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27.6.15 18:30 
Brian Adams??? Sure, why not
27.6.15 18:29 
WCW Crazy Dips by Chupa Chupa, c. 2000 (DDP)
27.6.15 18:01 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
27.6.15 17:28 @zota Happy Birthday!
27.6.15 17:20 Hey remember the funky colonel? Now he's creepy ol' Darrell Hammond #KFC
27.6.15 17:18 Hey remember stuff? I'm pretty sure this signed photo of Cap'n Mitch was a gift from...hmm, Craig? Joe (Melanie)? (signed photo of Cap'n Mitch)
27.6.15 15:03 
RT @landoncassill: Sometimes @RaceSonoma is challenging for me so I always make a track map for notes and race day help
27.6.15 01:32 Christian and Jody were the best curators ever tonight. I can't thank them enough but I want everyone within eyesight of this status to make sure to make time to come out the next time they're DJ'ing at Bev's Winebar - it's the best cure for whatever ails ya! (Also, see if you can find Jody's friend Denise [who I can't seem to tag] and coax her into telling you some awesome stories!)
27.6.15 01:22 
Listened to Mojo Nixon - B.B.Q. U.S.A.
27.6.15 01:19 
Listened to S Club 7 - Reach
27.6.15 01:15 
Listened to The Flying Lizards - What's New Pussycat
27.6.15 01:12 
Listened to Seal - Fast Changes
27.6.15 00:00 
@luchablog Well...I still wish I could pay you. (That MAY be sweet, sweet drunk talk, though.)
26.6.15 23:35 
@luchablog All that work...wasted! I wish I weren't broke so could give you money
26.6.15 23:31 
@Markysparkly Not better! Only 90 minutes left here though so I'll be watching Adult Swim sooner than I think
26.6.15 23:26 @Markysparkly Maybe I'm too late but Christian and Jody are playing awesome disco at Bev's!
26.6.15 21:26 
 DJ Christian Fritz bringing the disco! - Bev's Wine Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
26.6.15 21:17 
Listened to Buffalo Killers - Leave The Sun Behind
26.6.15 21:13 
Listened to Earth, Wind & Fire - I'll Write a Song for You
26.6.15 20:23 
@luchablog Is it possible it already happened?
26.6.15 19:48 
I would not have pegged @KarlTowns for a Goldberg fan - also anxiously await his ***** frog splash: (via @theDUNK360)
26.6.15 18:44 
Listened to Whitey - Can't go out Can't Stay In
26.6.15 18:40 
Listened to Jean Phillipe Avaiance - Sexy Thing
26.6.15 18:35 
Listened to 細野晴臣 - LAUGHTER MEDITATION
26.6.15 18:13 
 Amongst the People - Walmart Supercenter (Roseville, MN)
26.6.15 17:04 Hey so I have two tickets from their old Kickstarter. Would anyone like to take my other ticket? It'll still cost you for food and drink but you won't have to pay $10 to get in. Also, we can hang out in Robbinsdale, who can resist
26.6.15 16:23 
Listened to gusgus - Mexico
26.6.15 16:22 
26.6.15 15:48 
Interesting that he called it the "Rebel flag" - oh, I see what he means
26.6.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 23.75 ▼0.41 (Range: 23.63 - 24.25)
26.6.15 14:36 
Listened to Downtown Party Network - Space Me Out (Mario Basanov remix)
26.6.15 13:33 
Listened to gusgus - Arabian Horse
26.6.15 13:07 
Looking for the #twolves press conference but isn't working? Go to @FSNorth's stream:
26.6.15 13:06 
@Kyle_Ratke says "Event ended 12:58"
26.6.15 11:19 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
26.6.15 11:15 
Listened to Hall & Oates - Storm Warning
26.6.15 11:11 
Listened to Banco De Gaia - Alpha (Waves All in My Brain)
26.6.15 11:06 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
25.6.15 23:52 
@Tyusjones06 Welcome to the Wolves! It's been a good night! #twolves #GrowTogether
25.6.15 23:52 
@KarlTowns Welcome to the Wolves! It's been a good night! #twolves #GrowTogether
25.6.15 23:26 But it turns out that Stephen A. Smith angry makes me so happy
25.6.15 22:37 
"Good night, prez!"
25.6.15 21:53 
Listened to Banco De Gaia - Kincajou
25.6.15 21:35 
Walked back from Target Center - logged "0.53 miles" (closer, but still doubtful)
25.6.15 21:30 
Surprisingly, the Cavs didn't ask if they could take back Bennett #twolves #GrowTogether
25.6.15 21:24 
I think that's our cue to go home & watch the rest unfold from a more comfy, how much popcorn can I fit in my pocket? #NBADraft
25.6.15 20:52 
@DublDownDrew SO glad they didn't screw up this pick*

25.6.15 20:50 
Hey look I'm on the big screen @ Target Center
25.6.15 20:39 
No lower third on our feed (this observation approved by cuecardguy) @ Target Center
25.6.15 20:03 
Still a goodly number of folks here @ Target Center - I think we all think something else might still happen tonight #twolves #GrowTogether
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