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6.11.13 22:01 
McDonald's (Saint Paul, MN)
6.11.13 22:01 Holiday Station Store (St. Paul, MN)
6.11.13 21:53 
Listened to Wilkinson - Essential Mix 2013-11-02
6.11.13 21:24 
Wolves... don't win (#twolves 93 - #warriors 106) #nofilter @ Target Center
6.11.13 20:37 
#TWOLVES DOUBLE DOUBLE ALERT! KEVIN LOVE: 5 (12 & 10, 5:28 3rd) #WolvesAreHere @kevinlove
6.11.13 20:10 
HALFTIME: #warriors 50 - #twolves 47 @ Target Center
6.11.13 19:27 
#WolvesKlondike 9
6.11.13 19:13 
@kwatt Too close! (113-G, yellow sleeves, hair) Enjoy the "army"
6.11.13 19:02 
@kwatt What section are you in? I want to wave at you like an idiot while you ignore me
6.11.13 18:58 
@pyry Now, now... it's Excel 2010 on XP. BULLETPROOF.
6.11.13 18:56 
#WolvesAreHere - LET'S GO! - Golden State Warriors vs Minnesota Timberwolves - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
6.11.13 18:56 
#WolvesAreHere - LET'S GO! (at @TargetCenterMn for @warriors vs @MNTimberwolves w/ 38 others)
6.11.13 17:30 
@webster I shouldn't know more than the media does. (I'll bet you get that a lot)
6.11.13 17:07 
@votempls We'll root for more ties, then. :) Thanks!
6.11.13 16:56 
I DO pity the poor City Council candidates who have to wait for the #MPLSmayor runoff to complete before THEIR runoffs can start, though
6.11.13 16:53 
It's not a "too many candidates" problem, it's a "process needs improvement and refinement" problem; it'll continue to get better #MPLSmayor
6.11.13 16:45 
@votempls If Stroud and Workcuff stay tied after next round, do you flip a coin to determine elimination or eliminate 'em both?
6.11.13 16:14 
@BlakeKARE11 @CydGorman is a lady
6.11.13 15:30 
@d_c_jones @StribRoper Nobody tags @CRZ anymore when they tweet about him ;-)
6.11.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 23.13 ▲0.45 (Range: 22.67 - 23.14)
6.11.13 12:51 
(Still waiting on Lileks' column mention)
6.11.13 12:48 
RT @StribRoper: One of the lesser-known of 35 mayoral candidates wrote up this list of regrets he has about his campaign
6.11.13 12:41 
@anton612 The spacing between candidates doesn't give any place for a "batch" elimination when you're only counting 1sts
6.11.13 12:41 
@anton612 Even though my math says only top 3 or 4 are mathematically viable, they may only be able to eliminate 1 candidate per round
6.11.13 12:39 
@anton612 The demonstration revealed that there is A LOT of manual cutting and pasting involved
6.11.13 12:02 
6.11.13 10:40 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
6.11.13 01:43 
@HackmanRSPW There were lots of elections!
5.11.13 22:53 
After the first round, I'm 21st, behind Hanna and Clark BUT ahead of Wagner! We'll see if my vote totals go up any more as they drop people off the bottom. I received 170 1sts, 435 2nds and 422 3rds - 1027 total. If I somehow received all of these votes without anybody ahead of me increasing THEIR total, I could get up to 8th. This is extremely unlikely. I sorted and formatted the results and posted 'em over on the board (, or you can create your own spreadsheet from the Secretary of State's page I linked earlier.
5.11.13 22:46 
I DID get 6 more #1 votes than @ModernRockTC, though, so perhaps NOT showing you MY nipples WAS the right choice #MPLSmayor (Cc: @citypages)
5.11.13 22:38 
Anyway, it looks like I can't possibly do better than 8th (probably won't even get close), so consider this my concession tweet. #MPLSmayor
5.11.13 22:37 
Now that I think about it, they may not even eliminate 35th until they allocate any 2nd/3rds from the 117 "undeclared write-in" 1st choices
5.11.13 22:34 
@pyry I can't figure out a good way to decide which up to 154 2nd place votes would belong to which candidates, though (Wilson + write-ins)
5.11.13 22:26 
So now we see if I understand RCV correctly - because 34th could pass 33rd, everybody but 35th moves into the next round...right? #MPLSmayor
5.11.13 22:08 
Who'd Bob Carney bribe to get included in the KARE ticker? I have almost triple the votes he's got! #MPLSmayor
5.11.13 22:01 
This election is so crucial that the top story on all 4/5/11 10PM newscasts's snowing. #MPLSmayor
5.11.13 21:53 
@urbaninkslinger Thanks again to you and @theuptake!
5.11.13 21:48 
@illustrousbeast Thank you! If I finish ahead of Mr. Wagner (6 votes ahead as I type this), you will have played an important part
5.11.13 21:38 
Wow, @WCCO just did an entire 10PM news promo without even mentioning elections or that it's Election Day - well done #MPLSmayor
5.11.13 21:09 
Looks like I'm somewhere near the bottom of the middle (top of the bottom half) with less than 0.3% of the vote. I may owe Charlie a beverage! Currently I stand at 167 votes - not bad for 156 Likes on this page! - and over 400 2nd place votes AND over 400 3rd place votes. They count so quick these days! (117 of 119 precincts counted) - click there for the raw numbers. (Link to "MN Election Results")
5.11.13 20:45 
5.11.13 20:34 Say, you think Virginia's GOP wishes they had Ranked Choice Voting? #tlot
5.11.13 20:32 
Thanks for your vote - I knew I could count on you! #MPLSmayor RT @ChrisFieldsMN: Made it just voted! I'll give you three guesses for who.
5.11.13 20:02 
1. Man, if I'm elected mayor I'm gonna smoke SO MUCH CRACK
2. Man, If I'm elected mayor, Minneapolis must be smoking SO MUCH CRACK
5.11.13 19:03 
Rainbow Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
5.11.13 18:18 
Listened to The Time - Girl
5.11.13 17:34 
Listened to Mind & Matter - 1514 Oliver Avenue (Basement) on Soundcloud
5.11.13 17:11 
Listened to The Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion (12'' Vinyl Version)
5.11.13 17:04 
24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
5.11.13 17:00 
Listened to The Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion
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