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3.9.15 02:16 
Please indulge me as I write out a rather longish yet COMPLETELY TRUE story which will add to the ways I have tried to explain to you outsiders just how my life works.

If you've paid me any attention at all today (yesterday) on the most social of media, you know that about 24 hours ago I allowed Timehop to inspire me to wear the same shirt I originally shared back four years ago, so today I grabbed a vintage 1999-ish "WCW Monday Jericho"/"Jericholics Anonymous" from the closet and wore it publicly all day.

It ALSO happened to be good and cloudy most of the day which set the temperature about 10 degrees cooler than was forecasted which further inspired me to go ahead and walk to Acadia for Joel's Infernal Singalong Machine (pushing me over 100 lifetime miles on MapMyWalk!), where the crowd dissipated much more quickly than normal and allowed me to select five songs instead of my normal two or three - you didn't ask, but you didn't really ask for ANY of this, so they were: "It Doesn't Have to Be" by Erasure, "The Boys of Summer" by Don Henley, "Steam" by Peter Gabriel, "Sail On" by The Commodores, "Old and Wise" by The Alan Parsons Project and "Bring the Noise" by Anthrax & Public Enemy - holy crap, that's SIX songs! What a night!

But that's not why I'm here. What FINALLY happened was a guy walked across the Acadia to not only compliment me on my karaoke style but more importantly for my awesome vintage pro rasslin' shirt. At this point, I noticed HIS shirt - a Bullet Club T-shirt - and remarked that I had seen a dude in a Bullet Club shirt in the Acadia before AND made a point to tweet about it to the hundreds of my Twitter followers who still expect occasional wrestling content from me there. He said that it was probably him and I had to agree - how many people would you expect to see in the Acadia in a Bullet Club shirt? But because I saw an opportunity to blow a mind - okay, impress only slightly - I offered that in one web search I could find the very tweet...and proceeed to do so. (I mean, I have only tweeted "Bullet Club" once in my life as far as I know. For those of you who DON'T follow me for the wrestling, the Bullet Club is a faction in New Japan Pro Wrestling.)

Here's what I tweeted, which turns out was back on June 17: "I'm proud I didn't mark out in front of the guy in the Bullet Club T at the Acadia, yet regret not learning how he obtained a Bullet Club T" - and, wouldn't you know it, here was the same guy and now I COULD ask him if he had gone to or not? I actually didn't remember the website name - but he did! But he actually purchased it at a Ring of Honor event in Hopkins - he's been to the last three ROH shows in Hopkins, making him at least the second person I'm aware of to actually go out to Hopkins to catch ROH. I told him about how I'd seen ROH at the St. Paul armory eons ago.

He's actually at the Acadia often as he does videography next door at KFAI for - let's see if I remember this right - "Live from Studio 5!" (I did need to check the Internet to confirm the name). He doesn't sing, though. I did coax him onto stage to help in the "all hands" version of (ugh) "Don't Stop Believin'" which closed out the night (after one last additional song which I've already forgotten). It's also an intersection with Mason which places me half a step closer to volunteering some time to KFAI, which I really need to do and haven't and To Be Continued, I'm sure...

Somewhere in here he thought we should probably commemorate the moment where his T-shirt and mine were in close proximity, resulting in a photo I tweeted and a promise that "this was way more momentous than 140 characters - it demands a FACEBOOK STATUS" and... you know, here we are at 670 words and counting.

I think it was Amy who once challenged me on how I believed there wasn't really such a thing as coincidence. I hope this is the sort of story that helps demonstrate how a seed I planted four years ago and another seed I planted back in June bore the kind of strange fruit of interconnectedness that I seem to experience way more regularly than most - or maybe, just happen to notice way more regularly than most.

So the bottom line is now that photographic evidence exists that we have occupied close space, I've followed Ryan Pollard on Twitter, where he doesn't tweet much, and asked for his Facebook friendship here, where I'm sure he'll accept, and I hope experiencing all this in real life has been even half as cool for him as it has been for me tonight. Also, we'll probably NEVER see each other again...which is ALSO a crazy way my life works! (Just kidding...I think.)

