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4.2.14 09:05 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
4.2.14 09:02 
Listened to Tiƫsto - Essential Mix 2014-02-01
3.2.14 22:09 RT @thecubsfan: Wasn't the deal two weeks ago that Kane would be fired if he attacked a wrestler again?
3.2.14 22:08 RT @tapemachines: Daniel Bryan beats Randy Orton, something Kofi Kingston did a few weeks ago
3.2.14 21:49 
There is way too much time left in this show #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 21:41 
Wait, Aksana ALSO dropped a knee on CENA's eye? She's a MENACE. #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 21:37 #IWontStandFor one more crappy hashtag appearing in a commercial
3.2.14 21:36 
Cena out tonight? #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 21:26 
Whoa, they scrolled a "creepy af" tweet! Maybe they don't know what "af" stands for? #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 21:09 
"Hi, I'm Bray Wyatt, and I'd like to talk to you about The Olde Brooklyn Lantern™." #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 21:08 
Of COURSE Mark Henry wouldn't miss a chance to hook up with Betty White! #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 21:06 
Punk's still in the local Elimination Chamber ad (and aftermarket tickets haven't dropped below face yet) #RAW #WWEChamber #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 21:01 
3.2.14 21:00 
Ew, spittle - Vince hates spittle #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 21:00 
But... he's no fan of hatred and intolerance - aw, shoot, now we'll NEVER know what Big Dave was gonna say! #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 20:56 
This week's Big Batista Pyro Synchro Score: 2.1 #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 20:44 
Where IS David Otunga? (Or Evan Bourne, or Ezekiel Jackson, or Yoshi Tatsu, or Curt Hawkins, or...) #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 20:42 
Did someone dare @JustinRoberts to say "Minnesota" with the correct Minnesotan accent? #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 20:39 
I think the Network countdown was bungled...unless they've moved up the start by, like, 15 hours #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 20:36 Dare I say that Emma's dance was much more over last Thursday at the NXT taping? Well, maybe next week #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 20:28 
AW: "Now that's what I'm talking about, did you see that? Titus O'Neil is like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado - he's unstoppable!" #RAW
3.2.14 20:25 
Zack Ryder has 1,535,152 followers as I type this. But hey... if only @WWE cared about Twitter, right? #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 20:20 I think Liam Neeson would have been better in "Draft Day," too #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 20:18 @tapemachines Bischoff's kid a free agent yet?
3.2.14 20:17 
So is "face of the @WWE" like the hot new title to feud over or somethin'? #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 20:14 
Guys, Cody's an idiot! #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 20:09 
Yeah, perro gringo, Alberto del Rio is ALL about tolerance and respect! #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 20:08 
I, uh, fell asleep. Now I have to go rewind so I can hear the @KevinMarshall shoutout #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 19:37 
Strange hearing the Action Zone voiceover lady during this Countdown promo #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 19:35 
3.2.14 19:33 #BNB #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 19:27 
3.2.14 19:21 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
3.2.14 19:01 
Strange...they usually play Punk's theme here #RAW #EsuranceSave30
3.2.14 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.75 ▼0.66 (Range: 20.68 - 21.40) New 52 week low!
3.2.14 12:05 What's that? @esuranceCRZ has three thousand followers? Sheeeeeeeeeit.
3.2.14 11:56 
Coffee times
3.2.14 11:56 It's [ funny | depressing ] that one of the Esurance scam accounts has doubled the follower count of the verified @esurance account
3.2.14 11:55 Yeah, I liked my @Twitter interface more when it said I've tweeted 14,483 times instead of "14.5K" times - but they saved ONE character!
3.2.14 11:54 You'd think Twitter would be jumping all over those Esurance scam accounts to show what a great ad partner they can be
3.2.14 10:41 
3.2.14 08:50 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
2.2.14 23:37 @grumpymartian HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We have failed to procure gifts on time - which I'm sure makes this the WORST BIRTHDAY EVER (get well soon!)
2.2.14 21:37 
$3.199/g - Holiday Station Store (Minneapolis, MN)
2.2.14 21:04 I'VE just judged YOU! RT @teamziller: I'm judging all of you doing the Esurance thing.
2.2.14 21:00 $1.5M is JUST enough for me to tweet a hashtag from an ad: #EsuranceSave30
2.2.14 20:41 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 #hashtag
2.2.14 19:30 What I'd like is I'd like to hug and kiss you (that's something everyone can enjoy!)
2.2.14 19:07 
Happy to finally see some love for this one, only 45 years later! Cc: @igiorgiomoroder
2.2.14 16:16 
@illustrousbeast Ah, well, a lot of folks rent space in that building. I haven't to the RP space since before '12 Conventions
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