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8.6.15 02:31 
Adult Swim is STILL playing this "Alberto del Rio" Ad Council/Fatherhood ad:
8.6.15 01:33 I have tomorrow (today) off, but I forgot that you don't... so what's the point? "The Man With The Red Face" by Laurent Garnier is my new jam
7.6.15 22:43 
 with dave - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
7.6.15 21:02 
Oh...thanks, Google! I mean, that's a little creepy, but thanks! (screen grab)
7.6.15 20:14 @SonorantPlosive Thanks, Dutch!
7.6.15 20:12 @thecubsfan Thank you.
7.6.15 17:15 Boiled peanuts part II
7.6.15 17:13 Boiled peanuts
7.6.15 17:10 Today is the best and worst Facebook On This Day day but I'm glad you're all adding to it!
7.6.15 16:26 My name's on the wall of the beautiful new Community Room! @ Birchwood Cafe
7.6.15 15:56 
 Here to see my name on a wall! - Birchwood Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
6.6.15 23:17 @grumpymartian Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh
6.6.15 22:31 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
6.6.15 22:23 Wow, I was pretty social earlier. Guess I should leave the house again!
6.6.15 22:23 @grumpymartian Oh NOW I understand
6.6.15 22:22 Whoa what a nap (beer will do that to you)
6.6.15 18:23  Tradition! - Phở 79 (Saint Paul, MN)
6.6.15 18:07 @grumpymartian I had none. I think I'm OK
6.6.15 18:04 @TheKFV I'll be over it soon
6.6.15 17:11 @grumpymartian I forgot. I forgot a lot ofthings bur 8 think I'm OK. Also, autocorrect should be smarter
6.6.15 17:09 @grumpymartian I don't knowwhat thatmeans. ibetter off?
6.6.15 17:07 On a lighter note...I wonder how sunburned I'll be tomorrow
6.6.15 17:03 Guys. It's all I want. All I want. All I want is to be at my most vulnerable and for you to ask the right questions at the right time and to be genuinely interested in what my answer is as if it mattered. Oh God... (This. Is. So. Stupid.) Keep in mind it's just as easy to cancel as it is to post but my mindset is so askew lately...
6.6.15 16:50 @IndeedBeerOff Sorry I didn't see you today!
6.6.15 16:46 
We're both better off. @ Minnesota State Fair International Bazaar
6.6.15 16:40 Guys.
I love you all.
My mission is to learn to express this without several hours of beer consumption ahead of the tweet...
6.6.15 15:21 I no longer need to sample a beer that has grapefruit in it
6.6.15 15:19 @dhm Adieu cord for lots ( is autocorrect for "Sorry for your loss")
6.6.15 14:18 It is a BEAUTIFUL day for a Summer Beer Fest! All that's missing is you (and/or @medallaguy) @…
6.6.15 13:05  International Bazaar - Minnesota State Fair (Falcon Heights, MN)
6.6.15 02:22 Ah, that special time of night when you realise the St. Paul Summer Beer Fest ticket you took time to specially print out at the same piece of paper you left at work instead of bringing home
6.6.15 01:55 Logged 1.56 miles
6.6.15 01:41 Walking home from the Hexagon Bar Part III
6.6.15 01:30 Walking home from the Hexagon Bar Part II
6.6.15 01:05 It is Animal Lover ( @ Hexagon Bar
6.6.15 00:26 It is Coordinated Suicides ( @ Hexagon Bar
5.6.15 23:39 It is @tevsforevs @ Hexagon Bar
5.6.15 22:53 It is Wastrels @ Hexagon Bar
5.6.15 22:44 
 MADE IT - Hexagon Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
5.6.15 22:43 Logged 1.44 miles
5.6.15 22:14 I'm going to try walking to the Hex and back tonight even though it probably means I'll miss most/maybe all of the first band's set. I have planned poorly. (Later, I'll drink an extra tallboy to even things out. I am planning poorly.)
5.6.15 20:11 Tonight at the Maplewood Costco, a man much younger than his vocabulary informed me that I had "cool spectacles" which, really, was what I was going for when I bought them so I probably can't complain
5.6.15 19:31 
Listened to Badly Drawn Boy - My Friend Cubilas
5.6.15 19:28 
Listened to Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever [Explicit]
5.6.15 19:23 
Listened to George - Risi E Bisi
5.6.15 19:14 OH MY GOD MOXIE IS IT MY BIRTHDAY @ World Market
5.6.15 19:08 
 Pop in for a quick pop check - World Market (Roseville, MN)
5.6.15 19:06 
Listened to Daníel Ágúst - The Stringray
5.6.15 19:02 
Listened to Black Grape - Reverend Black Grape (the Dark Side Mix)
5.6.15 18:57 
Listened to Frankmusik - Happy Endings (Demo)
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