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28.4.14 22:54 
RT @CraigyFerg: Thanks for all the good wishes a'body. Here's the truth if you're interested. #lottapeoplemakingshitupalready
28.4.14 22:13 
Wait, this show is STILL on? #RAW
28.4.14 22:01 
28.4.14 21:45 
I can't look at RVD's singlet without seeing Gravy Robbers #RAW
28.4.14 21:37 
If there's a double countout, NOBODY faces Big E! #RAW
28.4.14 21:29 
For Barrett to have been in diapers last time RVD was IC champ, he would have also had to have Tony Siragusa visiting #RAW
28.4.14 21:28 
OK, he just looks naked there. Now that's REAL creepiness #RAW
28.4.14 21:25 
Believe this is the fourth time we've seen this segment tonight #RAW
28.4.14 21:09 
28.4.14 21:04 
Brie's an excellent merchandise model, but that hoodie keeps exposing her midriff when she raises her arms #RAW
28.4.14 21:00 
WWE SMS just said that WeeLC will be a preshow match. I don't know how I feel about that!
28.4.14 20:59 
Wow, would they really sacrifice Sheamus to Bray Wyatt? #MainEvent
28.4.14 20:57 

28.4.14 20:56 
I happily admit that the shock of hearing 3MB's music AFTER a bell was pretty great #RAW
28.4.14 20:53 
I'm already looking forward to the commentators tuning out during the WEELC match Sunday #RAW
28.4.14 20:45 
28.4.14 20:35 
TONIGHT: Another in-ring promo! #RAW
28.4.14 20:34 
One surefire way to stress the importance of in-ring action is to spend precious minutes discussing JBL's barber and pedicurist #RAW
28.4.14 20:30 
Now that they've shown it twice, I can't help but think that we'll now see an empty case later tonight #RAW
28.4.14 20:23 
(Yes, I'm still 42) #RAW
28.4.14 20:22 
For the record, I AM wearing this already-obsolete-in-storyline-terms-yet-still-awesome Cesaro shirt today:,default,pd.html #RAW
28.4.14 20:13 Oh no, that dude is hufflepuffing himself again - can't he just grow a playoff beard like a normal dude?
28.4.14 20:12 While all this is going on, @ShaneHelmsCom would like you to buy some OMEGA DVDs from Highspots
28.4.14 20:06 
Commentators must be getting paid by the audible chortle tonight #RAW
28.4.14 20:02 
Always interesting to give this guy a live mic #RAW
28.4.14 19:55 
Whoa! Kofi knows how to correctly tell a forward slash from a backslash!!! #RAW
28.4.14 19:46 
For the children:,default,pd.html
28.4.14 19:13 
Bray Wyatt actually sired all those children #RAW
28.4.14 19:00 Golly, @USA_Network sure shows a lot of blood and torture before the family hour!
28.4.14 18:08 @webster What's MORE suspicious is... it's not squatting!
28.4.14 16:21 New video games coming out the week of 4/29/14
28.4.14 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.07 ▼0.21 (Range: 19.99 - 20.39)
28.4.14 14:34 New DVD/Blu-ray/digital titles for the week of 4/29/2014 (???)
28.4.14 14:13 
Coffee time
28.4.14 11:55 
28.4.14 11:54 Well, yeah, NOW I wonder what kind of discussion DJ E-Z Rock, Lee Marshall and Dr. Jack Ramsay would have in heaven
28.4.14 10:15 Guys my odometer hit 45678 on the way to work and that's, like, a palindrome or something
28.4.14 09:57 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
27.4.14 20:20 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
27.4.14 02:15 I'm AMPED! What do I do now? Play Candy Crush Saga and drink alone? Wooooooo!
26.4.14 23:27 It is LP Music (streaming @ @ Icehouse MPLS
26.4.14 22:48 RT @TheFdeluxe: fDeluxe presents LP Music aka Leeds Peterson broadcasting live at come and check it out! LIVE from the ICE HOUSE MPLS
26.4.14 22:48 RT @stpaulpeterson: />
LP Music Streaming Live from Icehouse MPLS
26.4.14 22:30 
LP Music! - Icehouse (Minneapolis, MN)
26.4.14 22:27 And the gold medal for parallel parking goes to... @ Icehouse MPLS
26.4.14 17:28 
@albertxii That ain't yogurt; that's a travesty
25.4.14 21:28 
RT @NASCAR: Television Update: Coverage of tonight’s race will move to #ESPN2 at approximately 10:30pm ET. #NASCAR
25.4.14 21:27 
The Nationwide race has started on ESPNEWS!
25.4.14 20:38 They found her still-twitching body the next morning (photo)
25.4.14 19:47 
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