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18.8.15 20:15 
Reblogged from Rick 'n' Morty (animated GIF)
18.8.15 19:55 
Honestly, I don't find myself wanting to save any of these shmoes any more than the other two (and, yes, wondering why I still watch)
18.8.15 19:33 
@bobstanke Wahoo! My Flash Seats addr is CRZ612 at the gmail! Thank you sir!
18.8.15 19:29 
@bobstanke Shoot, I'd grab 'em!
18.8.15 17:18 @Kyle_Ratke I think the way eBay works is nobody bids on anything until the final 60 seconds of the auction
18.8.15 17:12 @Kyle_Ratke Are you now obligated to buy this?
18.8.15 15:57 @adult_goth Were you eating a lot of figs BEFORE today? I haven't had so much as a Newton in years
18.8.15 15:44 
Can of Diet Dr Pepper
18.8.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 21.65 ▼0.21 (Range: 21.54 - 21.92)
18.8.15 12:24 RT @capsworth: The inimitable @genevanheathen posts 100 vintage N.W.A scans from his personal stash of 80s/90s rap mags -->
18.8.15 11:05 
18.8.15 10:01 
Hey remember that erotic fiction I wrote about Sweetness and Luna Vachon (photo)
18.8.15 09:59 
If you’re not regularly visiting, you’re missing chances to see photos of Walter Payton & Bull Nakano in front of the directions to GORILLA ( (photo)
18.8.15 09:49 
Photoset: Evolution of a SummerSlam match graphic
18.8.15 09:44 
SummerSlam Predix
18.8.15 08:40 
18.8.15 08:35 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
18.8.15 08:29 
Listened to MK & Steve Angello - Essential Mix 2015-08-08
18.8.15 01:40 @davefinton Ahahaha sweet guilt
18.8.15 01:27 @davefinton I KNEW I wouldn't make the cut!
17.8.15 22:15 
God you guys... four hours of SummerSlam on Sunday (after NXT on Saturday) - it's hard to think about
17.8.15 22:14 
Truly heroic efforts to not show all the streamers the Target Center air handling system blew into the lighting rig #RAW
17.8.15 22:07 
Remember when they'd randomly cut off Heyman's mic for yuks? #RAW
17.8.15 21:34 @luchablog Oh, sure, no GIF of THAT
17.8.15 21:27 
I think Kalisto stole the tag there, but that wasn't a story the commentary team was interested in telling #RAW
17.8.15 21:25 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
17.8.15 21:19 
This is definitely MY bot RT @crz_ebooks: Oh, but I HAAAAAATE Ambrose's "drunken master" clothesline #RAW
17.8.15 21:07 
RT @crz_ebooks: Time for the match #RAW
17.8.15 21:07 
Cena may not make it out until the next quarter hour #RAW
17.8.15 21:04 
@FishCenterLive Hey can you delay the start until the WWE RAW overrun is over? (Asking for Choe) @as_DumpTruck
17.8.15 21:00 
If the Popeye's lady bore Col. Sanders' child, do you think he or she would grow up rebellious and hate chicken and only eat sushi
17.8.15 20:59 
What percentage of the Popeye's lady/Col. Sanders erotic fanfic is racist, d'you suppose? Is it 100%?
17.8.15 20:39 
WWF used to get people over with lots of wins
WWE gets people over by taking them off TV for a month
17.8.15 20:38 
RT @crz_ebooks: Thank heaven for small mercies: Somehow this wasn't holla holla'd during the ad break!
17.8.15 20:35 
@D_V_D_V_R I wanted Slater at the last secret meeting, but the Ziggler contingent shouted me down - at least I got him in that SWWEERVED ad
17.8.15 20:20 This got WAY more likes than any MapMyWalk link I've posted in 2015!
17.8.15 20:05 
@D_V_D_V_R "Bring out Larry the Axe already!"
17.8.15 19:31 
Do we really need JBL out there when Cole could press a button to trigger an "UH OH" every 30 seconds and WWE could save SO MUCH MONEY #RAW
17.8.15 19:15 
Take a shot every time someone says "epic;" I'll dial 9-1 and wait for you #RAW
17.8.15 19:11 
Did Curtis Axel already wrestle a Superstars exclusive match? #WWEMinny #NobodycallsMinneapolisMinny
17.8.15 19:10 
"The EPIC road to #SummerSlam starts RIGHT - NOW!"
17.8.15 19:09 
"The EPIC road to #SummerSlam starts RIGHT - NOW!"
(picture freezes)
17.8.15 19:03 
"Please welcome Stephanie--"
Ooh, I'm already glad I stayed home instead buying a ticket to
17.8.15 16:32 
Can of Diet Dr Pepper
17.8.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 21.86 ▲0.26 (Range: 21.21 - 21.89)
17.8.15 14:50 New DVD/Blu-ray/digital titles coming out 8/18/2015 (163)
17.8.15 14:10 
17.8.15 13:33 
Quick check @ AXS reveals available seat for #RAW 3 rows from roof; only $31.90 ($20 + inconvenience fees)
I'll watch it on TV
17.8.15 13:09  "Lacey Johnson"
17.8.15 12:17 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
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