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5.10.15 13:40 
Saturday I walked to cure Parkinson's Disease! YOUR five bucks will make the difference between success and failure (maybe)! Please consider clicking on this text to make a donation!
5.10.15 13:34 the-w Survival Football: 2015.03
5.10.15 13:34 the-w Survival Football: 2015.04
5.10.15 13:08 
Back to coffee
5.10.15 12:44 RT @FACTmag: Banco de Gaia looks back on his 1994 electronica classic Last Train to Lhasa:
5.10.15 11:29 
Listened to Nero - Between II Worlds
5.10.15 10:41 
5.10.15 10:38 
@swampynomo Walmart limited my choices - besides, you could have objected a month ago when I got that weird Chobani and didn't
5.10.15 10:31 
5.10.15 10:08 I can't remember the last time I asked you for money so I think I'm OK doing it here today. On Saturday, I'm getting up early to walk in the "APDA Minnesota Parkinson's Optimism Walk" in Roseville for Team VERITAS. I'd like to raise a hundred bucks (please join me in a laugh at the $500 goal on my donor page) and I've already put in $25, so expectations are not high. Can I ask fifteen of you to please pledge five bucks? Parkinson's Disease affects over a million Americans directly and indirectly affects everyone close to those million people. Click on the link right there, and then find the big red SUPPORT ME button and then - well - please support me! (It's only a mile...I do that in my sleep these days) (Link to Donor Page)
5.10.15 09:58 
5.10.15 09:25 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
5.10.15 09:07 
 Walmart Supercenter (Roseville, MN)
5.10.15 08:03 Got my free tickets to the WNBA Finals Game 2 tomorrow! Anybody want to come with?
4.10.15 22:40 Hey you think the Cowboys wish they'd taken a shot with :11 left in regulation NOW?
4.10.15 19:53 
RT @tapemachines: @CRZ Sadly no Head Cheese reunion
4.10.15 19:49 
Steve Blackman show up at the TNA PPV yet?
4.10.15 19:18 @TheKFV BIG BUCKS!
4.10.15 19:08 $5000 + ONE SPIN (via @BUZZRplay)
4.10.15 18:56 God, people are just as dumb at "Press Your Luck" as they were when I watched them the FIRST time. I mean, this shouldn't be a surprise, but still...
4.10.15 18:29 Annnnnnnd I'm out of @Omaholic's pool for the second and final time. Stupid Cardinals!
4.10.15 17:07 Cheddar Whole Grain
4.10.15 16:46  Target (Saint Paul, MN)
4.10.15 16:21 
From Target Center - "0.66 miles"
4.10.15 16:18 
Lynx...don't take Game 1 (#fever 75 - #LosLynx 69) @ Target Center
4.10.15 14:57 
HALFTIME: #fever 35 - #LosLynx 29 #RoarAsOne @ Target Center
4.10.15 14:38 
I made it on the big screen! (#LosLynx 16 - #fever 14, 7:08 2nd)
4.10.15 14:10 
124/E (after upgrade)
4.10.15 14:09 
228/X (before upgrade)
4.10.15 13:49 
It's the WNBA FINALS - LET'S GO #LOSLYNX! - Indiana Fever vs Minnesota Lynx - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
4.10.15 13:31 
Parking spot to Target Center - "0.76 miles"
4.10.15 13:10 First attempt at cold press coffee at home - came out...OK?
4.10.15 02:40 New DVD/Blu-ray/digital titles coming out week of 10/6/15 (316)
4.10.15 02:23 New DVD/Blu-ray/digital titles coming out week of 9/29/15 (210)
4.10.15 01:54 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
4.10.15 01:29 
Yep, we're back
4.10.15 00:06 
@TheKFV Ugh what a hole - pass
3.10.15 22:59 
Wow, leave it to ol' chicken fingers to win the race of who can finish the slowest #NCWTS
3.10.15 21:21 
Sorry to the three or four people hoping I would tweet more during this stupid show it turns out I didn't care much about #WWEMSG
3.10.15 20:16 
He likes to call it a "shock pop" #WWEMSG
3.10.15 20:15 
Whoops, sounds like a premature micro-lation for Big E #WWEMSG
3.10.15 19:59 
I don't know how it's going for you, but my WWE Network stream quality has dropped through QuickTime settling in RealAudio territory #WWEMSG
3.10.15 19:51 
What a horrible finish after all that Rich Brennan nonsense about victories at MSG #WWEMSG
3.10.15 19:48 
Paige was halfway across the apron but tag ropes are for suckers - right, John Cone? #WWEMSG
3.10.15 19:42 
This must be a house show; Charlotte isn't wearing rhinestones on her face #WWEMSG
3.10.15 19:39 
RT @D_V_D_V_R: Man this is a tedious show
3.10.15 19:26 
Ooh, look, WWE is still using the Twitter wordmark (deprecated in June, 2012) #WWEMSG
3.10.15 19:20 
Feels like the only reason to give Sheamus a pop over Rusev would be if Sheamus were competing against still another heel later...
3.10.15 19:01 
Leave it to WWE Network to open their show by replaying the ad for the show they'd just aired - I mean, "OK, WWE, dazzle me!" #WWEMSG
3.10.15 12:30 Explain this to me. Are radio stations staying in business in 2015 thanks to stupid "viral" photos posted to Facebook?
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