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19.5.15 09:35 
 McDonald's (New Brighton, MN)
19.5.15 09:30 
Listened to Boards of Canada - Farewell Fire
19.5.15 07:56 
 Nailed it - Symantec (Roseville, MN)
19.5.15 07:52 
Listened to Damian Lazarus - Essential Mix 2015-05-16
19.5.15 07:00 
 SO. EARLY. - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
19.5.15 06:33 
You win, Minnesota I'm wearing pants. HAPPY NOW? #mspwx #brr
18.5.15 21:10 
RT @dhm: WWE Raw is now a show where an indie darling wrestler hits his finisher on John Cena every week.
18.5.15 21:05 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
18.5.15 20:45 
Man, it's WEIRD seeing all these non-still photos from the PPV tonight #RAW
18.5.15 20:31 
Geez, you'd think three title defenses could be something to build a show around instead of sneaking in mentions ahead of ad breaks #RAW
18.5.15 20:13 
Cole recapping the first hour sure motivates you to not skip the first hour in future episodes, doesn't it? #RAW
18.5.15 20:05 
Can't help but think that this would have been so much better with Rusev's lawyer #RAW
18.5.15 20:04 
RT @D_V_D_V_R: @CRZ Ideally with Heath Slater's baby
18.5.15 20:03 
Sure hope she's storyline pregnant #RAW
18.5.15 19:41 
Awww... RIP Bo Dallas' Beard. Was HIS hockey team eliminated last night? #RAW
18.5.15 19:39 
Adrian Neville didn't lose a first name, The Man That Gravity Forgot The New Sensation Neville gained eight first names #RAW
18.5.15 19:29 
I was really worried Stephanie would lose "heat" but thank goodness some punishment for The Ryback was retroscripted during th'ad break #RAW
18.5.15 19:03 
Wow, Steph's turned into Eric Bischoff #RAW
18.5.15 19:01 
Sure wish my governor would stop begging for retweets
18.5.15 17:56 
Listened to Tomas Andersson - Washing Up (Tiga Remix)
18.5.15 17:42 
Listened to Choice - Acid Eiffel
18.5.15 17:39 
@FishCenterLive (email'd) BET THE HOUSE ON TH’LUMP
18.5.15 15:09 New DVD/Blu-ray/digital titles coming out 5/19/2015 (188)
18.5.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 25.19 ▲0.71 (Range: 24.49 - 26.16)
18.5.15 14:17 
Listened to Black Grape - Fat Neck (live version)
18.5.15 14:04 
@MinnesotaMunn I was afraid of that! I'll set an alarm
18.5.15 14:01 
@MinnesotaMunn Do I have to be there right at 7am or can I wait until the Lottery Party...or will that be too late? #TwolvesGarageSale
18.5.15 12:16 
18.5.15 11:46 
Listened to Powertools Mixshow - Episode 5-9-15
18.5.15 11:31 
When president says "they' me my own account," do you wonder who the "they" are who tell the president what he can and can't do?
18.5.15 11:27 
Listened to Maceo Plex - Stimulation (Original Mix)
18.5.15 11:20 
Listened to Maceo Plex - Filthy Mama (Original Mix)
18.5.15 11:11 
Listened to Break Machine - Street Dance
18.5.15 10:53 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: PEACH #yogurtoftheday
18.5.15 10:53 
I don't CARE if the wind chill is in the 20s, it's May 18 and I'm wearing SHORTS
18.5.15 10:19 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
18.5.15 01:09 2014-5 Conference Finals - Schedule & Predictions
17.5.15 22:20 
 Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
17.5.15 21:56 
I couldn't fight the friction. #WWEPayback
17.5.15 21:46 
KISS HIM #Futile4Way
17.5.15 21:27 
Could be just me, but I don't think it works well to put half the T-shirt slogan on the tron and half on the ring apron #INMYVEINS #WWEpir²
17.5.15 21:16 
I can do a lot of things, but I still can't DVR the @WWENetwork stream
17.5.15 21:08 
Ahhhhh JBL made the "wotsitolla boot" joke I stole from @realkevinkelly how random #WWEPoiDog
17.5.15 21:05 
Dear @JerryLawler:

It's pronounced "pro·bos·cis"


17.5.15 21:04 
The more times they play the Bryan vignette, the more likely he'll be back on the June 1st #RAW, the day after the IC title match
17.5.15 20:44 
But seriously, I sure hope Rusev's "Russian lawyer" shows up to #RAW tomorrow
17.5.15 20:43 
Oh hey, Twitter says THIS is my 20,000th tweet! Thanks for following me. I love you all.
17.5.15 20:38 
Shouldn't Chioda have put on some candy ass surgical gloves by now? #Inuit #WWEPonzi
17.5.15 20:36 
What I'd really like is for Chioda to ask somebody and they reply with "OWWWWWWW" because it hurts #Inuit #WWEParboil
17.5.15 20:21 
Dear @JerryLawler:

Rusev is Bulgarian



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