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13.10.15 19:38 
You know I'm not much for posting about politics here, but I did just see the Democrats debate, and all I can say is: WOW! What a commanding performance! She really showed why she's been frontrunner, well, pretty much since Obama won the last one. Email, Benghazi, none of it matters - she's Teflon and even if there was something to ANY of that, none of it would ever stick to her. She's unstoppable! Ol' Joe is probably scared out of running after that masterful performance where she thrust and parried and nobody could land a shot on her. Sadly, there's no chance for Bernie, not to mention those other three also-rans. I sure would have liked to see Larry Lessig in the debate tonight, though. But hell, we might as well inaugurate her right now; the nomination is clearly hers and the Republicans (and others) have absolutely no chance. RUN HILL RUN
13.10.15 19:38 
You know I'm not much for posting about politics here, but I did just see the Democrats debate, and all I can say is: What a sad display. All the chickens came home to roost in one night and she definitely is feeling the effects of the constant drip-drip-drip of questionably legal actions, email, Benghazi, her lack of anything to point to while Secretary of State really, an entitled sense of being above the law and an almost constant, sometimes baffling stream of dissembling. Even on the debate stage, she couldn't help but rack up the Pinocchios. Now's the best time for a weary Democratic caucus to look to...Bernie? One of the three others? Probably the opportune time for Joe to come in and "save the day" for the establishment. I sure would have liked to see Larry Lessig in that debate tonight, though. STICK A FORK IN HILL, SHE'S DONE.
13.10.15 16:40 Ah, the penultimate mowing...when you hope like heck that your neighbors aren't noticing just how many leaves you've decided to mulch instead of pick up. (In my defense, the insane wind dealt with most of "my" leaves before I got home!)
13.10.15 16:36 
Porch sittin' weather
13.10.15 15:36 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
13.10.15 15:02 
Man, I like stupid music sometimes. (YouTube video: "My Morning Jacket - Compound Fracture (Giorgio Moroder & Roman Luth Remix / Visualizer)")
13.10.15 15:02 
RT @RollingStone: Hear Giorgio Moroder give My Morning Jacket's "Compound Fracture" a disco makeover
13.10.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.63 ▼0.25 (Range: 20.59 - 20.99)
13.10.15 14:24 
Listened to Orbital - New France
13.10.15 13:57 
Listened to Soul Motive - The Nightshift EP
13.10.15 13:27 Ooh, $34 flights to Philadelphia! Oh, wait, no way to come back? Never mind.
13.10.15 12:57 @tapemachines You should have used the hashtag, honey! Nobody else did!
13.10.15 12:04 @tapemachines UH OH
13.10.15 10:45 
13.10.15 08:01 I also am not wearing a bra today.
13.10.15 08:01 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: CHERRY #yogurtoftheday
13.10.15 07:46 
Listened to Roni Size / Reprazent - New Forms 2 on Spotify
13.10.15 07:44 @tapemachines You can't quit Popeyes Annie, honey
13.10.15 07:26 It looks like I'm supposed to go braless today! Fortunately, I completely forgot to put one on this morning, just like every other morning, so I'm covered. Well... not COVERED.
13.10.15 07:08 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
13.10.15 00:23 
I wish I could remember whether or not there was a call at 7am, and if there was, how important it was for me to actually be on it. (All my coworkers, who are smarter than I am, are already asleep and probably can't help me with this one.)
13.10.15 00:21 @grumpymartian Oooooooh
12.10.15 23:32 Long lap - "1.14 miles"
12.10.15 22:12 Oh good! I tuned into #MNF in time to see the RAPID ADVANCE commercial!
12.10.15 22:08 
12.10.15 22:02 
Seth Rollins didn't expect Demonkane? He's an idiot. EVERYONE expected Demonkane! #RAW
12.10.15 22:01 
Hey! Jack Swagger DID sneak out there! #RAW
12.10.15 21:49 
Isaac Yankem! Diesel II! The Freetarian! Wait, I think that last one was actually Sean Morley #RAW
12.10.15 21:24 
Heath Slater's not a lumberjack
Curtis Axel's not a lumberjack
Jack Swagger's not a lumberjack
David Otunga's not a lumberjack
12.10.15 21:23 
Quick! Which one's the face? #RAW
12.10.15 21:19 
12.10.15 21:02 
@D_V_D_V_R #RAW has a LOT of BS matches!
12.10.15 21:00 
Hey it's Brains Strewnabout #RAW
12.10.15 20:59 Counting this time, the hashtag #WildPepperTenderloins has been included in a whopping FIVE tweets, honey!
12.10.15 20:51 
RT @D_V_D_V_R: @CRZ it would also be 90% of G4's programming. - RevRay
12.10.15 20:50 
I suppose if it were 10 or 15 years ago, Xavier Woods would already co-host a G4 show with an animated character #RAW
12.10.15 20:23 
2015: Year of the Eye-based Attack #RAW
12.10.15 20:10 
Man I wish the Wolves game was on #RAW
12.10.15 20:06 
Cole just tried to use TMZ fluff as a hook to get you to stick around - I'm sure that'll work #RAW
12.10.15 20:05 
So, not Curtis Axel? #RAW
12.10.15 20:04 
"Allstate Arena" < "Rosemont Horizon" #RAW
12.10.15 20:01 
Payday's effect on #RAW > Mattel's effect on WWE
12.10.15 20:01 
Just think....without that sponsorship, we might never have seen Byron Saxton out amongst the people #RAW
12.10.15 19:56 
Wow, Roman cleans up real n--ot at all #RAW
12.10.15 19:54 
Geez, that looked brutal from both angles - I hope Brie knew how to fall #RAW
12.10.15 19:52 
Thank heaven for small favours? Sounds like Sasha has made the chanting smark contingent forget all about AJ #RAW
12.10.15 19:49 
@Twolves_PR Ooh, yes, PBS - let's make that catch on!
12.10.15 19:48 
Nikki and Naomi are just gonna fart around during all this downtime #RAW
12.10.15 19:43 
It seems like I should be excited about HiaC - why aren't I? #RAW
12.10.15 19:17 
Well at least we got a whopping 0:59 of "action" before succumbing to the siren song of the ad break #RAW #yaregresamos
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