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3.7.15 16:20 
Hey, I have 1776 followers today! Coincidentally, I am the last man on Twitter to still call and spell this country "America!"
30.6.15 19:59 
5.6.15 12:10 
And finally, this would be a good day for the Obama administration to address the petition to pardon Ed Snowden:
18.5.15 11:31 
When president says "they' me my own account," do you wonder who the "they" are who tell the president what he can and can't do?
5.11.14 01:15 
When @CNNPolitics shows a race where the top two are separated by 0.3%, shouldn't they show third, fourth and fifth if they're all above 1%?
5.11.14 01:04 
You know how CNN shows a race that has a difference of about 0.5% between the top two, and you can add up their votes and see that only about 95% of the vote is on the screen? I wonder why they can't use a little more screen space to put the third place cat up there. Is it because they don't want people thinking that there were other choices and that they do matter?
4.11.14 20:54 
Polls closed an hour ago so this status is mostly meaningless ("I voted")
4.11.14 18:52 
@USAgov Voter 858 in W2-P5 - 70 minutes to go in Minneapolis!
4.11.14 18:39 
Voter 858 in W2-P5 - 90 minutes to go! #MPLSvotes usagov
4.11.14 16:16 
22.6.14 15:19 
@teamziller Ice cream cone but with mayonnaise and then deep-fried
2.6.14 11:45 
(Now let's see if me saying "Koch Brothers" gets me some new followers from the left)
26.5.14 19:01 
Thanks to all veterans who have helped make America the kind of place where I can sit here on Twitter and make fun of the pro wrestling
10.3.14 12:49 
How many months has it been since the Snowden petition crossed the WH threshold... like six or seven?
10.2.14 17:10 
Tired of my modified avatar? Tomorrow is The Day We Fight Back! #StopTheNSA
20.1.14 11:07 
RT @jricole: Gov’t used Surveillance of MLK in Bid to Destroy Him: Now they want us to just Trust Them
10.10.13 23:53 
I admit I haven't been paying close attention (and you know how I hate posting about politics on my Facebook wall!) but which law were the cops saying that dude mowing that lawn was breaking, anyway?
11.9.13 01:09 
Never....ah, forget it.
20.8.13 12:44 
RT @keithellison: The unauthorized collection of personal data by the NSA, even by mistake, is why we need the Amash-Conyers amendment
25.7.13 14:54 
RT @keithellison: I voted in favor of the Amash Amendment yesterday because I believe in protecting Minnesotans’ civil rights:
15.5.13 21:54 
Could I have lupus? What is lupus? (reblogged from usagov tumblr)
25.2.13 15:35 
Maybe the sequester will cause some congresspeople to have to fly coach - leading them to recommend ending the TSA in the NEXT sequester
16.1.13 15:15 
Pretty sure the debt ceiling is not a "loophole"
29.12.12 15:47 
This is the second time I tried to share this (which doesn't mean the government got to me the first time...I hope) - anyway, a blog post made for Facebook and thanks, Congress... (Link to Why Are People More Scared of Facebook Violating Their Privacy than Washington?)
14.12.12 14:28 
Remember, Twitter, if you don't tweet that you're AGAINST the indiscriminate killing of kindergartners, that obviously means you're FOR it
6.11.12 22:18 
Man, #CNNelections has fallen behind even Fox News...ah, here we go.
6.11.12 22:16 
Boy, CNN's really laggin'.
6.11.12 21:18 
Reallllllly wish @DanaBashCNN would stop calling votes "points" #CNNelections
6.11.12 19:33 
Are people in line to vote really looking to Twitter to encourage them to stay in line?
6.11.12 18:45 
If you're still in line to vote, why the hell didn't you vote earlier, dummy?
6.11.12 18:09 
I'm watching Election Night In America
6.11.12 15:33 
Guys, you know it's a SECRET ballot, right?
31.10.12 19:50 
Wouldn't you rather vote FOR somebody instead of AGAINST somebody? Try and see if maybe your best choice isn't a choice you didn't even know about. (link to
29.10.12 12:23 
I want to post it too!
23.10.12 19:31 
Hey, why don't you devote some prime time to watching the "other" Presidential debate on C-SPAN at 8PM (or live streaming RIGHT NOW!)
22.10.12 21:36 
I concur. RT @swampynomo: I can't see this debate making up anybody's undecided mind #DEBATES
22.10.12 20:01 
I'm watching Third Presidential Debate
22.10.12 19:00 
I unlocked the Debate Night in America: Final Presidential Debate sticker!
11.10.12 20:22 
I'm watching Vice Presidential Debate
11.10.12 19:09 
I unlocked the Debate Night in America: VP Debate sticker!
3.10.12 20:00 
I unlocked the Debate Night in America sticker!
3.10.12 19:13 
I unlocked the 2012 Presidential Debate sticker!
19.9.12 00:42 
Caught President Obama on Letterman's show tonight. Boy, is that guy a raging left-winger bleeding heart liberal who clearly does not have the best interests of the country at heart or what?

But at least Obama was pretty good.

14.9.12 18:29 
But you have to admit probably not MN @USAgov: Earthquakes can strike at any moment. Find out how to prepare for one at
13.8.12 22:57 
Guys, keep this on the down low but David Letterman MAY be leaning liberal this election cycle
1.8.12 13:10 
Your move, ladies. RT @USAgov: It's World Breastfeeding Week. Get a free Guide to Breastfeeding at
27.7.12 14:42 
RT @FieldsFor5thCD: Retweet if you believe in less government and more freedom!
11.7.12 12:57 
White folks make fun of Mitt Romney's NAACP speech like THIS; black folks make fun of Mitt Romney's NAACP speech like THIS
16.5.12 13:19 
@FTC How did this complaint come about? #FTCbcp
2.4.12 13:25 
RT @USAgov: Records from the 1940 Census are now available to the public. Find out what life was like 72 years ago:
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