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30.6.15 14:02 
So I made one of these yesterday. RT @crz_ebooks: That sound you're hearing is my birthday!
30.6.15 13:22 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
30.6.15 13:02 
@JayJayDean People also used to think just the name "Yoplait" itself was very ooh-la-la...we've come a long way, baby
30.6.15 12:51 
30.6.15 12:39 @thecubsfan I'm here to help!
30.6.15 12:36 @thecubsfan MIGHT be your hookup - works well on pages, probably doesn't work on actual people who aren't you
30.6.15 12:28 @thecubsfan Wait what - which way? What do you need done? I feel like maybe I'm already doing it with my site or the board's?
29.6.15 21:32 Man, I STILL haven't watched "Tough Enough" - as, apparently, has everybody on the board
29.6.15 21:21 This bugs me - Popeyes hush puppy butterfly shrimp doesn't even come with hush puppies
29.6.15 20:44 
Would you say Darren Young....takes a lot of PRIDE in his moves? #RAW
29.6.15 20:43 
If WWE ain't gonna mention the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage NOW, they ain't gonna do it. (checks Facebook for rainbow-ized logo) #RAW
29.6.15 20:39 @jmshapyro But Billy Vera wasn't black!
29.6.15 20:37 
29.6.15 20:29 @jmshapyro Naomi and Tamina - I mean, that's what *I* talk about. And by "talk," I mean
29.6.15 20:24 .@whoismrrobot Who is Mr. Sparkle?
29.6.15 20:21 
If Owens powerbombs Charles Robinson, I'll forgiv'im #RAW
29.6.15 20:19 At #Battleground, you WILL see Cena perform a One Man Meltzer Driver on Kevin Owens
29.6.15 20:18 
Ahahahahahahaha GTFO indeed #RAW
29.6.15 20:12 
Later, go back and watch the Owens/Cesaro #Smackdown match; count how many in-ring moves are actually called (SPOILER: fingers on one hand)
29.6.15 20:06 
OH MY GOD RT @Toast_Jr: @CRZ Now available at your local Kmart!
29.6.15 20:02 
Look at Cena's belt - no, his BELT belt. It's white and says HUSTLE LOYALTY RESPECT and it's horrrrrrrrrrrrrible #RAW
29.6.15 19:57 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
29.6.15 19:56 @EllieAsksWhy By the way, I bought you a flashing pig
29.6.15 19:55 @EllieAsksWhy That's a very polite way of looking at it!
29.6.15 19:50 @EllieAsksWhy In Vince McMahon's world, anything before 1998 is suspect
29.6.15 19:48 
Hey, you know who's really good at calling spots so the viewing audience can't hear them? NOT PAIGE. #RAW
29.6.15 19:47 
Is "Don Quixote" a reference from an approved decade? #RAW
29.6.15 19:46 
All I see is an ad for #Complications
29.6.15 19:42 
#pronouns #RAW
29.6.15 19:41 
Ready for Action v. Ready for Action #RAW
29.6.15 19:26 
Miz' commentary indicates he either lost a bet or was trying to win a bet #RAW
29.6.15 19:24 
So which heel turns face for the next five minutes? #RAW
29.6.15 19:18 
LATER TONIGHT: Who wrote POOPY on J&J's brand new 2015 Cadillac CRZ? #RAW
29.6.15 19:02 Whole Grain
29.6.15 18:24 
 Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
29.6.15 18:03 
Good luck, Roseville parade! #mspwx
29.6.15 17:58 New DVD/Blu-ray/digital titles coming out 6/30/2015 (183)
29.6.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 23.27 ▼0.48 (Range: 23.22 - 23.69)
29.6.15 13:23 RT @Chris_Buescher: RT for a chance to win this @PearsonsCandy Bit-O-Honey prize pack! I'll pick one winner #CandyOfChampions
29.6.15 12:22 
29.6.15 11:40 
29.6.15 11:33 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
28.6.15 22:47 
 with dave - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
28.6.15 14:51 
Poor Gilly. :(
28.6.15 03:16 @Markysparkly Always underestimating...
27.6.15 23:01 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
27.6.15 22:14 Changed my profile photo
27.6.15 19:46 
Photoset: WCW Raven logo vending machine tattoo, c. 1999
27.6.15 19:16 
RT @NickBuccelli: The New Wolves Order! @Kevinharlan @JimPeteHoops @tweetdavebenz @JerryZgoda #timberwolves #wolves #Minnesota #NWO
27.6.15 19:14 
Photoset: Pro Wrestling IRON “Event Program,” 2002
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