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5.11.14 01:04 
You know how CNN shows a race that has a difference of about 0.5% between the top two, and you can add up their votes and see that only about 95% of the vote is on the screen? I wonder why they can't use a little more screen space to put the third place cat up there. Is it because they don't want people thinking that there were other choices and that they do matter?
4.11.14 23:33 Can't wait for @guruzim and @grumpymartian to harvest their first marijuana crop
4.11.14 23:10 @leaningcowboy Yeah, but you're CANADANANIANS.
4.11.14 23:00 Whoa! "The Newsroom" is still a thing!
4.11.14 22:56 @aklingus Wow, you almost made it five minutes
4.11.14 22:52 
What the heck is going on with that monitor in Franken's lectern?
4.11.14 22:17 
Also, I can't decide if I can't believe or am not surprised that Stanek doubled up Frizell - goodbye data privacy in Hennepin county
4.11.14 22:14 
@ProfDSchultz I'm at home doing the political junkie thing - very disappointed that Minneapolis voted to raise filing fees
4.11.14 22:12 RT @ProfDSchultz: @CRZ thanks!
4.11.14 22:12 @ProfDSchultz Hahahahaha
4.11.14 22:05 Hey @ProfDSchultz! Put your soda can away!
4.11.14 21:39 
The Minneapolis filing fee for mayor will be raised from $20 to $500. I'm disappointed; I don't think this is going to solve whatever "problems" voters thought were there.

On the other hand, maybe I can use this to start a NEW movement to amend the City Charter to repeal ALL fees
4.11.14 21:33 
126 of 127 #MPLS precincts reporting:
Question 1 (raising filing fees) passes 65-35 :(
Question 2 (repeal food/booze ratios) passes 84-16 :)
4.11.14 21:21 
With 86 of 127 #MPLS precincts reporting:
Question 1 (raising filing fees) is up 63-37 :(
Question 2 (repeal food/booze ratios) up 82-18 :)
4.11.14 21:01 Christopher Robin Zimmerman tagged himself in a photo.
4.11.14 20:59 Everyone's a sucker. (Link: "I made Alex from Target go viral")
4.11.14 20:54 
Polls closed an hour ago so this status is mostly meaningless ("I voted")
4.11.14 19:16 
@HackmanRSPW To their credit, they manage not to switch angles at the moment of impact like WWE does with ADD-like frequecy
4.11.14 18:52 
@USAgov Voter 858 in W2-P5 - 70 minutes to go in Minneapolis!
4.11.14 18:39 
Voter 858 in W2-P5 - 90 minutes to go! #MPLSvotes usagov
4.11.14 18:27 
 Made it! - Prospect Park United Methodist Church (Minneapolis, MN)
4.11.14 16:59 Jalapeno Cheddar
4.11.14 16:57 
24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
4.11.14 16:18 
@StubbleMag I No Longer Want To Be Your Mayor (But Vote No on 1)
4.11.14 16:16 
4.11.14 15:42 
I wonder if the Mandy Benz campaign ever figured out my house wasn't in their district
4.11.14 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 24.99 ▼0.21 (Range: 24.94 - 25.21)
4.11.14 14:14 
I voted...for coffee
4.11.14 12:32 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: CHERRY #yogurtoftheday
4.11.14 11:37 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
3.11.14 22:16 
Whoa, Rollins doing the
(Good night - I don't have the Network)
3.11.14 22:15 
Geez, this show just keeps going - now REALLY feeling that "under" on the main event #RAW
3.11.14 22:14 
Pass out the surgical gloves, boys! #RAW
3.11.14 22:13 
"And I'm here too!" - Steph
3.11.14 22:11 
Man, Right To Censor finally taking advantage of the numbers #RAW
3.11.14 22:00 
RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 43 days since @BrockLesnar last defended the @WWE World Heavyweight Championship. #RAW
3.11.14 21:59 
Super important retweet coming up at the top of the hour - I hope you'll retweet it as well #RAW
3.11.14 21:50 
The Night of a Thousand Comfortable Chairs at Ringside
3.11.14 21:45 
The Night of a Thousand Handshakes
3.11.14 21:45 
I mean, assuming wins and losses still matter as far as this podunk company is involved ("we can't afford to lose!") #RAW
3.11.14 21:44 
Still trying to figure out if that was a Rollins win via DQ or what #RAW
3.11.14 21:39 
Over/under on the Sheamus/Rusev post-#RAW match: 4:59
3.11.14 21:25 
(thumbs up emoji) #RAW
3.11.14 21:20 
RKO (outta nowhere) #RAW
3.11.14 21:20 
Wow, you could actually hear them turn down the crowd on that Punk chat #RAW
3.11.14 21:17 
@D_V_D_V_R He was seen watching "See No Evil 2" on Smackdown - you may recall that as a show WWE airs on Friday to an audience of zero
3.11.14 21:16 
By the way, @mslayel was CLEARLY Lorene Yarnell on #Smackdown last week...but I guess that's another dated referece
3.11.14 21:09 
Tonight, do Steph and Hunter know there's a camera on them? Because it feels like a lot of this stuff isn't stuff they'd like out there #RAW
3.11.14 21:06 
Now THAT was impressive! #RAW
3.11.14 21:05 
Well, as bullshit finishes go, that was bigger than most #RAW
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