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19.1.15 23:37 
(sighs, sets DVR for 2:30am)
19.1.15 23:36 
19.1.15 22:05 Oh, right! Everybody is at the Turf to see Billy Idol! Hope it's a good show.
19.1.15 22:00 
RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 120 days since @BrockLesnar last defended the @WWE World Heavyweight Championship. #RAW
19.1.15 21:59 
19.1.15 21:56 
I don't know about you, but in this match, I can't keep my eyes off Triple H & Stephanie #RAW
19.1.15 21:23 
"Rum is sexy. Rum put the Duque name on the map." #DueñosDelParaíso
19.1.15 21:16 
19.1.15 21:15 
Isn't this segment putting a smile on your face? #RAW
19.1.15 21:11 
Stephanie's swiping just enough to make me ask if she's on Tinder in front of her husband and is he into that #RAW
19.1.15 21:10 
No word from Ron, sadly #RAW
19.1.15 21:09 
Guess they won't let him do the Fame-Ass'er any more because that's the storyline-fired guy's move now #RAW
19.1.15 21:07 
Ron's T-shirt looks...a little large. Like, XXX-Large #RAW
19.1.15 21:06 
Oh wow they're making it even worse with JBL! #RAW
19.1.15 21:05 
Chuckles! #RAW
19.1.15 20:54 
It does my heart good to hear Booker repeatedly say "twenty-fifteen" instead of "two thousand fifteen" #RAW
19.1.15 20:27 
90 seconds! Bullshit! #RAW
19.1.15 20:27 
The four minute segment clock is ticking! #RAW
19.1.15 20:26 
19.1.15 20:21 
Wait. FLAIR threw the first punch! #RAW
19.1.15 20:06 
Man I love Hogan telling us how great Cena is #RAW
19.1.15 20:03 
Thirty-three years ago, JBL? C'mon. #RAW
19.1.15 19:59 Lemon Ginger
19.1.15 19:57 
Listen, I get it. I ALSO want it to be 1999 again. Believe me, I do. ain't happening! #RAW
19.1.15 19:48 
The Royal Rumble is presented by HULU - where you'll NEVER see it! #RAW
19.1.15 19:48 
Did they ever announce how many members of the roster Cena would face tonight? #RAW
19.1.15 19:46 
Somehow Bryan low bridged Wyatt without the commentary team mentioning that if that happened in the Rumble, Wyatt would be eliminated #RAW
19.1.15 19:42 Guys, Dueños del Paraíso is on in 78 minutes
19.1.15 19:39 
@D_V_D_V_R You gotta be kidding me!
19.1.15 19:38 
ANOTHER four minute segment! What a FANTASTIC FLOW to #RAW!!
19.1.15 19:30 
Another stellar four minute segment there, guys #RAW
19.1.15 19:30 
Oh man I can't wait for the big DQ leading to the HUGE SIX MAN TAG MATCH - aw, c'mon Kane let me finish the damn tweet first #RAW
19.1.15 19:28 
I've waited nearly a year to hear a "D-Bry" from Book--HOLY CRAP SMACKDOWN IS ON THURSDAYS NOW?!?! #RAW
19.1.15 19:27 
Sure enough:
READY FOR ACTION - BRAY WYATT (and Ye Old Brooklyne Lanterne)
19.1.15 19:24 
Wonder which dude's entrance we'll be in the middle of when we return from break #RAW
19.1.15 19:20 
Cena gets second chance at winning back them dudes' jobs but may end up losing the shot he previously won twice - that about cover it? #RAW
19.1.15 19:19 
HHH: What do you think, Dallas?
Dallas: What, is this segment still going? When's somebody gonna fight somebody?
19.1.15 19:06 
Ooh, ready to reset that 30 day - sorry, 120 day clock! #RAW @What30dayrule
19.1.15 19:03 
Pretty sure there are zero black members of Needtobreathe #RAW
19.1.15 18:57 
HEY! It turns out I'm ALSO an alternative to #RAW!
19.1.15 18:20 
Listened to K-X-P - Labirynth
19.1.15 18:14 
Listened to Soul Motive - Skies the Limit
19.1.15 18:07 
Listened to Kingpin Cartel - Ghetto
19.1.15 17:51 Photo: Did one of you buy me these new followers as a goof?
19.1.15 17:33 Photo - LOOK AT THIS RIDICULOUS ROCKSTAR PRICE - I can't afford NOT to buy another ten tallboys!

(Yes, I do think there may be something wrong with me.)
19.1.15 17:24 
Listened to Tartu Popi ja Roki Instuut - Marienbad
19.1.15 17:23 
Can of Diet Dr Pepper
19.1.15 16:34 
Listened to Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut - Biidermeier-psühhedeelia
19.1.15 16:09 California Vegetable
19.1.15 15:39 
Listened to Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut - Madis's Stamp Collection
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