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29.10.13 19:56 
McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
29.10.13 19:48 
Listened to Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers - That sounds good to me
29.10.13 19:43 
Listened to W&W - Essential Mix 2013-10-26
29.10.13 19:33 @JohnCroman You really got my best side there. ;-)
29.10.13 17:47 
Minneapolis Central Library (Minneapolis, MN)
29.10.13 15:39 
Can of Diet Dr Pepper
29.10.13 15:07 
@LargeMargeMpls @indeedbrewing Congratulations! Are details on The Facebook?
29.10.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.13 ▲0.09 (Range: 21.99 - 22.36)
29.10.13 13:19 
@BloodStrib Was the tweeting ban lifted or are you being super sly about it? Or there never really a ban/it was overstated/just for summer?
29.10.13 12:32 
Late check - Symantec (Roseville, MN)
29.10.13 12:27 I just backed @BirchwoodCafe: It's GROW Time! on @Kickstarter
29.10.13 12:03 
29.10.13 11:48 
29.10.13 11:48 
FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm still under forty bucks in campaign expenditures so there'll be no filing from me to report #MPLSmayor #MPLS13 #popcorn
29.10.13 11:11 
Listened to Mark Pritchard - FACT mix 406 - Mark Pritchard (Part 2)
29.10.13 11:08 RT @FACTmag: Mark Pritchard (@markprtchrd) FACT mix. Jungle, 1988-1993, in 56 tracks. Here's part two.
29.10.13 11:03 
@urbaninkslinger (I remembered all that stuff about 10 minutes after leaving the building, though, so I was well over it by last night)
29.10.13 11:02 
@urbaninkslinger @theuptake I forgot to slam the stadium and money in politics (and have you take my photo to tweet) but my wife liked it :)
29.10.13 07:47 
Because I'm already mayor of this post office. Like/Share/RT #MPLSmayor #MPLS13
29.10.13 00:56 
RT @urbaninkslinger: My interviews with “minor” candidates for #mplsmayor via @theuptake. Watch for profanities on Jeff Wagner’s video.
29.10.13 00:35 
ONE WEEK TO ELECTION DAY: Courtesy The UpTake, here's my "brief bio" three minute interview! (Link to Vimeo: Christopher Robin Zimmerman)
29.10.13 00:09 Foregoing the Halloween name because too many people of below average intelligence might read "C-RIP-Z" the wrong way
28.10.13 22:07 
Also, whoa Summer Rae/Natalya main event - hope Lawler & JBL file that away in the memory bank #RAW
28.10.13 20:30 I also miss David Otunga's coffee cup RT @AKATheMaskedMan: #Shiesel
28.10.13 20:12 
Those of us "in the know" refer to this as "keeping Daniel Bryan strong" #RAW
28.10.13 20:01 RT @tapemachines: hahahahahahaha seriously look at that photoshop on the kick. seriously look at it. look at his goddamn leg.
28.10.13 19:58 
Ugh, this guy. #RAW
28.10.13 19:55 
RT @krismacca: @CRZ Your campaign for #MPLSMayor needs a Men on a Mission-esque "Lex Express" rap. Somehow this 6-man tag gave me the idea.
28.10.13 19:47 @allnewtpir I miss being 27, but only sometimes. ;-)
28.10.13 19:46 @LouisTABQ Ha!
28.10.13 19:43 
Sounds like killing Sandow also killed this crowd? #RAW
28.10.13 19:40 
In my recap era, I'd probably have called him BIG E LANGOSTINO and people would have fallen over themselves telling me how funny it was #RAW
28.10.13 19:33 
Damien Sandow was 31. #RAW
28.10.13 19:30 
Cole: "There it is! The You're Welcome!" Me: "The what now?" #RAW
28.10.13 19:16 
I wonder if he'll have lost before we come back from ad break #RAW
28.10.13 19:12 
Is this Sandow's face turn? (Is this why Cena's accent sounded so ... non-white earlier?) #RAW
28.10.13 19:04 
Ugh, this guy #RAW
28.10.13 17:36 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
28.10.13 17:36 
Very late check - Symantec (Roseville, MN)
28.10.13 16:48 
Listened to Downtown Party Network - Space Me Out (Mario Basanov remix)
28.10.13 15:59 
24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
28.10.13 15:16 
Because I'll be the most social media-friendly mayor in the country. Like/Share/RT #MPLSmayor #MPLS13
28.10.13 15:07 @anton612 Actually, I also predicted this on the record a couple weeks ago:
28.10.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.04 ▲0.01 (Range: 21.96 - 22.17)
28.10.13 14:59 
@anton612 I tweeted something! It was very wishy-washy (yet honest)! I mean, I AM on the ballot #MPLSmayor #MPLS13
28.10.13 14:16 
Listened to Supertramp - Is Everybody Listening (Cleveland Ohio, 1976)
28.10.13 14:15 Lime Flavor With Shrimp
28.10.13 13:47 
The truth is I'd trade every Starbucks in Minnesota for one 7-Eleven in Minneapolis
28.10.13 13:45 @kwatt Hmm...Kelly is ALSO a candidate for mayor (but doesn't want anyone to vote for her)
28.10.13 13:31 @anton612 Well, they can have as much of @kwatt's information as they want. SBUX never asked me where I was born, thankfully
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