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4.1.15 23:15 
@adultswim Could you please play the "Rick & Morty" DVD/Blu-ray commercial another ten thousand times?
4.1.15 22:42 Nobody shares last year's newspaper - unless it's online
4.1.15 21:07 
Not watching #TotalDivas (you're welcome?)
4.1.15 20:46 
@Dave_Schwartz Can the #twolves win before Rubio comes back (or will they after)? #SundaySportsChat
4.1.15 19:46 
4.1.15 19:23 @KevinMarshall The kid who originally said that is long dead, right?*

*Probably just an urban legend**

**...that I just started
4.1.15 19:14 
Is Billy Joe the guy buying Crunchwrap Sliders and Bobby Sue the meter maid? (Does @tacobell get tired of people asking this?)
4.1.15 18:35 Ahh, Romo pulling out that magic, according to Aikman
4.1.15 17:24 I know you always enjoy reading them, so here's a little weather note for my friends in the warmer climes: This week, we'll have the type of cold where I always try a test flush before using the downstairs bathroom.
4.1.15 17:09 Oh man Backstrom is drinking through a straw again
4.1.15 16:15 Oh hi Lions fans suddenly back on my timeline
4.1.15 15:53 Aikman: "Suh playing not only helps Detroit, but really helps the defensive line" - I wonder which team THEY play for
4.1.15 15:31 
RT @JonathanYuhas: Amanda Hill took pic Sat.of BNSF train blasting thru ground blizzard in northwest MN. We r live @kstp now until 9am
4.1.15 06:20 Being awake at this hour because it's late (instead of being awake at this hour because it's early) is a terrible, terrible habit I probably need to work on. ( is posting Facebook updates at this hour)
4.1.15 05:03 Photoset: Here are your Wrestle Kingdom 9 results!
4.1.15 04:48 Staying up to watch New Japan Pro Wrestling was a little more fun than staying up to watch DREAM (but I may have had higher quality liquor)
4.1.15 03:04 @thecubsfan I'm ALLLLLLLLLLLLLWAYS up at this time. It's a real problem with me!
4.1.15 03:03 
OK, I'll watch that show you're watching.
4.1.15 02:59 
I'm not watching that show you're watching. (@HackmanRSPW didn't invite me over)
4.1.15 02:59 
@thecubsfan I'll go if you and @tapemachines go
4.1.15 00:05 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
3.1.15 22:50 
Listened to Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Well... / The World Is My Oyster
3.1.15 22:48 
Listened to The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Sleigh Ride
3.1.15 22:45 
Listened to Music Makers - we are europe
3.1.15 22:38 
 Why didn't I just come here first? - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
3.1.15 22:36 
Listened to Nightmares on Wax - Chi Mai
3.1.15 22:31 
Listened to Juliet Roberts - Caught In the Middle
3.1.15 21:49  It's snowing; MUST BUY EVERYTHING - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
3.1.15 21:44 
Listened to Stevie Wonder - Never Had A Dream Come True
3.1.15 21:41 
Listened to Onetwo - Element Of Truth
3.1.15 21:37 
Listened to Otto Fischer - U, Alone And I
3.1.15 21:17 
Wolves...don't win...again (#jazz 101 - #twolves 89) @ Target Center
3.1.15 20:36 @TheKFV Mo has 9 points now!
3.1.15 20:32 
Hmmm, I wonder how the football's going (#jazz 68 - #twolves 48 5:30 3rd)
3.1.15 20:04 
HALFTIME: #jazz 47 - #twolves 41 @ Target Center
3.1.15 19:13 
WOLVES LEEEEEEEEEEEAD! (#twolves 1 - #jazz 0, 9:59 1st)
3.1.15 18:32 
Photo - Whoa, I made this joke a year ago! I may need some new material.
3.1.15 18:25 
In retrospect, I may have wanted to park closer to the Target Center tonight #twolves #freeparking #windchill #maybesnow
3.1.15 18:24 
I think I just saw @rickyrubio9 lose a HORSE game #twolves #shootaround
3.1.15 18:17 
  LET'S GO #TWOLVES! - Utah Jazz vs Minnesota Timberwolves - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
3.1.15 18:17 
LET'S GO #TWOLVES! (at @TargetCenterMn for @utahjazz vs @MNTimberwolves in Minneapolis, MN)
3.1.15 17:52 
Listened to The Banana Crew - Mony, Mony
3.1.15 17:49 
Listened to Control - Dance With Me (I'm Your Ecstasy)
3.1.15 17:05 
Happy 29th Birthday Nikola Peković, who is not on social media and will never see this!
3.1.15 16:44 @paper_sleeves 1. Did Smooth Jazz ever leave? 2. Ooh, K-TWIN's new format?
3.1.15 05:06 Body: You should sleep now... there's definitely nothing on at 5am anyway
Brain: Hmm, US Open Racquetball Championship Women's Doubles Final is on The Tennis Channel
Body: Are you serious?
Brain: But the cable guide says it's from Minneapolis!
Body: Hmmm. You're stupid.
2.1.15 23:41 
Oof, twenty minutes left in January 2nd and I ALMOST forgot to mention that The W message board became a teenager today! Happy 13th Birthday to our li'l website.
2.1.15 22:28 @Dave_Schwartz Gosh, it's busy behind you. I hope this is just a "new toy" phase - all we need is a sportscaster in a pink-dominated outfit
2.1.15 21:29 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
2.1.15 20:40 
Listened to ABC - How To Be A Millionaire (Bond Street Mix)
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