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23.8.15 23:44 
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever 11x8 "The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We F....)
23.8.15 22:15 
SummerSlam 2015
23.8.15 21:47 
@TheMindofScott Should have had Timekeeper Jon Stewart
23.8.15 21:44 
I wish "The Timekeeper" and "The Official" were on the same page - also, had names #SummerSlam
23.8.15 21:42 
This wouldn't have happened if they still had Mark Yeaton #SummerSlam
23.8.15 21:37 
I mean this is a good match and all... but all I can see are those fucking nitrile gloves #SummerSlam
23.8.15 21:34 
So much spittle #SummerSlam
23.8.15 21:14 
This match won't take all 40 minutes, so I hope Sheamus comes out and cashes it in on the winner? #SummerSlam
23.8.15 21:07 
FIFA currently has 209, so they win RT @thecubsfan: There are 206 countries watching the WWE Network. There are 193 in the UN.
23.8.15 20:53 
If that had really been a pump handle slam, Becky would have done her dog-gy-style first #SummerSlam
23.8.15 20:45 
RT @thecubsfan: The Bellas beating both teams would be the most hilarious finish since...uh, the last finish.
23.8.15 20:27 
@tapemachines Can be fixed in post
23.8.15 20:27 
RT @jmshapyro: what if Cena recruits his greatest adversary Kevin Federline to even the odds
23.8.15 20:24 
#NotTop10 #SummerSlam
23.8.15 20:20 
THAT'S MIZ' MOVE! #SummerSlam
23.8.15 20:18 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
23.8.15 20:08 
Man, Lawler has to sit there and listen to them ignore that he'd won, like, 200 championships #SummerSlam
23.8.15 19:57 
Well, it's halfway done! #SummerSlam #GetYourEdge
23.8.15 19:48 
23.8.15 19:48 
Somehow we didn't get a double-DQ-this-feud-must-continue-at-Night-of-the-Champions here #SummerSlam @crz_ebooks
23.8.15 19:47 
@Toast_Jr Oh, autocorrect - got it
23.8.15 19:47 
@Toast_Jr Oh sure, delete the tweet before I can Favorite it
23.8.15 19:27 
As we get into this Ryback/Miz/Show triple threat match, consider the 1st #SummerSlam IC match: Honky Tonk Man/Ultimate Warrior #FullCircle
23.8.15 19:24 
Hmmm, I'd have figured Xavier as more of a #BlackLivesMatter guy
23.8.15 19:22 
How many times does it need to not make the #SCTop10 before JBL retires that line? #SummerSlam
23.8.15 19:12 
The man who's a hundred pounds shorter than the rest - Neville! #SummerSlam
23.8.15 19:07 
@D_V_D_V_R So...mixed tag at Night of the Champions, then?
23.8.15 18:52 
Is it really "Zigglerwear" if it doesn't have a bunch of 1980s band logos on it? #SummerSlam #DoTheDew
23.8.15 18:48 
Always amusing to see an otherwise blind official see the tag nobody else in the arena saw (yet made it on this replay) #SummerSlam
23.8.15 18:36 
(smark voice): Ahem, there is a New Age Outlaws rule to PREVENT that
23.8.15 18:31 
Your occasional reminder that Twitter themselves deprecated their word mark in June, 2012 - that's over three years ago, WWE
23.8.15 18:20 
@tapemachines Ha remember when they had that "kiss me arse" match and then totally reneged on the stip, good times
23.8.15 18:11 
DISCLAIMER: Do not mix Mtn Dew and Edge shave gel #SummerSlam
23.8.15 18:05 
If Foley and Stewart had a baby it would look like Rick Rubin #SummerSlam
23.8.15 18:04 
Shoot, they could have had Dennis Miller in this spot #SummerSlam #4hours
23.8.15 17:35 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
23.8.15 17:35 Cheddar Jack
23.8.15 16:57 
RT @David_Sherman: It's still #Summer - #ScottSeekins still in white at @madeheremn in #Minneapolis. @ Loring Alley…
23.8.15 15:59 Temptation @ Walmart
23.8.15 15:42 
 And, somehow, I'm back here again - Walmart Supercenter (Roseville, MN)
23.8.15 15:17 
 Target (Roseville, MN)
23.8.15 15:09 @davefinton Now obligated to share this from World Market
23.8.15 14:57 
(Oops, forgot to tweet that I also became mayor of a Goodwill in Roseville)
23.8.15 14:56 
I just dethroned @voge0092 as the Mayor of @worldmarket on @Swarmapp!
23.8.15 14:55 
 World Market (Roseville, MN)
23.8.15 14:38 
 Just lookin' - Goodwill Roseville 2 (Roseville, MN)
23.8.15 12:18 Green Mountain Nantucket Blend
22.8.15 22:24 
Four hour show tomorow - and if that isn't enough, Monday, a very special episode of SWWEERVED!
22.8.15 22:18 
22.8.15 22:17 
I can't help but think they need to bring in a taller ladder before this match is over #NXTTakeOver
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