justice - Audio, Video, Disco
22.10.13 16:33 
24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
22.10.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 25.21 ▼0.20 (Range: 25.11 - 25.52)
22.10.13 14:34 
Hmmm, I'm still on Snow Leopard - wonder if I should give in to Mavericks, or if it will totally hose my laptop
22.10.13 13:46 
I've earned this coffee
22.10.13 13:34 
Listened to K-X-P - II
22.10.13 12:50 
Listened to K-X-P - s/t
22.10.13 10:29 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
22.10.13 10:19 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
22.10.13 03:11 @Mike_Zeidler You're actually not the first person to say that, but I think it's just the magic beard
22.10.13 02:06 
TWO WEEKS TO ELECTION DAY: As I previously mentioned, I headed out to the Greenway Building where The UpTake was taping three minute bios with any mayoral candidate who could show up. I COULDN'T show up last week, because I have a day job and they were working 11am-1pm, but they had Monday after work slotted out in quarter hour segments - I had 6:30, but had some good luck on Hiawatha and ended up pretty early - and LUCKY because I got to experience firsthand Wagner for Mayor, who was the first fellow candidate to not JUST recognize me, but run up and give me a good hug as well. He let me know he got a kick out of my "response" video which made me feel pretty good. He asked me what my gig was and I again regretted not being in a band. Anyway, Jeffrey's energy is infectious and I wish I had a few more minutes with him, but he had to dash. (He took a lot of photos, and I forgot to take any, so I'm hoping that he'll post one sooner or later.) I didn't get to ask the Columbia Heights question but I DID try to get him to reveal his age - a question he evaded.

Next up was the aforementioned Jimmy Stroud - this guy knows EVERYBODY (or at least everybody working late in the Greenway Building) and has a fascinating history working in Minneapolis, especially with the less fortunate. It's really a shame he didn't submit a Star-Tribune questionnaire (he did have an explanation) because I think he's someone a lot more people need to know about and his online footprint really hasn't come close to capturing his history helping out the city. He was very gracious in letting me get the photo I shared down there.

Dr. Bruyere was scheduled after me - he popped in during Mr. Stroud's interview, but left almost immediately after - I think he must have gotten an urgent call and had to run...or he just hates me and had to leave because he was sick at the very sight of me. (I'm KIDDING, Eddie! I was happy to see you again, even briefly, and hope all is well with you.)

So I did my three minutes, forgot practically everything I wanted to mention (stadium, money in politics) but the truth is, I'm not sure anybody's going to watch my video who doesn't already know me...but if they DO I did a pretty good job of repeating the Facebook link over and over, and there's plenty of background stuff here to fill in all the gaps I left. I'll link it (and all of them) when they're posted.

I've probably been very fortunate but in my travels (and possibly by avoiding the "Mayoral Council" meetings) I have yet to meet a candidate for mayor who I didn't enjoy talking to and personally like. I think I'd still make a better mayor than a lot of them (especially the kooks), but for a lot of reasons I really hope the voters of Minneapolis are getting a chance to know these folks as well as I have been over the past months and not just going by who's making it in the paper.

The UpTake is hosting a debate tomorrow - I believe they've invited the Big 7 (including Mr. Fine but excluding Mr. Cohen - or was it the other way around?) as well as Mr. Everett, if he gets back to them. I'll be home - or here on Facebook - or both.

In fact, as of right now, I have no more obligations, no more questionnaires or surveys, and am free and clear until Election Day, so I better figure out something to do (or beg you to invite me over) between now and then...
21.10.13 23:22 
Facebook wasn't down long enough today to keep idiots from posting PhotoShop'd "Back to the Future" graphics with today's date
21.10.13 22:51 
Let's buy Zygi TWO stadia!! #MPLSmayor #MPLS13
21.10.13 22:38 @Dave_Schwartz DAVE THIS GAME CAN STILL END IN A TIE
21.10.13 21:56 
RT @tapemachines: These wrestling companies are really playing with fire waiting for their last show before a PPV to get PPV main events signed.
21.10.13 21:31 
This match has never been on an episode of #RAW but WAS on the pre-show for Money in the Bank, 7/13 (14 weeks ago)
21.10.13 21:09 
Last #RAW with this match: Episode 1064, 10/14/12 (one week ago)
21.10.13 20:53 
Last #RAW with this match: Episode 1063, 10/7/12 (2 weeks ago) (also it was R-Truth two weeks ago)
21.10.13 20:51 
On the other hand, this matchup apparently isn't happening tonight either #RAW - I sure hope - yep - tag team match coming up
21.10.13 20:50 
HOLY CRAP GUYS IT'S A FIRST TIME MATCHUP ON #RAW (they fought once on NXT in July)
21.10.13 20:39 
This tag team match has never appeared on #RAW but was on Smackdown last Friday (3 days ago)
21.10.13 20:30 
What the @HeymanHustle just happened? #RAW
21.10.13 20:21 
(Last tweet was an attempt to make it onto TV)
21.10.13 20:21 
Wow, loudest called spots ever! #RAW
21.10.13 20:20 
This Deeeeeee-vas tag team match has never happened on an episode of #RAW - or at all, for that matter
21.10.13 19:59 
Last #RAW with this match: Episode 1016, 11/12/12 (49 weeks ago)
21.10.13 19:48 
Last #RAW with this match: Episode 1010, 10/1/12 (55 weeks ago)
21.10.13 19:33 
Filmed a brief interview for The UpTake earlier - I'll have some more to say about it later tonight, but to whet your appetite here's a photo with me and "The People's Choice" - this is a good man who knows where bodies are buried. (Photo with Jimmy Stroud)
21.10.13 19:24 
Interesting close encounters tonight with @PissedoffMPLS and @JIMMY4MAYORMPLS - hopefully the photos came out #MPLSmayor #MPLS13
21.10.13 19:20 
Last #RAW with this match: Episode 1059, 9/9 (six weeks ago)
21.10.13 18:14 
Greenway Building (Minneapolis, MN)
21.10.13 17:15 
15 DAYS TO ELECTION DAY: Hey, anybody wanna help me rig an online poll? (Well...not as much as a couple of other folks already have...) (Link to IBNN: Vote Today for the next Mayor of Minneapolis. Don’t let the Star Tribune tell us who the “top” candidates ar)
21.10.13 16:45 
24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
21.10.13 15:23 
RT @MarkRemme: For die-hard #Twolves fans who love long electronic PDF books, check out the 2013-14 #Twolves media guide online -->
21.10.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 25.41 ▲0.02 (Range: 25.32 - 25.60)
21.10.13 13:01 
21.10.13 11:21 
The season is over - reluctantly switched to wearing pants today
21.10.13 09:33 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
21.10.13 09:23 
McDonald's (New Brighton, MN)
21.10.13 08:57 Park Nicollet Clinic (St. Louis Park, MN)
20.10.13 17:46 
When u start thinking, it gets dangerous #twolves RT @JerryZgoda: Just a thought, Wolves Nation: Would you trade Derrick for Gerald Wallace?
20.10.13 16:15 
I can't complain about P6 & 7, but ...what could have been? Surely they would have raced to the finish but the 14 went airborne
20.10.13 16:12 
20.10.13 16:11 
White flag - HERE WE GO @DavidRagan @DavidGilliland @FrontRowNASCAR
20.10.13 16:06 
Ragan and Gilly are right where they want to be - together - P7 & 8 - 8 laps to go @ESPNNASCAR
20.10.13 15:58 
@guruzim Keep an eye out - they're right where they wanna be (together)
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