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21.9.15 15:58 
The Internet is awesome, and so are we! RT @ironlungryan: @CRZ wow. I used to read your site all the time 15 years ago. Great to randomly see you while looking at Anthony Bennett mentions.
21.9.15 15:55 
RT @JerryZgoda: Thanks to @canpelister for the tip: new Wolf @Bjelica88 is now on Twitter, just in time for his Minnesota arrival
21.9.15 15:54 
Bummer MT @WojYahooNBA: Yahoo Sources: Minnesota progressing on contract buyout with former No. 1 pick Anthony Bennett. FA if clear waivers.
21.9.15 15:41 I don't know what to believe! Everyone on social media told me repeatedly that Scott Walker was "the Koch Brothers' favorite"
21.9.15 15:31 RT @FirstAvenue: Pumped to have @Franz_Ferdinand + @sparksofficial = @FFS_MUSIC on 10/9 in the Mainroom. Retweet & you could win a pair of tickets!
21.9.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.26 ▲0.09 (Range: 20.12 - 20.37)
21.9.15 14:26 
Listened to The Soft Moon - Zero
21.9.15 13:24 
Cassetteboy: Always the right man for the RT @Cassetteboy New! Cassetteboy vs David Cameron #GettinPiggyWithIt
21.9.15 12:44 When the lights come back on at the WON site, will we find the Wyatt Family standing on the front page?
21.9.15 12:36 
21.9.15 11:54 
21.9.15 11:53 @Toast_Jr Clearly TACMARS
21.9.15 11:48 I better post this quick before everybody you know does it and you get so sick of seeing weird sorta-3D characters that you Hide All From... (via Lynn) (When I get home, I'll superimpose the "Straight Outta..." logo on it for promotion squared!) (PeanutizeMe)
21.9.15 10:55 
Whoa - my 5000th check-in! @Swarmapp
21.9.15 10:54 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
21.9.15 10:41 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
21.9.15 01:58 
G'night, Facebook (Link to YouTube: "Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - Me Ru Con")
20.9.15 23:54 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
20.9.15 23:47 Long lap - "1.20 miles"
20.9.15 22:53 
Phew #gopackgo
20.9.15 21:30 
20.9.15 21:28 
Cena's a jerk! #WWENOC

20.9.15 21:08 did they manage to not manufacture a TD out of that? I'm feeling a familiar feeling of unease... #gopackgo
20.9.15 20:37 
So....not The Undertaker, then? #WWENOC
20.9.15 20:23 
Charlotte with one knee > The Ryback with one knee #WWENOC
20.9.15 20:14 
@tapemachines What of the multiple months between title defenses?
20.9.15 19:50 
20.9.15 19:47 
We paid to read these tweets #WWENOC
20.9.15 17:50 
It's so dark #mspwx #mnwx
20.9.15 17:01 
Another one-lemon'er!
20.9.15 16:58 Well, no worries about missing any future Survival pool picks this season
20.9.15 15:07 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
20.9.15 14:25 @kwatt Are you feeling all right? I don't think you have called it "The Duke" ONCE this season
20.9.15 14:04 
NASCAR and bacon (Have I given up?)
20.9.15 13:45 French Roast
20.9.15 04:29 Listen, I am the LAST person to lecture you about being on Facebook at this hour, but.... seriously, maybe hold off on posting your latest "nametests" quiz results until everyone else is awake. Just a suggestion.
20.9.15 02:50 is about forty years late to the Narvel Felts party
20.9.15 00:43 I have no shame (watching HEE HAW)
20.9.15 00:27 
Trying a new tack - irony - here's "Terri Williams"
19.9.15 22:11 
@XFINITYRacing Fast service - thanks!
19.9.15 21:43 
@XFINITYRacing Hey! I believe you still owe me a follow!
19.9.15 19:14 New DVD/Blu-ray/digital titles coming out week of 9/22/15 (237)
19.9.15 14:26 
RT @kshoop: It's still summer, guys.
19.9.15 13:38 
.@PPPRNews Their CARS, I mean
19.9.15 13:37 
.@PPPRNews What if I spread out all this cut brush over the tops of the Gopher fans parked in front of my house?
19.9.15 13:19 French Roast
19.9.15 10:50 
Why am I hearing a crop duster in Southeast? Do I need to blame a fraternity?
19.9.15 00:46 
Last year, I got Timehop... which means that THIS year, I got TIMEHOP INCEPTION
18.9.15 23:50 @jkalyn Does she also still bring the goods at 82?
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