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3.5.15 19:55 
You didn't ask, but here now is MY MOBILE HISTORY:

Way back when, I used to carry a pager at work (SKYTEL!) which never seemed to get network at my parents' house...which kinda defeated the purpose of carrying a pager, but oh well.

For a while I also had a very dumb phone for work as well. My company was on Nextel and it barely worked (did Nextel make phones, or was it a Nokia?), but the intra-company "push-to-talk" stuff was pretty cool. Sprint kinda killed that when they bought Nextel.

My first phone that wasn't from work was...I don't remember. Kim always took care of it for me. I think there were a couple Blackberries in here. By the time I really started caring about being available via a mobile, Kim helped me get a Sidekick that was just like hers. That Sidekick was AWESOME, even if it was a phone for girls.

But time marched forward and, reluctantly, so did I - my first smart phone after it was clear Danger/Hiptop was dying was also my first on Android - an HTC G1, their first "Google" phone if I'm remembering correctly... which I held onto probably a year too long as it fell out of Android support pretty quickly after I got it (Android updates would come out, but the minimum standard memory/CPU/something was way more than what was with a G1). I think when I wanted a G2, it still hadn't been two years and all the carriers were real sticklers about that back then. Now, all you do is threaten to switch carriers and they find a way to make it work, but I usually just buy the phone outright and skip the 24 month stuff.

We got HTC Sensations in June 2011 - at Walmart! - which were also pretty nice (and "4G!") and I'd gotten over my slavish devotion to HTC in switching to the Galaxy S4 ("LTE!") in August 2013.

Gosh, it hasn't been 24 months? Maybe I'm moving too fast...
3.5.15 19:41 
RT @nationwide88: Retweet by tomorrow at 6:00pm ET & one lucky person will win this signed @DaleJr hat. #VictoryLaneGiveaway #NW88JR
3.5.15 17:28 
Hail's here (yikes!)
3.5.15 14:31 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
3.5.15 13:15 
Does anybody who reads this have a Galaxy S6 and what do you think about it? I'm thinking about upgrading from my S4, but I'm also super cheap and not sure I really NEED it... I'm on T-Mo and could probably finance it for 0% but I like to pay for it all at once. (I also fear you're all iOS acolytes who may want to convert me)

Also, extra hundred bucks for the Edge, right? No brainer?
3.5.15 02:02 2014-5 Conference Semifinals - Schedule & Predictions
3.5.15 00:41 ENCORE: I didn't MEAN to end up this close, but there was this crowd surfer, see, and... @ Turf Club
3.5.15 00:06 It is Birthday Suits @ Turf Club
2.5.15 22:51 
It is @pinkminkMPLS @ Turf Club
2.5.15 21:58 It is Teenage Moods ( @ Turf Club
2.5.15 21:24  Birthday Suits (Record Release Show & 10 Year Anniversary) - Turf Club (Saint Paul, MN)
2.5.15 21:23 Joined in progress, it is Howardian (japanther) @ Turf Club
2.5.15 20:12 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
2.5.15 19:22 @Omaholic The horses should finish in the order I have selected!
2.5.15 18:03 @guruzim OH! Well done, then! My guru hit 4 50¢, but is it as impressive if you end up betting 40 trifectas? (I bet 5; I was in a hurry!)
2.5.15 17:59 @guruzim Let me check - nope - still $0 payoff for getting it wrong
2.5.15 17:46 I hit the trifecta! Except I had it backwards. (burns two dollar bill)
2.5.15 17:39 I snuck in some last minute Derby bets - I hope I've been following the right advice-givers on Twitter! #Dortmund
2.5.15 17:28 Look, if I don't tweet that, nobody's gonna - and THAT would be criminal
2.5.15 17:27 All right, THIRD time's a charm. Sorry if you saw the first two tweets I deleted earlier. (Who knew "Lewandowski" was in my spell check?)
2.5.15 17:27 
Lewandoski Lewandoski Lewandoski
@chalewandoski @LASTCARonBROCK)
1.5.15 21:11 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
1.5.15 18:02 
Listened to Art of Noise - Identity Crisis
1.5.15 17:57 
Listened to LFO - Mum-Man
1.5.15 17:53 
Listened to Chicago - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
1.5.15 17:33 
 Byerly's Roseville (Roseville, MN)
1.5.15 17:32 
Listened to Ken Boothe - Ain't No Sunshine
1.5.15 17:30 
Listened to Giorgio Moroder - I Wanna Funk With You Tonight
1.5.15 15:03 
Black Friday #RIPGrooveshark
1.5.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 25.14 ▲0.21 (Range: 24.88 - 25.23)
1.5.15 14:58 
1.5.15 14:30 
Listened to Birthday Suits - Adult Party : Spin The Bottle - get it at Bandcamp
1.5.15 13:23 
Herb Kunze used to love shoot comments that weren't meant to be shoot comments

I hate shoot comments that are meant to be shoot comments
1.5.15 12:11 
Listened to Powertools Mixshow - Episode 4-25-2015
1.5.15 11:42 
1.5.15 11:10 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
1.5.15 11:06 
Listened to The Prisoner - Number 6 Leaves the Dance
1.5.15 11:05 
Listened to Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love
1.5.15 11:01 
Listened to Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
1.5.15 10:58 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
1.5.15 02:20 
(I wish they'd given us time to export our Grooveshark playlists)
1.5.15 02:18 
RIP @Grooveshark :(
1.5.15 01:28 topics of interest: April 2015
1.5.15 00:36 
Listened to Yazoo - Good Times
1.5.15 00:31 
Listened to Labi Siffre - (Something Inside) So Strong
30.4.15 23:37 It is @pantherrayband @ 7th Street Entry
30.4.15 22:52 It is @RupertAngeleyes @ 7th Street Entry
30.4.15 22:04 It is Flavor Crystals @ 7th Street Entry
30.4.15 21:05 It is @tevsforevs @ 7th Street Entry
30.4.15 21:00 I didn't MEAN to be at shows three nights in a row and at the Entry for two consecutive, but there are much, much worse accidents to have
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