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28.8.15 12:49 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
28.8.15 12:41 To the post office and back - "1.02 miles"
28.8.15 11:10 Barista Prima Italian Roast
28.8.15 01:06 
Sorry, I took so many mayorships today that I neglected to mark my 21,000th tweet by letting you know how much I loved you (THIIIIIIIS much)
28.8.15 00:54  My only photo from today's visit to the State Fair is this "WCCO Selfie" with sports and weather together. I'm a fan of Chris Shaffer, and Mike Max...was also there. I think all three of us look taller on TV (I'm slumped a bit here...hard to believe I may be taller than both of 'em)
27.8.15 23:37  OK, OK, Facebook I promise I will catch up with you very soon
27.8.15 23:12 Bus to home - "0.92 miles"
27.8.15 22:39 
Is this what it looks like? @ Minnesota State Fair
27.8.15 21:48 
I just dethroned @policano as the Mayor of Fried Pickles on @Swarmapp!
27.8.15 21:47 
 Fried Pickles (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 20:53 
I just dethroned @kirstenbarta as the Mayor of DNR Building on @Swarmapp!
27.8.15 20:53 
 DNR Building (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 20:41 
Swine Barn (Roseville, MN)
27.8.15 20:36 
Cattle Barn MN State Fair (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 20:18 
 Corn Roast (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 19:56 
 Eco experience at the Minnesota State Fair (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 19:37 
 Fine Arts Building - Minnesota State Fairgrounds (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 19:35 
I just dethroned @wskydog as Mayor of Minnesota Newspaper Museum - State Fair on @Swarmapp!
27.8.15 19:35 
 Minnesota Newspaper Museum - State Fair (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 19:23 
 Education Building - Minnesota State Fair (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 19:07 
I just dethroned @jennaay7 as the Mayor of @culliganh2o on @Swarmapp!
27.8.15 19:06 
 Culligan Water's Hydration Station (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 18:54 
 Farmers Union At The State Fair (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 18:44 
 WCCO At The MN State Fair (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 18:02 
 State Fairgrounds Grandstand (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 17:58 
@eastcoast_joe It's the old Foursquare leader board come back to destroy all our timelines
27.8.15 17:12 At the State Fair, i just pointed out Scott Seekins to my companions - being Canadians, they were confused and unimpressed
27.8.15 17:11 
I just dethroned Doug as the Mayor of Mr E's Drink Time on @Swarmapp!
27.8.15 17:10 
 Mr E's Drink Time (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 16:37 
 Giggles' Campfire Grill - Minnesota State Fair (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 16:16 
I just became the Mayor of The Pet Center on @Swarmapp!
27.8.15 16:16 
 The Pet Center (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 15:57 
 FOX Sports North Building (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 15:39 
 KARE 11 Barn (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 15:34 
I just dethroned Christopher as the Mayor of DNR Fish Pond on @Swarmapp!
27.8.15 15:34 
 DNR Fish Pond (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 15:25 
I just dethroned Amy as the Mayor of Pickle Dog @ MN State Fair on @Swarmapp!
27.8.15 15:25 
 Pickle Dog @ MN State Fair (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 15:16 
I just dethroned @moeteevs as the Mayor of Sheep and Poultry Building on @Swarmapp!
27.8.15 15:15 
 Sheep and Poultry Building (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 15:12 
 Alpacas (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.92 ▲0.29 (Range: 20.58 - 21.00)
27.8.15 14:57 
 Miracle Of Birth Center (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 14:46 
 Dairy Building - Minnesota State Fair (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 14:01 
 Agriculture Horticulture Building (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 13:48 
 Mouth Trap Cheese Curds (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 13:37 
 Oodles Of Noodles (Saint Paul, MN)
27.8.15 13:14 
 Creative Activites Building (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 12:56 
 RC Cola Booth (Falcon Heights, MN)
27.8.15 12:18 
I just became the Mayor of @bluebarnmn on @Swarmapp!
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