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17.12.15 18:10 
Well, I wasn't...but I am NOW RT @therealfredo: For those wondering about Star Wars inspired luchador gimmicks, late '70s - early 80's tag team Los Robots R2 & C3.
17.12.15 18:08 No, I don't have a Star Wars: TFA ticket. I'm sure I'll get good and spoilered before hitting a 4am showing next week. (They're showing it at 4am SOMEWHERE, right? Toys "R" Us isn't open 24 hours this year, I gotta do SOMETHING then to keep up tradition!)
17.12.15 17:37 
Listened to James Brown - The Man In The Glass
17.12.15 17:31 
Listened to Nirvana - Smells Like a Teen Spirit
17.12.15 17:00 Video - When people ask me, "Chris, have you ACCOMPLISHED anything?" and I say "well, I just finished listening to all 100 of Mixmag's Top 100 tunes of 2015" and they say "well, that's not much of an accomplishment" and I say "well, this is a fictitious conversation anyway so shove it" and they say "what's the point of this fictitious conversation, then?" and I say "Their pick for #1...I guess it WAS pretty good. I just wanted a different way of mentioning that after a couple of hours of using my writing talents on emails only three people would read." And THEY say "Exactly how many people d'you suppose will read this status?" And I think about it and I stop having fictitious conversations and go find something with caffeine in it. But yeah, this was all right, and perhaps even aight. Go Like The KZiM Archives for me; I'll be back in the 1980s in 15 days!
17.12.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.16 ▼0.31 (Range: 20.15 - 20.58)
17.12.15 14:35 Better example of what happens when I like a jobber GIF from...
17.12.15 12:50 
 Forgot to do this earlier (0830) - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
17.12.15 11:05 
17.12.15 10:52 
Continued listening to Spotify playlist "Mixmag Top 100 tunes of 2015"
17.12.15 10:32 
Listened to Lindstrøm & Grace Hall - Home Tonight on Spotify
17.12.15 10:26 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: APPLE PIE #yogurtoftheday
17.12.15 09:47 
Well, here's a switch-em-up - this isn't even a sexy lady! But his profile picture still turns up on a variety of Google+ accounts and even a LinkedIn account (where the named account holder starts with Dr. - VERY impressive) - here's "Rowland Conwell"
17.12.15 08:28 
Listened to Hiroshima - Another Place
17.12.15 08:25 
Listened to Britney Spears - Piece Of Me (Friscia & Lamboy Club)
17.12.15 04:23 
My favourite one so far from the bottom third of Mixmag's Top 100 of the year. When a mix doesn't REALLY kick in until six minutes have gone by, you can bet we'll be interested in it.

Lindstrøm & Grace Hall
Home Tonight (Extended Version)
16.12.15 21:50 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
16.12.15 21:02 
GORGUI DIENG: 3 (12 & 10, 0:05.9 4th)
16.12.15 20:58 
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: 11 (22 & 10, 0:14.7 4th)
16.12.15 20:38 
RICKY RUBIO: 3 (10R & 10A, 5:28 4th)
16.12.15 20:36 
16.12.15 19:42 
What a fun game to watch!* (#twolves 40 - #knicks 60 Half)

16.12.15 18:36 
Listened to Supertramp - Another Man's Woman (Live)
16.12.15 18:28 
Listened to Williams Fairey Band - Voodoo Ray (Live)
16.12.15 18:19 OK, I clicked on it. Here's my 2015 Year in Review, after I took out all of Facebook's suggestions and replaced them with more photos of me not by myself! Tagging (in order of appearance): Christopher Robin Zimmerman as CRZ and sometimes as Chris Z, along with Marcus, Andrea, Aaron, Gary, Allison, K la, Krista, Howard Jones and Berni as themselves, as far as I know them.

See (but more importantly EDIT) yours at
16.12.15 15:18 
@Kyle_Ratke Yeah, @Todd_Barin!
16.12.15 15:03 
I dunno, Facebook...this seems like a bad idea
16.12.15 15:02 I am obligated to post any story which quotes me, even if my quotes...could have been better.
16.12.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.47 ▲0.29 (Range: 20.17 - 20.52)
16.12.15 14:58 @CRZ But I don't know my from my
16.12.15 14:56 
I speak in soundbites
@MinnesotaMunn: @TargetCtrEats nice work @CRZ
16.12.15 14:52 
@tapemachines Thanks!
16.12.15 14:51 
@tapemachines I'm at work - what's the #uhoh count?
16.12.15 12:41 
16.12.15 12:39 @LouRaguse That's not a dilemma - most of "everyone" are wrong; they only need to legislate with the folks who are correct :)
16.12.15 11:49 
Started listening to my Spotify playlist: "Mixmag Top 100 tunes of 2015"
16.12.15 11:37 
After creating her Facebook profile just 45 minutes ago, the FIRST thing she did was ask to be MY Friend! Her photos are also on several Google+ accounts with names appropriate to BOTH genders! Here's "Jessica Kyia"
16.12.15 10:10 I'm not your mom, but please drive a little more slowly and carefully this morning - I already had to navigate around a car in my exit lane on 35W that had done a 180 and was facing me looking pretty gnarly. Spinouts are WAY too easy in slush like this, especially before the plows are out.
16.12.15 10:04 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
16.12.15 09:42 
Listened to Tiga - Overtime
16.12.15 09:36 
Listened to ronnie robbins - Contagious
16.12.15 08:36 
 Company breakfast - Keys Cafe & Bakery (Roseville, MN)
16.12.15 08:28 
Listened to John Shuttleworth - Y Reg
16.12.15 08:26 
Listened to Sylvester - Lovin' Is Really My Game
16.12.15 08:19 
Listened to The J.B.'s - Pass The Peas
15.12.15 23:54 
My iPod shuffled up TWO Christmas songs today! How did it KNOW it was December? Unfortunately, wrestling fans, this was the second one. Remember when this was a thing? (YouTube: Gillian Hall - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas)
15.12.15 22:29 
Listened to Jillian Hall - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
15.12.15 22:26 
Listened to I Start Counting - Cranley Gardens
15.12.15 22:08 
Ah, sale Triscuits - my one true weakness
(Cub Foods)
15.12.15 21:54   Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
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