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15.10.15 12:38 
#tbt By my senior year, the braces were finally off, the contact lenses were in, a massive tetracycline prescription was given to downgrade my terrible, terrible acne to just average acne, I got my first real job at Pizza Hut, caught mono and dropped to 110 pounds, so needless to say I took a lot of fabulous photos. Or at least I think I did. This was definitely not one of them; it looks like I just came in from PE (and may have!). Principal "Fles" was busy putting his mark all over the high school including this terrible refreshed logo. We got out just in time. 1988 (6th in a series of 6 - thanks for living through all six of these with me)
15.10.15 12:26 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: APPLE PIE #yogurtoftheday
15.10.15 12:24 I got my flu shot. Haven't died yet - will keep you p
15.10.15 08:56 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
15.10.15 00:04 
So many Favorites and Likes tonight! #LosLynx #TresLynx
14.10.15 23:18 
My stomach is STILL in knots, but they're slowly untying. My conversion to Minnesotan sports fan is complete, you know, when the Lynx can build a 20+ point lead and I STILL can't relax, or breathe regularly, worrying that somehow the rug might still get pulled out from under the entire Target Center. But they did it, and they did it so well. And they're all so cute. Thanks to Sam Mitchell for the latest pair of free tickets, and thanks to K la for taking the other one. Now I have to decide if I can work around Friday's parade or not, because that's the next chance I'll get to buy a championship hat and T-shirt, both of which they managed to sell out of two people in line ahead of me. I should have bought a cigar (haven't had one since the last Packers Super Bowl win, find photos here on Facebook!), but I didn't, so I guess I'll have twice as much kale or something.
14.10.15 22:35 RT @PerkatPlay: Rumor confirmed by Coach Reeve. Prince giving the team a private concert at 11:45 #LetsGoCrazy
14.10.15 22:26 
RT @DJMadMardigan: Even the Purple Yoda is in the building.

14.10.15 22:02 
Target Center to parking spot - "0.75 miles"
14.10.15 21:37 
#LosLynx #RoarAsOne #RoarWithUs #WNBAChamps #nofilter #hashtags @ Target Center
14.10.15 21:15 
THEY DID IT! #LOSLYNX RING NUMBER THREE! (#Lynx 69 - #fever 52) #RoarAsOne @ Target Center
14.10.15 20:44 
RT @Lynx_PR: Thank you to a franchise record 18,933 fans that came out for tonight's game!! #RoarAsOne #LosLynx
14.10.15 20:42 
IT'S HAPPENING (#LosLynx 48 - #fever 29, End 3rd)
14.10.15 20:08 
@CRZ Looks like they reviewed a 24 second violation, it's now Lynx 27-21! #LosLynx #RoarWithUs
14.10.15 20:02 
HALFTIME: #LosLynx 27 - #fever 23 #RoarWithUs @ Minnesota Lynx | WNBA Finals
14.10.15 18:27 
This Is It! @ Minnesota Lynx | WNBA Finals
14.10.15 18:25 
Stretchin' #LosLynx @ Target Center
14.10.15 18:16 @TynoMitey I guess I wasn't!
14.10.15 18:13 
 THIS IS OUR HOUSE - THIS IS IT - LET'S GO #LOSLYNX!! - Indiana Fever vs Minnesota Lynx - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
14.10.15 17:54 
Parking spot to Target Center - (not) "0.85 miles"
14.10.15 17:21 
Listened to Ben Klock - Essential Mix 2015-10-10
14.10.15 17:10 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
14.10.15 16:57 Someone left their glasses on my front steps
14.10.15 16:52 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
14.10.15 15:21 
Listened to Kraftwerk - The Mix
14.10.15 15:14 RT @pyry: This city needs protected spookways tbh

14.10.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.60 ▼0.03 (Range: 20.57 - 20.87)
14.10.15 14:05 
Listened to Tussle - Flicker 33.3 remixed by Hot Chip
14.10.15 13:58 
Listened to Tussle - Yume No Mori (Alexander Hacke Remix)
14.10.15 13:37 
Hey, this song's pretty good, I wonder what it's called--

"Cat Pirate?"

14.10.15 13:21 @Markysparkly Unless you're trolling me, in which case, d'oh
14.10.15 13:17 @Markysparkly At 02:00 we will fall back to a second 01:00 hour
14.10.15 13:12 Hot & Spicy Chicken
14.10.15 13:08 
Listned to Tussle - Tempest on Spotify
14.10.15 12:32 @Markysparkly It's an EXTRA hour!
14.10.15 12:14 
Listened to Tussle - Kling-Klang on Spotify
14.10.15 12:14 
Listened to Tussle - Windmill (Soft Pink Truth Disco Hijack) (there we go)
14.10.15 12:04 
Listened to Tussle & SPT - Windmill (soft pink truth remix) (but it wasn't really)
14.10.15 11:52 
Or maybe come down to the Target Center!! RT @WNBA: Watch the #WNBAFinals Game 5 tonight at 8pm/et on ESPN 2 or WatchESPN!
14.10.15 10:22 
Changed my profile photo
14.10.15 10:10 
14.10.15 09:45 
But seriously, let's get Lessig2016 in the debates too. Why not? He's certainly gotta be polling as well as Lincoln Chafee (Link to "Larry Lessig for President 2016")
14.10.15 09:14 
RT @Lynx_PR: Who is ready for Game 5 tonight at @TargetCenterMN?! 7 p.m. be there and wear white! #LosLynx #RoarAsOne
14.10.15 09:14 
RT @AlexKennedyNBA: LORENZO BROWN! (via @talkhoops)
14.10.15 09:13 
14.10.15 08:16 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
13.10.15 20:43 @webster "World Wide Webb"
13.10.15 20:11 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
13.10.15 19:41 
God help us if they pick a "viral" question tonight - OK, I'm done now - watching, no tweeting #DemDebate
13.10.15 19:39 
(sits back, waits)
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