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10.9.15 10:31 
I never throw anything away. Recently I found a cache of student ID so guess what my #tbt photos are gonna be for the next few weeks? Here's baby (well, tween) Chris as a Somerset love of rugby shirts already established, but not yet having learned the magic of the lapel pin. 1983 (1st in a series of 6 - watch me grow)
9.9.15 21:16 Bluetooth is fun
9.9.15 19:13 
Listened to Rudimental - Essential Mix 2015-08-29
9.9.15 19:04 
Yes, I will be in Modesto Saturday through Wednesday, and so will Aaron. Yes, I was eventually going to tell you...just trying to suss out what plans my parents might have for me and my brother while we're here. (Sounds like not many....or it's all going to be spontaneous?)
9.9.15 17:54 @thecubsfan oooooooooooooooooooooh bitch
9.9.15 17:47 
Listened to Nero - Welcome Reality
9.9.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.64 ▼0.45 (Range: 19.57 - 20.25) New 52 week low!
9.9.15 14:57 @swampynomo Just Do It
9.9.15 14:53 
Listened to Underworld - Pearl's Girl on Spotify
9.9.15 13:01 So... I CAN'T use my Newton's stylus on it?
9.9.15 12:54 @webster Will it work with my Newton stylus?
9.9.15 12:40 
Listened to Tom Middleton - Memory Box - Roland 909 History Set on Mixcloud
9.9.15 12:39 
9.9.15 11:33 
9.9.15 10:43 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
9.9.15 10:33 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
9.9.15 10:02 RT @DjTomMiddleton: It's #Roland #909day .. stream @DjTomMiddleton @MemoryBoxParty set of classic #RolandTR909 tracks
9.9.15 02:32 
Shoot, I should have gone out for some Northern Lights
8.9.15 23:47 I miss the old guy
8.9.15 21:12 
RT @BloodStrib: Lynx win 73-67, clinch Western Conference titl
8.9.15 19:22 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
8.9.15 18:34 Every time Twitter updates their Android app, I try to change their notification ringtone on my Galaxy S6 from a default - hasn't worked yet
8.9.15 15:38 @CRZ Oh wait I broke it again - or it just broke on its own - or it just does whatever the hell it wants. I'm tapping out.
8.9.15 15:33 The answer was: "Use Single View, not Compact View." WELL. That only took five hours of troubleshooting...I LOVE Outlook!
8.9.15 15:11 (SegoeUI'ing, I probably should have said)
8.9.15 15:11 Outlook keeps Segoe'ing where I want to Tahoma and I'm very sad
8.9.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.09 ▲0.44 (Range: 19.86 - 20.17)
8.9.15 13:43 
8.9.15 10:56 
8.9.15 10:56 Back to work...and now, we atone for a three-day weekend of beer, Papa Johns and State Fair fare
8.9.15 10:48 @kimberrussell I think I chickened out with "I'm not sure" 9/10 times
8.9.15 10:47 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
8.9.15 10:30 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
7.9.15 23:11 Annnnnd I botched the link. TAKE TWO:

My sister-in-law (who may or may not be on this social network) has written a trilogy! You can't buy Book One yet, but you can decide if you WANT to by sampling the first five chapters RIGHT THERE - c'mon, I know you read. You're reading this right now! Clicky clicky!
7.9.15 23:03 RT @grumpymartian: If you want to get a taste of my UF novel TAKE ON ME coming out in a month. You can read the first 5 chapters today
7.9.15 21:43 
"According to the U.S. EPA, PCBs cause cancer in animals and are probable human carcinogens." #RAW
7.9.15 21:33 @tapemachines That's Welsh
7.9.15 21:18 
7.9.15 21:12 
What must your dreams have been if appearing on a red carpet with The Rockā„¢ translates to "my dreams are coming true times a million?"
7.9.15 21:07 
7.9.15 21:06 
7.9.15 21:06 
7.9.15 20:51 
Did Randy forget his cue? #RAW
7.9.15 20:44 Aren't memes great, guys? I mean...they're SMOKING
7.9.15 20:39 
@CRZ June 2014-era Fandango might be most likeable
7.9.15 20:39 
Seriously - who's the face here? Are ANY of these four likeable? #RAW
7.9.15 20:36 @tapemachines Hey Happy Labor Day
7.9.15 20:35 
You know, this died on tape back on Smackdown; it takes real balls to double down and do it again on a live #RAW - I guess #ruru
7.9.15 20:34 
Oh for fucks sake #RAW
7.9.15 20:33 
@tapemachines Norma Rae - no, wait, no UNION
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