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1.4.14 03:30 
1.4.14 02:35 
Now playing on @adultswim April Fool's Day 2014: Space Ghost ep "Piledriver" with Randy Savage and a zillion awesome references
1.4.14 02:18 
Oh right, April Fool's Day Adult Swim programming tonight
9.2.14 02:48 
Sorry, I meant SPACE☆DANDY @space_dandy
9.2.14 02:45 
Six episodes in and I'm still not sure if I like "Space*Dandy" or not #anime
27.7.13 23:02 
Ha! That @adultswim ad during @FOXADHD was perfect. Fortunately, I don't have to choose (because suck it anime)
21.7.13 23:34 
Thanks @adultswim and Astro Base GO! Don't be a stranger!
21.7.13 23:25 
"THE VENTURE BROS. WILL RETURN" - Thank God! @adultswim
21.7.13 23:10 
RT @adultswim: 50th retweet gets Brock
14.7.13 23:11 
RT @adultswim: 50th retweet gets this Venture Bros cel
13.7.13 03:11 
This will always be my favourite episode of "Perfect Hair Forever" - of course, @adultswim could always win me over with new ones!
30.6.13 23:11 
RT @adultswim: 100th retweet gets this original VB artwork. #sweetwhipvb
3.6.13 04:42 
BTW, I didn't watch "Game of Thrones" (intentional) OR "Family Tree" (UNintentional); saw "The Venture Bros." TWICE (mandatory) @adultswim
15.5.13 00:31 
This'll kill some time:
26.3.13 03:01 
30.7.12 01:25 
I'm watching Squidbillies
30.7.12 01:23 
I'm watching Aqua Something You Know Whatever
30.7.12 00:54 
I'm watching Black Dynamite
29.7.12 23:31 
I'm watching The Eric Andre Show
24.7.12 03:16 
I'm watching Off the Air
24.7.12 03:14 
That was a beautiful infomercial - thanks @adultswim @azizansari @timheidecker @ericwareheim!
22.7.12 23:32 
I'm watching The Eric Andre Show
22.7.12 22:42 
I'm watching Black Dynamite
18.4.12 12:16 
I always see this stuff three months too late (graphic)
19.12.11 01:32 
Dear [adult swim],

Has anybody gotten on your case for saying Haley and Steve adopted a child in your ad for the next episode of "American Dad!" instead of saying Haley and Jeff? (Besides me, just now, i mean)

(Dear [adult swim] December 2011)
6.11.11 01:53 
I'm watching Off the Air
6.11.11 01:31 
I'm watching Off the Air
6.11.11 01:17 
I'm watching Off the Air
6.11.11 01:07 
I'm watching Off the Air
6.9.11 17:13 
"Fav tim and eric sketch?"
1.9.11 03:03 
Ooh, "Off the Air" is on @adultswim RIGHT NOW - QUICK TURN IT TURN IT TURN IT
24.7.11 22:54 
I'm watching Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1
24.7.11 22:52 
10.4.11 23:00 
I'm watching Superjail
10.4.11 22:53 
I'm watching Titan Maximum
10.4.11 22:34 
I'm watching Robot Chicken
13.3.11 22:38 
I'm watching "Childrens Hospital"
10.3.11 23:02 
I'm watching "Eagleheart"
6.3.11 22:46 
I earned the Fan sticker! (watching "Robot Chicken")
6.3.11 22:46 
I'm watching "Robot Chicken"
30.1.11 23:12 
Tonight's "Mongo Wrestling Alliance" left unresolved questions as to how Festus character changed back into lovable simpleton
30.1.11 23:02 
The REAL question: Will tonight's "Mongo Wrestling Alliance" (currently airing on Adult Swim!) be booked better than tonight's Royal Rumble?
28.5.10 22:17 
Only on the Internet can I crudely draw some Traditional Chinese characters I saw in an NMA/Adult Swim clip and get...
9.5.10 22:44 
If it weren't for Twitter, I wouldn't know this Boondocks episode is a reimagining of the Soulja Boy/Ice-T feud - thanks, Twitter!
2.5.10 23:15 
Hey, if enough people remark about Boondocks & co. booting Bieber out of the Twitter trends....Bieber will re-trend! D'oh?
2.5.10 23:09 
"Aqua Unit Patrol Squad" is funny! But probably won't trend on Twitter like all those "Boondocks" topics have
26.11.09 03:44 
which is to say, 0330 Central, and Icelandic Ultra Blue, okay, definitely going to sleep so I won't miss the Packers game and toast
26.11.09 03:43 
Never mind, it's apparently been on at 0430 almost every night in November, only this is the first time I've been up to see it
26.11.09 03:33 
This is a stealth pilot on Adult Swim, right? ....right?
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