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4.11.14 18:39 
Voter 858 in W2-P5 - 90 minutes to go! #MPLSvotes usagov
4.11.14 16:16 
22.6.14 15:19 
@teamziller Ice cream cone but with mayonnaise and then deep-fried
2.6.14 11:45 
(Now let's see if me saying "Koch Brothers" gets me some new followers from the left)
26.5.14 19:01 
Thanks to all veterans who have helped make America the kind of place where I can sit here on Twitter and make fun of the pro wrestling
10.3.14 12:49 
How many months has it been since the Snowden petition crossed the WH threshold... like six or seven?
10.2.14 17:10 
Tired of my modified avatar? Tomorrow is The Day We Fight Back! #StopTheNSA
20.1.14 11:07 
RT @jricole: Gov’t used Surveillance of MLK in Bid to Destroy Him: Now they want us to just Trust Them
10.10.13 23:53 
I admit I haven't been paying close attention (and you know how I hate posting about politics on my Facebook wall!) but which law were the cops saying that dude mowing that lawn was breaking, anyway?
11.9.13 01:09 
Never....ah, forget it.
20.8.13 12:44 
RT @keithellison: The unauthorized collection of personal data by the NSA, even by mistake, is why we need the Amash-Conyers amendment
25.7.13 14:54 
RT @keithellison: I voted in favor of the Amash Amendment yesterday because I believe in protecting Minnesotans’ civil rights:
15.5.13 21:54 
Could I have lupus? What is lupus? (reblogged from usagov tumblr)
25.2.13 15:35 
Maybe the sequester will cause some congresspeople to have to fly coach - leading them to recommend ending the TSA in the NEXT sequester
16.1.13 15:15 
Pretty sure the debt ceiling is not a "loophole"
29.12.12 15:47 
This is the second time I tried to share this (which doesn't mean the government got to me the first time...I hope) - anyway, a blog post made for Facebook and thanks, Congress... (Link to Why Are People More Scared of Facebook Violating Their Privacy than Washington?)
14.12.12 14:28 
Remember, Twitter, if you don't tweet that you're AGAINST the indiscriminate killing of kindergartners, that obviously means you're FOR it
6.11.12 22:18 
Man, #CNNelections has fallen behind even Fox News...ah, here we go.
6.11.12 22:16 
Boy, CNN's really laggin'.
6.11.12 21:18 
Reallllllly wish @DanaBashCNN would stop calling votes "points" #CNNelections
6.11.12 19:33 
Are people in line to vote really looking to Twitter to encourage them to stay in line?
6.11.12 18:45 
If you're still in line to vote, why the hell didn't you vote earlier, dummy?
6.11.12 18:09 
I'm watching Election Night In America
6.11.12 15:33 
Guys, you know it's a SECRET ballot, right?
31.10.12 19:50 
Wouldn't you rather vote FOR somebody instead of AGAINST somebody? Try and see if maybe your best choice isn't a choice you didn't even know about. (link to
29.10.12 12:23 
I want to post it too!
23.10.12 19:31 
Hey, why don't you devote some prime time to watching the "other" Presidential debate on C-SPAN at 8PM (or live streaming RIGHT NOW!)
22.10.12 21:36 
I concur. RT @swampynomo: I can't see this debate making up anybody's undecided mind #DEBATES
22.10.12 20:01 
I'm watching Third Presidential Debate
22.10.12 19:00 
I unlocked the Debate Night in America: Final Presidential Debate sticker!
11.10.12 20:22 
I'm watching Vice Presidential Debate
11.10.12 19:09 
I unlocked the Debate Night in America: VP Debate sticker!
3.10.12 20:00 
I unlocked the Debate Night in America sticker!
3.10.12 19:13 
I unlocked the 2012 Presidential Debate sticker!
19.9.12 00:42 
Caught President Obama on Letterman's show tonight. Boy, is that guy a raging left-winger bleeding heart liberal who clearly does not have the best interests of the country at heart or what?

But at least Obama was pretty good.

14.9.12 18:29 
But you have to admit probably not MN @USAgov: Earthquakes can strike at any moment. Find out how to prepare for one at
13.8.12 22:57 
Guys, keep this on the down low but David Letterman MAY be leaning liberal this election cycle
1.8.12 13:10 
Your move, ladies. RT @USAgov: It's World Breastfeeding Week. Get a free Guide to Breastfeeding at
27.7.12 14:42 
RT @FieldsFor5thCD: Retweet if you believe in less government and more freedom!
11.7.12 12:57 
White folks make fun of Mitt Romney's NAACP speech like THIS; black folks make fun of Mitt Romney's NAACP speech like THIS
16.5.12 13:19 
@FTC How did this complaint come about? #FTCbcp
2.4.12 13:25 
RT @USAgov: Records from the 1940 Census are now available to the public. Find out what life was like 72 years ago:
6.3.12 18:36 
I unlocked the CNN America's Choice 2012: Super Tuesday sticker!
7.2.12 18:52 
Happy Election Day - let's caucus! (@ Pratt Community Education Center)
16.12.11 12:40 
Watching the #SOPA hearings? Understand most Congresspeople are this clueless about ALL issues ALL the time and should never pass anything.
11.11.11 00:11 
Thanks to all Veterans for ensuring my freedom to tweet "OK, so it's 11/11/11. Now what?"
20.10.11 14:57 
RT @USAgov: This human Statue of Liberty was made of 18,000 officers and men at Camp Dodge in September 1918:
18.10.11 19:15 
I'm watching CNN Western Republican Presidential Debate
13.10.11 10:11 
Sounds like a good starting point to me: @mtaibbi's Advice to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters via @rollingstone
12.10.11 13:03 
C'mon, I know Columbus is old, but... RT @USAgov: Today is National Fossil Day.
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