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16.9.14 23:45 
I'm torn between watching @CraigyFerg and @LateNightSeth with... @CraigyFerg hmmm which one wasn't taped today? (Both?)
16.9.14 20:45 
@LBJMFA I don't know what's more shocking: that you found that tweet buried in my #RAW feed, or that Twitter says it's your 1000th tweet
16.9.14 19:33 FORTUNE OF THE DAY @ Panda Garden Buffet
16.9.14 19:06  Exotic bachelor dining - Panda Garden Buffet (Roseville, MN)
16.9.14 18:57 Cub Foods (Roseville, MN)
16.9.14 18:19  Barnes & Noble (Roseville, MN)
16.9.14 16:42 Finally, President Obama‚Äôs doing something to combat climate climate! (screen grab)
16.9.14 15:47 
RT @Golianopoulos: "I feel sorry for the wrestling business if we're not around." Wrote about TNA wrestling for @Grantland33
16.9.14 15:36 
Listened to Powertools Mixshow - Episode 9-6-14
16.9.14 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 24.21 ▲0.02 (Range: 24.17 - 24.42)
16.9.14 12:59 
Sneaking in that coffee
16.9.14 12:56 
@davidbix This is the tweet that got me to follow you back
16.9.14 12:50 
16.9.14 12:44 
Has Governor Dayton shared his ranking of Kanye West album tracks today as well?
16.9.14 11:08 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
15.9.14 23:35 @JoshSchippe I *wasn't* expecting an answer, but I'm happy to take yours!
15.9.14 22:56 
"DVR! How can you save me?"
"Uh, I got yesterday's McLaughlin Group--"
"DO IT!!"
15.9.14 22:56 Accidentally saw Streisand on Fallon - oh dear
15.9.14 22:15 
Man, what bizarre timing and scheduling for tonight's show. Go Home indeed! Now, let's watch the end of the football game #RAW
15.9.14 22:14 
Wait - Lana's produced A TURNIP! And she's pelting Henry with it! #RAW
15.9.14 22:13 
@KevinMarshall Doesn't Lana get YOUR flag waving? #RAW #rowr
15.9.14 22:12 
15.9.14 22:11 
Technically, Kurlovich competed for Team Unified #RAW #EUN
15.9.14 22:09 
I thought we already established that he finished last because he was so busy being sexual, chocolate #RAW
15.9.14 22:07 RT @tapemachines: Where in Russia would they not allow someone to talk shit about the United States?
15.9.14 22:06 
"Michael...if they keep whattin' me, I'm gonna hurt somebody" #RAW
15.9.14 22:03 
I see flags were free for the ringside sections tonight #RAW
15.9.14 22:03 
This is new - they had the free rematch for suckers BEFORE the PPV match!
15.9.14 22:00 
Slam City is still free on Cartoonium!
15.9.14 21:54 
15.9.14 21:54 
Shoot, now I have to go back after the show and actually pay attention to that match
15.9.14 21:53 
Hey, clean finish! He's gonna retire that lineal championship, I tell ya!
15.9.14 21:52 
Worst case is Ambrose returns, inexplicably turned heel
15.9.14 21:51 
Listen, I don't believe for a second we'll get a clean finish here, but I would LOVE to be wrong about that
15.9.14 21:47 @KevinMarshall Fantastic! BOOK IT, RUSSO
15.9.14 21:46 @KevinMarshall Say, ISIS is a great name for a stable!
15.9.14 21:41 
The only time Lawler doesn't call it Diet Mountain Dew is when he's reading copy #RAW #SURGEisback
15.9.14 21:40 
Wait - the MARK HENRY talky thing is the main event?!
15.9.14 21:30 
Both tonight AND Friday, they protected the Famouser despite it never finishing a match
15.9.14 21:30 
Cole & JBL might as well say "hey, Miz and Damien Mizdow are OBVIOUSLY different colors!"
15.9.14 21:27 
Also, clearly Lawler doesn't watch Smackdown #RAW
15.9.14 21:26 
I see nobody told the commentary team how stupid they sounded Friday pretending they couldn't tell the white one from the black one #RAW
15.9.14 21:25 
New rule: everything on Smackdown is just a trial run for the REAL show - also
15.9.14 21:22 
@HackmanRSPW @WWE Has ANYTHING trended tonight?
15.9.14 21:21 
TONIGHT: Reigns/Rollins!
15.9.14 21:20 
And the cherry on top is she tapped early
15.9.14 21:18 
Wow, so much of Cam's makeup on Naomi's tights... #RAW
15.9.14 21:17 
Dan Engler will list that pocketed lipstick on eBay tomorrow #RAW
15.9.14 21:16 
That's seven years' bad luck! #RAW #WhereisJoJo
15.9.14 21:15 
READY FOR ACTION: The Funkadactyls
(could be worse - could be Brodus Clay)
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