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6.8.15 20:05 
I have great love for all of you, but if you're watching the GOP debate ironically or so you can tweet how awful what you're watching is and how much you hate every dude on stage an how much pain it's causing you AND there's zero chance you're voting Republican in 2016 or for the rest of your life...dude, WHY? (And I know that this is massive hypocrisy coming from a guy watching WWE Smackdown instead, but at least WWE bills itself as "entertainment")
6.8.15 19:35 
Are WWE (haven't blocked me yet!) contractually obligated to mention "Jackass" and "Bad Grandpa" every time they shill SWWEERVED?
6.8.15 19:11 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
6.8.15 15:05 @leaningcowboy Emoji of an American flag
6.8.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.35 ▼0.55 (Range: 22.34 - 22.89)
6.8.15 14:59 A bot that at-replies "Please turn off your TV in the knowledge that nobody is forcing you to watch this GOP debate"
6.8.15 14:26 
Having another
6.8.15 13:21 RT @StoneyRoads: Ever wondered what a 'real life' @Roland_US TR-808 would look like? #analog #synth
6.8.15 12:59 
"Ontario Intl Airport is trending" is not something I ever expected to see on Facebook
6.8.15 12:57 
Today it has ALMOST rained juuuuuuuust enough to get all the bird crap off of the car
6.8.15 12:42 
 SUBWAY (Roseville, MN)
6.8.15 12:01 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
6.8.15 11:45 
6.8.15 11:17 
6.8.15 11:12 
Sigh. (via @Timehop)
6.8.15 11:04 
Listened to GusGus - chocolate
6.8.15 11:02 
RT @HackmanRSPW: Pretty sure NO ONE predicted Piper to be the first person from @WWE Legends House to pass away.
6.8.15 09:00 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
5.8.15 19:10 
Look, at least he's not "Dolemite Roundtree"
5.8.15 18:46 
Hello, friends! As part of a Season Ticket Members event, the Timberwolves have invited me "and a guest" to sit in a suite at Tuesday's WNBA contest between the San Antonio Stars and YOUR Minnesota Lynx. I predict there will be free food and drink and perhaps a fancy plastic pass on a lanyard you can wear around your neck forever. You'd need to be available some time in the 6 hour at the Target Center; tip is at 7 and they're usually done around 9, and it's very likely I'd want to sit next to you. If you're STILL reading, congratulations! Please let me know if you're interested in being my +1.
5.8.15 18:32 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
5.8.15 17:17 
Listened to Goldfrapp - Alive (Joakim Remix)
5.8.15 16:39 WEBCAM WEDNESDAY: Did I ever show you my cat tacos T-shirt? (photo)
5.8.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.90 ▲0.48 (Range: 22.51 - 23.05)
5.8.15 14:37 
Coffee's gone cold
5.8.15 14:11 
Listened to gusgus - Mexico
5.8.15 13:12 
Listened to gusgus - Arabian Horse
5.8.15 10:02 
5.8.15 09:37 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
5.8.15 09:13 RT @crz_ebooks: Time to go much more quickly
5.8.15 09:10 I would love for all my transitions to be slow, artistic dissolves but I accept that more often than not they're jarring smash cuts or clownish star wipes
5.8.15 01:23 @Markysparkly No, but of course I almost fell off the step which I forgot existed on the way out
5.8.15 01:20 @Markysparkly I don't know what it is, but this bar usually turns me into a giant spaz. Good thing I barely knew anybody there!
5.8.15 00:39 Lee's to the parking space - much more direct - "0.92 miles"
5.8.15 00:38 @ Lee's Liquor Lounge
5.8.15 00:07 Let's get one more of Pretendians without Tim @ Lee's Liquor Lounge
5.8.15 00:04 Happy Birthday, Al
4.8.15 23:54 It is Pretendians @ Lee's Liquor Lounge
4.8.15 22:48 It is most of Trailer Park Queen as Tim Kennedy Blues Implosion @ Lee's Liquor Lounge
4.8.15 22:06 It is Al Grande Band @ Lee's Liquor Lounge
4.8.15 21:50 
I used to recap television! (Not necessarily THIS television,'s still pretty good) (Timehop link to "Jersey Shore 4x1: Going to Italia")
4.8.15 21:28 
 I only got almost lost once! - Lee's Liquor Lounge (Minneapolis, MN)
4.8.15 21:08 Walked from the parking space to Lee's - doubled back once to make sure car was locked and took a long cut and almost got lost once - "1.25 miles"
4.8.15 20:17 I still flag the spam comments, so don't you dare tell me I'm not idealistic
4.8.15 20:12 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
4.8.15 19:13 
@D_V_D_V_R That would be great! How many episodes ARE left? Two or three?
4.8.15 18:32 Looks like I won't have to hide from a National Night Out block party this year (whew)
4.8.15 18:01 
One more screen grab from RAW (screen grab)
4.8.15 17:47 A plug-in that warns me not to reflexively click on handles because that now destroys my timeline instead of popping up a Twitter profile
4.8.15 17:15 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
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