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28.10.14 14:12 
Mike Tyson Mysteries 1x1: "The End"
28.10.14 14:02 
Listened to Vitalic - Stamina
28.10.14 13:56 
Listened to Maceo Plex - Stimulation (Original Mix)
28.10.14 13:48 
Listened to Maceo Plex - Filthy Mama (Original Mix)
28.10.14 13:28 
Listened to Eats Everything - Slow For Me EP
28.10.14 13:18 Hoping he comes out against it MT @KimInsley: “@NBCNightlyNews: President Obama will deliver statement on Ebola at 2:55pm, White House says”
28.10.14 13:13 
28.10.14 12:26 
Listened to Cedric Gervais - MIAMICATION April 2013
28.10.14 11:55 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
28.10.14 11:55 
YES! HT WX is BACK! MT @kenbarlowTV: Excited to be official halftime weather geek for @MNTimberwolves home games this season! #OneHungryPack
28.10.14 03:45 "In a Lonely Place" by New Order is my new jam
27.10.14 22:07 
27.10.14 22:05 
Welp #RAW
27.10.14 21:57 
That was a NICE "spike" DDT sell by Cena there #RAW
27.10.14 21:53 "When it's Chrisley vs. Chrisley, the REAL winners are THE VIEWERS!" - USA Network voiceover lies in my imagination
27.10.14 21:51 Every time they remove that slice of Domino's pizza from the box and there's no giant grease stain left on the cardboard I'm like "c'mon"
27.10.14 21:49 
Speaking of flag bearers, no Rusev tonight? #RAW
27.10.14 21:41 
Time for my yearly share of the all-time, best WWF Halloween costume ever: @VinceMcMahon
27.10.14 21:36 
Oh, we can only hope this is holla holla'd during the ad break! #RAW #baitandswitch
27.10.14 21:24 
RT @JustinRoberts: HAHA! Too soon! “@BShopWindow: Hey @JustinRoberts what do you think of our latest creation?”
27.10.14 21:18 
Ambrose: "I don't know why Wyatt did what he did AND I DON'T CARE!"
WWE Universe: "Then we don't either! YAY!"
WWE Creative: "Whew!"
27.10.14 21:16 
@eastcoast_joe I'm'a keep posting it until someone besides me finds it hilarious
27.10.14 21:15 
TONIGHT: No WAY Cena takes on Rollins!
UP NEXT: Ziggler vs. See No Evil 2!
27.10.14 21:13 
27.10.14 21:09 
READY FOR ACTION: TRINITY (do they still call her Trinity on that show more important than this one?) #RAW
27.10.14 21:08 
What an odd choice of combo for "Top of Hour 3," by the way (I'm caught up now - BELLA v. AD BREAK yadda yadda) #RAW
27.10.14 21:07 
27.10.14 21:05 
Remember, commentators pronounce "Ambrose" with a snake-y "sssss" because Vince thinks you'll think Adam Rose is out there otherwise #RAW
27.10.14 21:05 
27.10.14 20:51 
27.10.14 20:50 
I believe he made a viral video RT @HackmanRSPW: Did Ryback do anything to turn from heel to face (other than be gone for months)?
@WWE #Raw
27.10.14 20:50 
Yeah, but R-Truth pinned Dallas MUCH quicker #RAW
27.10.14 20:47 
Hey remember that one episode of #RAW where they had NXT dudes come out and have a match?
I guess this is KINDA like that
27.10.14 20:46 
They got big plans for him - Bo is so important that he didn't have to enter until the ad break was over!
27.10.14 20:45 @leaningcowboy Whoa, was I on the ballot? I didn't even think I qualified!
27.10.14 20:42 
Did they just have to turn down booing? Brutal
27.10.14 20:40 
Breast Cancer Survivor Series
(am I the first person to say that?)
27.10.14 20:39 
Hogan DOES have a great headstart for #movember
27.10.14 20:39 
Is he STILL pronouncing Komen "Coleman?!" #RAW
27.10.14 20:37 
RT @momo_mon: Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island
Might even raise a little sand
27.10.14 20:36 
RT @Jordansbeard: Well I'm standing next to a mountain
I'll chop it down with the edge of my hand
27.10.14 20:36 
RT @FinFangFark: Well I'm standing next to a mountain, I chop it down with the edge of my hand...
27.10.14 20:32 
UP NEXT: I look for months old Jimi Hendrix lyric tweets to retweet! #RAW
27.10.14 20:22 
Fans, with everybody out of the ring, #RAW ROLLS ON WITH ANOTHER SUB-FOUR MINUTE SEGMENT
27.10.14 20:19 
Commentators can tell Miz and Mizdow apart but couldn't tell Ziggler and Truth apart #RAW
27.10.14 20:18 
27.10.14 20:16 
Sure hope @WWEBigE and @ZackRyder aren't forgotten when Cena forms TEAM JOHN CENA'S TEAM #RAW
27.10.14 20:13 
TONIGHT: This guy you just saw will log some time before the inevitable run-in/DQ! #RAW
27.10.14 20:13 RT @thecubsfan: your title match is another castle, mario
27.10.14 20:12 
Somewhere in here I think they're booking a Survivor Series elim- ah, there it is. Time to start putting "Team" in front of everything #RAW
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