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24.10.15 14:00 
RT @keselowski: Ok I'll admit it. With my bro leading I'm really pumped up and nervous

24.10.15 13:54 French Roast
24.10.15 12:49 
@Zo_Brown Good luck, Zo! Please stay on Twitter this time, would ya? :) #class
24.10.15 12:46 
RT @Zo_Brown: Thanks for the opportunity and love Twolves
24.10.15 02:40 Well, let me tell you a little bit about my three hours in the balcony of the Skyway Theatre. If Stefan were here, he'd say it had a little bit of everything - millennials, unattractive people dressed up as attractive people, very blonde Asians, people who will twirl LED-filled things very close to your face until the acid starts working (I guess?), people dancing with orange cones for some reason, people who will dance very close to your face because they're not paying attention, asses everywhere, open vaping, people asking me for a light because I'm most obviously a pot smoker (DISCLAIMER: never have - no, REALLY), but so much weed stank that I had to breathe through my nose filtered through my hair on several occasions. All that to sit through Illation and Redlight DJ sets! But Nero was pretty great and I was glad I went. I will PROBABLY be able to skip them the next time if there's a next time and if they cost as much. The woman with the hula hoop was pretty cute, too, actually. Time to wash my hair and drink scotch, probably not in that order. G'night, Aaron.
24.10.15 02:23 @guruzim Never heard of 'em
Hey remember how I drove 800 miles to see gusgus? You could probably drive 500 for that fest thing
24.10.15 02:22 @guruzim Looks like a good fest
24.10.15 02:06 @guruzim Sounds like someone already drunk for both of us!
24.10.15 02:05 @guruzim 1. Don't overromanticize all the weed and millennials I was surrounded by tonight - but I'm glad I went
2. SFO Thurs, Seattle Fri
24.10.15 01:55 
Listened to SOLA-MI - Trust Falling
24.10.15 01:51 
Listened to Naked Eyes - (What) in the Name of Love (Extended Version)
24.10.15 00:07 
This is @NERO
23.10.15 22:23 It is not, so we do not.
23.10.15 22:11 
You are spared at least 1 Instagram tonight as I follow my policy of generally not bothering to photograph, I know, you're welcome
23.10.15 22:03 @MN_Hoops Know that I feel awful for not having recognized you (and feel awful in advance because it is probably sure to happen again :) )
23.10.15 21:53 
 NERO - Skyway Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)
23.10.15 21:33 
WOLVES WIN! #twolves 112 - #bucks 108 @shabazzmuhammad15
23.10.15 21:11 
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS (16 & 10, 5:15 4th)
@KarlTowns #Iamalsoinpreseasonform
23.10.15 20:11 
HALFTIME: #twolves 56 - #bucks 53
23.10.15 18:48 
(I haven't been mayor of Target Center since 2010 - 4square/swarm is dying)
23.10.15 18:46 
WHOA! I just dethroned Judy as the Mayor of @targetcentermn on @Swarmapp! #twolves
23.10.15 18:45 
 AND WE'RE BACK! Let's go #Twolves - beat the #bucks! - Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Milwaukee Bucks - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
23.10.15 18:29 
Listened to Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay
23.10.15 18:29 
Hideo was shuffled between Mtume and Otis Redding today
23.10.15 18:26 
Listened to Birthday Suits - Table Talk
23.10.15 18:23 
Listened to Mtume - Juicy Fruit
23.10.15 18:18 
Listened to Nine Inch Nails - All the Pigs, All Lined Up
23.10.15 17:21 I had a bit of a nightmare last night - two things I remember from it: 1. I was trying to shine a smudge off of my phone when I suddenly learned it was a hairline crack that wasn't going to go away 2. Whatever app I was using to check my Twitter feed was constantly taking me to the newest tweet instead of keeping me at the last one I'd read, so I was constantly scrolling backwards to get back to that point, at which point it would jump forward again. I'm not sure what all this means, but that's only because I am rejecting the obvious signals this dream was conveying
23.10.15 17:07 
RT @NeroUK: Minneapolis tonight.

Pic by
23.10.15 17:03 Roast Chicken
23.10.15 16:56 
Listened to Nero - Act Like You Know
23.10.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.64 UNCH (Range: 20.37 - 20.92)
23.10.15 14:39 
Listened to assorted Nero
23.10.15 13:44 
Listened to Nero - Between II Worlds
23.10.15 12:42 
Listened to NERO - Welcome Reality
23.10.15 11:44 
Changed my profile photo
23.10.15 11:31 
23.10.15 10:38 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
23.10.15 10:31 
Listened to Charley Pride - Crystal Chandeliers
23.10.15 10:29 
Listened to The Headhunters - Mugic
23.10.15 10:25 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
23.10.15 10:23 
Listened to The Clash - Inoculated City
22.10.15 23:03 @zota It's a reverse Scooby-Doo is what it is
22.10.15 22:26 
Listened to Audio Bullys f/ Nancy Sinatra - Shot You Down
22.10.15 22:23 
Listened to Cappella - U Got 2 Know (3am Ultimate mix)
22.10.15 22:16 
Listened to Global Communication - Beta Phase
22.10.15 22:05 
Listened to Frankmusik - Unreachable (Demo)
22.10.15 19:38 
 Lee's Liquor Lounge (Minneapolis, MN)
22.10.15 18:45 
Listened to Anandji V. Shah, Kalyanji V. Shah - Kundan's Hideout
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