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22.9.15 11:03 
@TriStarRaceTeam @IRProducts @ToyotaRacing Is it 13?
22.9.15 10:36 @dhm Did you see Kimberly's fence photo?
22.9.15 10:33 @fannika @CoolMojo Ooh, a @MoveOn spam email address harvester! Would Professor @lessig be for or against that, you think?
22.9.15 10:14 
"Maya Shea Spencer"
22.9.15 09:57 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
21.9.15 22:05 
21.9.15 21:41 
So was all that Connor's Cure jazz just for one week or what? #RAW
21.9.15 21:38 
added a new photo to the album: Distribution of Chewy Lemonhead Fruit Mix 24pk important science.
21.9.15 21:33 
Show: "...Road to Hell..."
Cole: "GO TO HELL"
Show: "You say something to me, Cole?"
Cole: "No, sir. Carry on"
21.9.15 21:29 
Serious question: do those SportsCenter guys even know JBL is alive? #RAW
21.9.15 21:26 
Do they talk about wrestling during professional golf broadcasts? #RAW
21.9.15 21:22 
New WWE Network slogan: "Pay us $9.99 and GO TO HELL" #RAW
21.9.15 21:14 
JBL: "I miss the Bashams."
Now THERE'S an exception proving the "said no one, ever" rule
21.9.15 21:12 
"I LOVE Third Funkadactyl Sasha Banks!"
21.9.15 21:10 
@tapemachines Did you watch New Day's "Table for 3" yet? It looked like your alley
21.9.15 20:56 
"Theme from Rusev" #RAW
21.9.15 20:48 
Ziggles was announced at 213 pounds. I just realised I now weigh less than him! How SHORT must he be? #RAW
21.9.15 20:46 
I would categorize this big six-man match as steamy and sensual #RAW
21.9.15 20:45 
Not only was wood removed from Woods' nethers, but all the red was knocked out of his 'do! #RAW
21.9.15 20:43 
Quest Diagnostics @QuestDX product placement! #RAW
21.9.15 20:38 
Nattie: "The only person standing in your way is YOU."
Paige: "I keep TELLING everybody, it's just a good pushup bra!"
21.9.15 20:25 
Cole even punctuating STILL PHOTOS with "BOOM! BANG!" #RAW
21.9.15 20:18 @HackmanRSPW Let me know if/when this show causes you to switch back to the test pattern!
21.9.15 20:16 
Holy geez, what's up with those - are those CHAPS?! #RAW
21.9.15 20:15 @HackmanRSPW Guessing those are the slots for ads for the USA Network "Originals" which typically close every block
21.9.15 20:08 
Yes. RT @farwell3d: Am I the only one that likes them?
21.9.15 20:06 
Paige would have sold me if she'd said "and those things on your face look RIDICULOUS" but no such luck #RAW
21.9.15 19:55 
"We invite you to use this TWENTY-ONE CHARACTER hashtag" #RAW
21.9.15 19:54 
Aw man is Naitch gonna cry again #RAW
21.9.15 19:53 
Gotta love those "spoiler-free" Smackdown ads! #RAW
21.9.15 19:52 
.@D_V_D_V_R Wow, I totally whiffed on that. I've been conditioned well!
21.9.15 19:50 
21.9.15 19:50 
Did....did they just protect BO DALLAS?! #RAW
21.9.15 19:44 
#Bigdaddykane (via @D_V_D_V_R)
21.9.15 19:39 
#Corporatekane #Demonkane #RAWkane
21.9.15 19:30 
Commentators busy recapping the previous segment in painstaking detail #RAW
21.9.15 18:46 Ooh, shiny
21.9.15 15:58 
The Internet is awesome, and so are we! RT @ironlungryan: @CRZ wow. I used to read your site all the time 15 years ago. Great to randomly see you while looking at Anthony Bennett mentions.
21.9.15 15:55 
RT @JerryZgoda: Thanks to @canpelister for the tip: new Wolf @Bjelica88 is now on Twitter, just in time for his Minnesota arrival
21.9.15 15:54 
Bummer MT @WojYahooNBA: Yahoo Sources: Minnesota progressing on contract buyout with former No. 1 pick Anthony Bennett. FA if clear waivers.
21.9.15 15:41 I don't know what to believe! Everyone on social media told me repeatedly that Scott Walker was "the Koch Brothers' favorite"
21.9.15 15:31 RT @FirstAvenue: Pumped to have @Franz_Ferdinand + @sparksofficial = @FFS_MUSIC on 10/9 in the Mainroom. Retweet & you could win a pair of tickets!
21.9.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.26 ▲0.09 (Range: 20.12 - 20.37)
21.9.15 14:26 
Listened to The Soft Moon - Zero
21.9.15 13:24 
Cassetteboy: Always the right man for the RT @Cassetteboy New! Cassetteboy vs David Cameron #GettinPiggyWithIt
21.9.15 12:44 When the lights come back on at the WON site, will we find the Wyatt Family standing on the front page?
21.9.15 12:36 
21.9.15 11:54 
21.9.15 11:53 @Toast_Jr Clearly TACMARS
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