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13.1.16 12:18 
Wait. It took SIX people to write that rassling listicle? Holy cow!
13.1.16 12:12 
Deb made some double coffee - I'm frightened
13.1.16 12:03 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
13.1.16 11:44 
Listened to Biting Tongues - Surrender
13.1.16 11:23 
Ah, I do love me a long jam. One of the prime directives of KZiM is "anything over 7 minutes is probably worth it" and this definitely qualifies. Biting Tongues were Graham Massey's pre-808 State band juuuuuuust before he discovered acid house. This song's original runtime also happened to be 8:08, but I couldn't tell you if that was intentional. Graham probably could. We should ask him some time.

Biting Tongues
13.1.16 11:19 
If lastfm didn't accept my scrobble, did I really listen to that track?
13.1.16 11:00 
Listened to Nero - Into the Night (Remixes) on Spotify
13.1.16 10:50 
Listened to David Bowie - Little Wonder - Junior Vasquez Club Mix
13.1.16 10:47 
13.1.16 10:25 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
13.1.16 09:22 
Well it took a lot of calls and transfers but I THINK I got my bids in on the #Wolves Broadcast Auction!
13.1.16 02:22 
Here's - this CAN'T be anybody's name ANYWHERE - "Semedor Bright"
12.1.16 22:13 
Oh...I just dethroned @ms_mulr_mpls as the Mayor of @varsitytheater on @Swarmapp! Sorry.
12.1.16 22:10 
 sigh - Varsity Theater & Cafe des Artistes (Minneapolis, MN)
12.1.16 21:26 
Wolves...shouldn't give up 14-0 runs (#thunder 101 - #twolves 96)
(Target Center)
12.1.16 21:24 
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: 18 (12 & 10, 0:02.5 4th)
@KarlTowns #NBAVote
12.1.16 21:07 
OK, I'm awake. (#thunder 89 - #twolves 85[+1?], 3:25 4th)
12.1.16 20:03 
HALFTIME: #twolves 48 - #thunder 60
(Target Center)
12.1.16 18:23 
 LET'S THROW BACK! - Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Oklahoma City Thunder - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
12.1.16 18:01 
Walked to Target Center (and forgot to set the app for the walk back later) - "0.54 miles"
12.1.16 17:59 
 Parking Spot 12037 (Minneapolis, MN)
12.1.16 17:20 
Trending: David Bowie.
You keep posting them,
I'll keep posting them.
(Although this is very tangential...I'm almost never not above filling my own niche)
(YouTube: Fame 90 (Queen Latifah's Rap Version))
12.1.16 17:05 
Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
12.1.16 16:16 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Bowiemixes"
12.1.16 15:30 
Karl-Anthony Towns #NBAVote
12.1.16 15:30 RT @dhm: I talked to the inventor of Bowie Bonds. He is a Penn graduate, of course.
12.1.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.65 ▲0.29 (Range: 20.33 - 20.77)
12.1.16 14:15 Lime Flavor With Shrimp
12.1.16 12:24 
12.1.16 12:02 
Listened to K-la's playlist "David Bowie (k-la's faves)" on Spotify
12.1.16 11:59 
Listened to Phoenix - 1901
12.1.16 10:23 
Is it a smooth week? Perhaps it is. Funny thing, back in the day this was more of a breakdance jam. There are many find versions out there, but I had to show you this one because I LOVE his dance move. Not "moves" - move. I do hope it's one that works without a keytar because I need to incorporate it into my life yesterday.

Paul Hardcastle
King Tut
12.1.16 10:16 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: LEFT ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER (I really gotta work on that) #yogurtoftheday
12.1.16 10:00 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
12.1.16 02:33 
Insomnia, as expected.
Post another one.
Like (Trending:) David Bowie, I demand a better future.
(It would almost have to better just by default, wouldn't it?)
((As this is an AIR remix, I'm thinking a little bit of Andrea))
(((Good night, Facebook (take two))))
(YouTube: David Bowie - A Better Future (Remix by AIR))
12.1.16 02:07 @EllieAsksWhy Googling for stuff I remembered reading in 1997 (this wasn't it)
11.1.16 21:08 
"That could be all she wrote (but we're still going to take a 3½ minute ad break AS #RAW ROLLS ON)!"
11.1.16 20:43 
This is gonna be pretty cool (I hope)....a "stitched together" Super Bowl I has been synthesized over at NFL Films and it will air Friday on NFLN. SPOILER ALERT: Green Bay beats the Chiefs.
11.1.16 20:41 
Dudz v. non-Brayz Thursday in a Tables Match - but that's 2 vs. 3; is Dreamer already gone? #RAW
11.1.16 20:39 
Nobody at WWE knows that "s/o" means "shout out" (and, probably what "shout out" means) #RAW
11.1.16 20:39 
Well, they had to slip in a "Vigilante" and one squawk...but it's WWE, what can you do
11.1.16 20:27 
Whoa, hold on, guys - the champs were just pinned in a nontitle match!!! #RAW
11.1.16 20:26 
@DJDanielson But this was an IMPROMPTU match! #kayfabe
11.1.16 20:17 
Tonight's "one match per half hour" pace isn't helping matters #RAW
11.1.16 20:13 Thanks, guys - when I'm wide awake at 03:30 I'll remember my unfortunate nap
11.1.16 20:09 
I fell asleep. How I slept through all that shouting is a mystery. #RAW
11.1.16 19:06 
Cole drops "23rd Anniversary" of RAW #1 as if WWE wouldn't have tried to get over "24th Anniversary"
11.1.16 19:05 
Oh, it's MISTER McMahon on the left and STEPHANIE McMahon on the right - thanks, I'm a first-time viewer you see #RAW
11.1.16 19:04 
All right, #RAW, help me forget for three hours
(Stephanie's music plays during recap)
Aw, c'mon...don't help me forget by SUCKING
11.1.16 18:22 
Every 1/11 I'm obligated to share my smart mark #rspw recap of WWF "Monday Night #RAW" Episode 1 - now 23 years old:
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