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9.7.14 18:17 
McDonald's (Minneapolis, MN)
9.7.14 17:58 
With a 46" vertical, @ZachLaVine can clear four pages with two inches to spare! #twolves #RTtheVert
9.7.14 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.63 ▲0.21 (Range: 22.46 - 22.67)
9.7.14 12:01 
9.7.14 10:57 @jerridsebesta I see you and @LauraBetker are somehow STILL coordinating your tweets (congrats to you both!)
9.7.14 09:45 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
8.7.14 22:54 Oh fans, I wish you could be here for LP Music
8.7.14 21:29 
Yay! - L.P. Music - Icehouse (Minneapolis, MN)
8.7.14 18:42 National Camera Exchange (Roseville, MN)
8.7.14 18:37 SPIRE (Roseville, MN)
8.7.14 16:48 
Listened to J-Rocc - The Get on Down Mix at SoundCloud
8.7.14 16:43 
24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
8.7.14 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.42 ▼0.44 (Range: 22.41 - 22.95)
8.7.14 14:13 
Listened to BT - Laptop Symphony
8.7.14 14:11 Hot & Spicy Chicken Bowl
8.7.14 13:56 What have I seen more in my timeline this week, the potato salad Kickstarter or the misattributed Guy Fieri screenshot from Conan?
8.7.14 12:27 
Listened to gusgus - Mexico
8.7.14 11:39 
Yup (animated GIF)
8.7.14 11:28 
8.7.14 09:50 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
8.7.14 09:37 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
8.7.14 08:37 
Speaking of 1999, I recently found my "lost" Moonsault column on WCW booker Nash; will share later this week
@MoChatra calls lawyers)
7.7.14 22:09 
(cont) @WWENetwork inexplicably failed to include Laycool presenting Vickie with her "Cougar" necklace (McCool-free mandate?)
7.7.14 22:08 
I can't believe they didn't shill the Vickie special again - that was a legitimately tremendous show with only 1 missing moment: @WWENetwork
7.7.14 22:05 
Where'd Chioda go? #RAW
7.7.14 22:05 @Nuinitari Ah, yes, what happy memories!
7.7.14 22:03 @TheKFV I'll put my publicist right on it.
(Also, I will hire a publicist.)
7.7.14 21:56 
#RAW ROLLS ON (aka I hope they take care of all the advance spot calling during the break)
7.7.14 21:54 
But I don't mind not being included so long as friggin' Mark Me-dden wasn't included #WWENetwork
7.7.14 21:54 
To be slightly serious, I wish I'd amassed the clout to get flown to Titan Towers to tape interviews for that Monday Night War show
7.7.14 21:52 
So will I get a week tacked onto my six month subscription? No? Then SHUT UP ABOUT THE FREE WEEK #RAW
7.7.14 21:35 
Guys guys I'm still hip enough to say "NO LINEAL TITLE CHANGE!!" yet douchey enough to say "lineal" instead of "linear" $$$$$$ #RAW
7.7.14 21:31 
Late on this but did you also hear referee Dan "Not Rudy Charles" Engler just audibly direct the 'dactyls to fight to the cameras? #RAW
7.7.14 21:10 
Jericho WINS? What is this, Bizarro World?

7.7.14 21:08 
Significant! Jericho landed the double sledge instead of eating a missile dropkick counter! #RAW
7.7.14 21:04 RT @tapemachines: “Including singer Bo Bice!”

Wow, a genuine A-lister!!!
7.7.14 21:04 
When Miz wins, will they change the hashtag to #MIZ? #RAW
7.7.14 21:00 
Was this a tacit admission that "prime time" viewers on the live stream are the bread and butter of @WWENetwork?
7.7.14 20:52 
If Hashtag Bret Hart were important, by God, he would have appeared at the top of an hour! #RAW
7.7.14 20:48 
"Why watch #RAW live when you can see a PPV from last week RIGHT NOW? Truly we don't care about our ratings (and hope USA doesn't either)"
7.7.14 20:45 
Punches are ILLEGAL! #RAW
7.7.14 20:27 
It's Fit Finlay night on #RAW! Tune in later when somebody fakes a leg injury for waaaaay too long
7.7.14 20:26 
That's all the company *I* need! RT @JoshSchippe: Thanks for the heads up, Twitter. @CRZ @tapemachines
7.7.14 20:25 @D_V_D_V_R More like Strip Poker amirite
7.7.14 20:23 ONLY ON USA: the sexy undergroud cop show, the sexy fake lawyer show, the sexy unlicensed doctor show, the sexy covert agent show, the sexy
7.7.14 20:22 
@tapemachines I think he called him "Holmes" which I didn't know was still a thing in 2014 (DISCLAIMER: I am a 43 year old white man)
7.7.14 20:21 
Think about this: even unintentionally, Cena does a better "preacher" than Big E #RAW
7.7.14 20:19 
Ain't no way his hair will look that brown #RAW
7.7.14 20:19 
As a rib, they should have included the miscommunication spot in the replay #RAW
7.7.14 20:17 
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