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1.9.15 22:59 
I know what shirt to wear tomorrow! Thanks, Timehop!
1.9.15 19:14 
Updated my cover photo
1.9.15 17:32 
Will I regret buying these...or NOT buying these? STAY TUNED #yogurtoftheday
1.9.15 16:57 
 Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
1.9.15 16:46 
$2.449/g - BP (Roseville, MN)
1.9.15 16:38 Why am I in such a rush to get home? It's hot in that house.
Maybe I'm REALLY in such a rush to get to THE GROCERY STORE!
1.9.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.93 ▼0.56 (Range: 19.87 - 20.27)
1.9.15 14:18 Say it ain't so! "Coach" reboot axed, reports @Variety:
1.9.15 13:53 RT @crz_ebooks: LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM totally sick of just about everybody.
1.9.15 13:52 @adult_goth I heard that the eggplant emoji is really a
1.9.15 13:47 "...odor transfer may happen" #dollbowlnoodle
1.9.15 13:24 It's not a new Google logo until I see a new favicon
1.9.15 13:06 
@swarmapp You send me mobile notifications of lost mayorships but shouldn't they also be in my Android app's notifications tab? (Defect?)
1.9.15 11:45 
Listened to Powertools Mixshow - Episode 8-22-15 Ft: Yolanda Be Cool, Cassian, & Sinden
1.9.15 11:34 @VisitRoseville Thanks!
1.9.15 11:30 @VisitRoseville IS @Snuffytime in Roseville? What's their address?
1.9.15 10:49 
1.9.15 08:58 
1.9.15 08:18 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
1.9.15 08:05 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
1.9.15 00:09 topics of interest: August 2015
31.8.15 22:00 
@CRZ You HAD to say his name, didn't you, dummy
31.8.15 21:57 
Is John Cena off until just after Nikki loses her championship? We can only hope! #RAW
31.8.15 21:50 
Hoping we find out The Vigilante™ melted down the Seth Rollins statue and had a Kama™-style "Urn" chain made out of it #RAW
31.8.15 21:48 
(A supercut of JBL saying "UH-OH")
31.8.15 21:46 
Does Bubba still do that senton out of the corner that only connects about 5% of the time? #RAW #uhoh
31.8.15 21:43 
WWE couldn't find ONE tweet which spelled "Braun Strowman" correctly? #RAW
31.8.15 21:37 
Bubba Ray's gotta wonder how he ended up the only white guy in the division #RAW
31.8.15 21:32 
@JayJayDean Ohhh THREE years ago - who reads all 140 characters, am I right?
31.8.15 21:31 
@tapemachines Well, she IS Russian
31.8.15 21:30 @bobstanke What's a @mirrativ Bob?
31.8.15 21:30 
@JayJayDean Are you implying that SummerSlam was chock full of A-team material?
31.8.15 21:25 
This'll only increase the female audience percentage if/when all the men tune out #RAW
31.8.15 21:09 
Absolutely no good can come from a sub two minute Paige/Sasha match no matter what the outcome - just my opinion, folks! #RAW
31.8.15 21:00 
31.8.15 20:57 
Anybody do this concept yet? (Photo collage)
31.8.15 20:46 
"But Dolph wasn't IN shoes!" #RAW
31.8.15 20:46 
31.8.15 20:21 
Wait, is this a rerun? #RAW
31.8.15 20:13 
Just outstanding work tonight, gentlemen #RAW
31.8.15 20:09 
"The winner and STILL Intercontinental champion, The-- Ryback!"
31.8.15 20:06 
Fine work, Lilian! #RAW
31.8.15 19:52 
Is Brown Strawman one of their Create-A-Wrestlers? #RAW
31.8.15 19:51 
Shouldn't we see someone mysteriously enter Ryback's dressing room in the back--? Aw, crap, they ruined my joke before I could tweet it #RAW
31.8.15 19:46 
Well, at least we won't have more than 6'42" of revolutionary Diva action tonight, I guess (is that good or bad?) #RAW
31.8.15 19:44 
Wow, they ALMOST explained this in a way that made sense! #RAW
31.8.15 19:42 
RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 50 days since Nikki @BellaTwins last defended the @WWE Divas Championship. #RAW
31.8.15 19:42 
Shouldn't their opponents also get a shot if THEY win? Blatant favoritism to the Submission Soror--the PCB! #RAW
31.8.15 19:39 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
31.8.15 19:36 
"This feud MUST continue!" Meanwhile, odds on a clean finish in the Ryback/Show IC match now 25% and falling #RAW
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