(Footnotes to follow - 888 words, including these - and those - says TextWrangler)

PS Sorry I didn't Periscope "Sail On" as I had planned
3.9.15 01:00 From Acadia - "1.98 miles"
3.9.15 00:35 Later on Facebook, the surprising and unlikely story behind this photo of me + @RyanFnPollard - DON'CHA DARE MISS IT
2.9.15 23:54 
(A Patreon to bump up my data plan so I can Periscope all this hot karaoke action live from the Acadia)
2.9.15 21:48 
 Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
2.9.15 21:14 To Acadia - "1.99 miles"
2.9.15 19:05 
Listened to Swedish House Mafia - Essential Mix 2007-08-12
2.9.15 18:11 
Listened to Nero - The Thrill - Porter Robinson Remix
2.9.15 17:55 
@massdistraction I have only had old food so far this year: Pickle Dog, Fried Pickles, corn, Farmers Union mocha frappe, curds, frozen cider
2.9.15 17:49 
RT @dertbeats: Thundercat "Tron Song" i got someone to buy all thundercats albums by sharing this video. i feel good about that.
2.9.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.94 ▲0.01 (Range: 19.62 - 20.20)
2.9.15 13:06 
2.9.15 11:50 
2.9.15 10:40 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
2.9.15 10:23 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
1.9.15 22:59 
I know what shirt to wear tomorrow! Thanks, Timehop!
1.9.15 19:14 
Updated my cover photo
1.9.15 17:32 
Will I regret buying these...or NOT buying these? STAY TUNED #yogurtoftheday
1.9.15 16:57 
 Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
1.9.15 16:46 
$2.449/g - BP (Roseville, MN)
1.9.15 16:38 Why am I in such a rush to get home? It's hot in that house.
Maybe I'm REALLY in such a rush to get to THE GROCERY STORE!
1.9.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.93 ▼0.56 (Range: 19.87 - 20.27)
1.9.15 14:18 Say it ain't so! "Coach" reboot axed, reports @Variety:
1.9.15 13:53 RT @crz_ebooks: LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM totally sick of just about everybody.
1.9.15 13:52 @adult_goth I heard that the eggplant emoji is really a
1.9.15 13:47 "...odor transfer may happen" #dollbowlnoodle
1.9.15 13:24 It's not a new Google logo until I see a new favicon
1.9.15 13:06 
@swarmapp You send me mobile notifications of lost mayorships but shouldn't they also be in my Android app's notifications tab? (Defect?)
1.9.15 11:45 
Listened to Powertools Mixshow - Episode 8-22-15 Ft: Yolanda Be Cool, Cassian, & Sinden
1.9.15 11:34 @VisitRoseville Thanks!
1.9.15 11:30 @VisitRoseville IS @Snuffytime in Roseville? What's their address?
1.9.15 10:49 
1.9.15 08:58 
1.9.15 08:18 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
1.9.15 08:05 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
1.9.15 00:09 topics of interest: August 2015
31.8.15 22:00 
@CRZ You HAD to say his name, didn't you, dummy
31.8.15 21:57 
Is John Cena off until just after Nikki loses her championship? We can only hope! #RAW
31.8.15 21:50 
Hoping we find out The Vigilante™ melted down the Seth Rollins statue and had a Kama™-style "Urn" chain made out of it #RAW
31.8.15 21:48 
(A supercut of JBL saying "UH-OH")
31.8.15 21:46 
Does Bubba still do that senton out of the corner that only connects about 5% of the time? #RAW #uhoh
31.8.15 21:43 
WWE couldn't find ONE tweet which spelled "Braun Strowman" correctly? #RAW
31.8.15 21:37 
Bubba Ray's gotta wonder how he ended up the only white guy in the division #RAW
31.8.15 21:32 
@JayJayDean Ohhh THREE years ago - who reads all 140 characters, am I right?
31.8.15 21:31 
@tapemachines Well, she IS Russian
31.8.15 21:30 @bobstanke What's a @mirrativ Bob?
31.8.15 21:30 
@JayJayDean Are you implying that SummerSlam was chock full of A-team material?
31.8.15 21:25 
This'll only increase the female audience percentage if/when all the men tune out #RAW
31.8.15 21:09 
Absolutely no good can come from a sub two minute Paige/Sasha match no matter what the outcome - just my opinion, folks! #RAW
31.8.15 21:00 
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