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14.12.15 13:11 
Well, the 91 I could find on USA Spotify.
(And a couple are not the mixes
@Mixmag listed.)
List and links also at (Mixmag Top 100 tunes of 2015)
14.12.15 13:11 
Well, the 91 I could find on USA Spotify.(And a couple are not...
14.12.15 12:55 
Listened to Claude VonStroke & Jesse Rose - Bare Mountain
14.12.15 12:11 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: CARAMEL #yogurtoftheday
14.12.15 11:48 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
14.12.15 11:40 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
14.12.15 07:17 
@The_W Oh dear
14.12.15 07:05 
@DublDownDrew OK whew
14.12.15 07:04 
I hope that doesn't say 4oz instead of 6oz?! (No wonder it's a GreatValue™!)
13.12.15 21:49 
Oh whew
13.12.15 21:46 
Can this match truly end before Reigns spears somebody? #WWETLC
13.12.15 21:45 
Where's Ambrose? #WWETLC
13.12.15 21:44 @tapemachine WHAT WILL IT TAAAAAAAKE
13.12.15 21:17 
I like how they used every Instagram filter on this package #WWETLC
13.12.15 21:02 
@tapemachines The true parody is how our crack technical director (on crack) AAA'd the spot
13.12.15 19:59 
WWE Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Buffering™
13.12.15 18:25  COOKIES! - Urban Growler Brewing Company (Saint Paul, MN)
13.12.15 18:09 
13.12.15 16:25 
I was pretty coy about my "secret" separation by this point (and I'm sure all those mentions of Kim and her family didn't help anything), but it was still a good day and it's still a good story. Resharing mostly because I'm sure Berni didn't read it last year, but maybe you didn't read it last year, either! I'll probably hit up New Hope next weekend - the Kmart is now the Hyvee, and I'm sure I'll go there too.
13.12.15 15:25 Earl Grey
13.12.15 08:00 
Turns out I'm way wetter than expected. #nocontext
13.12.15 06:50 Walked home - "4.08 miles"
13.12.15 01:40 
 I did it! - First Avenue & 7th St Entry (Minneapolis, MN)
13.12.15 01:10 Triple Rock to First Avenue - "2.15 miles"
13.12.15 00:04 
It is The Rope (@LCRTheRope /
(Triple Rock Social Club)
12.12.15 23:03 
It is Gloss (@glossband /
(Triple Rock Social Club)
12.12.15 22:43 
@hansen9j I don't have to look; I'm sure I already know
12.12.15 22:41 
@hansen9j @WWE_RefBrian @WWEBigE Is this how I'll be remembered?
12.12.15 22:06 
It is OAKS (
(Triple Rock Social Club)
12.12.15 22:02 @Markysparkly Triple Rock
12.12.15 21:27 
It is TEMPLE (
(Triple Rock Social Club)
12.12.15 21:10 @Markysparkly Coming to The Rope tonight?
12.12.15 20:52 
Yahoo! I just dethroned @pixieferg as the Mayor of @triplerockmpls on @Swarmapp!
12.12.15 20:51 
 It's a really big show - Rope and Gloss - Triple Rock Social Club (Minneapolis, MN)
12.12.15 20:18 To Triple Rock - "2.03 miles"
12.12.15 18:54 
 Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
12.12.15 18:07 
 My mission shall not be denied! - Kohl's (Roseville, MN)
12.12.15 17:53 
That thing where you drove to Kohl's only it's TJ Maxx and the Kohl's is back in Roseville where you just were
12.12.15 17:50  What the-- this isn't a Kohl's! - T.J. Maxx (Saint Paul, MN)
12.12.15 17:29 
 Precautionary measure - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
12.12.15 17:12 
In order to minimize Monday's snowfall, I'm now going to drive back to work to bring home my laptop. YOU'RE WELCOME (in advance)
12.12.15 16:03 
Dropped a dollar on the TEMPLE album. They're opening tonight at the big release show for The Rope at the Triple Rock. Also performing are Gloss and OAKS. Should be a good one! Expect four Instagrams to appear on CRZ's wall later.
12.12.15 15:58 
It's that thing where you go to Wicked Inquisition's Bandcamp page to buy all their music but you discover you'd already bought all their music seven months ago
12.12.15 15:49 RT @OakMinneapolis: Now a days in united state increasing obesity . It overtaken dead of US.
12.12.15 15:28 French Roast
12.12.15 15:17 
Listened to TEMPLE - s/t - get it on Bandcamp
12.12.15 08:08 
Still working on the - let's call this a soft opening...this post was appropriately scheduled for 08:08 CST. There's way too much 808 State I won't be sharing unless I sneak them in before the 1st. :)

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808 State
Pacific 0101
12.12.15 02:00 I need one more Like for The KZiM Archives to hit 25 "fans" (so I can get a swanky FB URL). Anybody awake reading this who hasn't already had me beg for their Like?

(Don't worry, I'll invite the rest of you closer to the end of the year)
11.12.15 23:08 From Whole Music Club. without unlocked buildings to walk through - "1.59 miles"
11.12.15 22:08 
It is @Nightosaur (
(University of Minnesota - Coffman Memorial Union)
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