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17.1.16 17:04 
Skyway from Target Center really confused the GPS - "1.16 miles"
17.1.16 16:59 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#twolves 117 - #suns 87
"We can still make the playoffs" -
(Target Center)
17.1.16 16:53 
Everybody's scored for the #twolves except Garnett (117 - #suns 83, 0:35.9 4th)
17.1.16 16:48 
17.1.16 16:40 
17.1.16 16:22 
They've got us right where they want us (#twolves 83 - #suns 69, Start 4th)
17.1.16 15:46 
Look, I LOVE being a #twolves STM but this is some Idiocracy-type ish here
17.1.16 15:41 RT @paper_sleeves: The King of the Freaks has passed. #RIPBlowfly
17.1.16 15:40 
HALFTIME: #twolves 58 - #suns 48
(Target Center)
17.1.16 14:33 
RT @JerryZgoda: Wolves have lost 9 consecutive games and 21 of 25. Suns have lost 13 of 14 and 9 straight on the road. What gives today?
17.1.16 14:16 
 LET'S GO TIMBRRRRRRRRRWOLVES! - Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
17.1.16 14:00 
Skyway to Target Center - "0.53 miles"
17.1.16 10:23 
I guess it's a house weekend! Here's an acid classic and again, there wasn't much that sounded like it before OR since. Gerald Simpson was also an early member of - you guess it - 808 State.

A Guy Called Gerald
Voodoo Ray
17.1.16 03:17 
It's now so cold out that I either have to use the upstairs toilet or test flush before using the downstairs toilet. That's a little extra information just for you.
17.1.16 02:34 
One man dance party
17.1.16 02:32 
Listened to Paris Angeles - Filter De Luxe
17.1.16 02:25 
Listened to Spandau Ballet - Communcation (Club Mix)
17.1.16 02:19 
Listened to Pretty Poison - Catch Me (I'm Falling) (Original Mix)
17.1.16 02:12 
Listened to Pretty Poison - Catch Me (I'm Falling) (Still Falling (Dub))
17.1.16 02:06 
Listened to Pretty Poison - Catch Me (I'm Falling) (Dance Mix)
17.1.16 01:59 
Listened to Roberta Kelly - I'm Sagittarius
17.1.16 01:55 
Listened to Roberta Kelly - Funky Stardust
17.1.16 01:50 
Listened to Roberta Kelly - Drifter
17.1.16 01:49 
Listened to Tracey Dean - Boy on the Ball
17.1.16 01:47 
Listened to Roberta Kelly - Love Power
17.1.16 01:46 
BONUS: I'm listening to this 45 RIGHT NOW! Somebody's trying to sell a similar one over on Discogs for $75 - it ain't worth it. What I mean to say is there's a reason Pete Bellotte moved quickly from singing to "producing," and this is it.

Tracey Dean
Boy on the Ball
17.1.16 01:37 
Listened to Tracey Dean - Moonshiner
17.1.16 01:33 
Listened to Vanity Fare - Take It, Shake It, Break My Heart
17.1.16 01:30 
Listened to Vanity Fare - Down Home
17.1.16 01:22 
Listened to Luther Vandross - Stop to Love (Special 12" Remix)
17.1.16 01:18 
Listened to Giorgio Moroder - Sally Don't You Cry
17.1.16 01:15 
Listened to Giorgio Moroder - Hilly Billy Man (Arizona Man)
17.1.16 00:56 
Listened to James Brown - You've Changed
17.1.16 00:53 
Listened to James Brown - The Scratch
17.1.16 00:12 
It is Seibold the Terrible (@hatedept /
16.1.16 23:25 
It is Apocalypse Theatre (Apox)
16.1.16 22:54 
 Sorry I'm late - Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
16.1.16 22:54 
Joined in progress, it is The Trapezoids (
16.1.16 22:46 
Listened to Information Society - On the Oustide 2.1
16.1.16 22:35 
Well, Fitzgerald me running
16.1.16 22:34 
Overtime...I think I'm gonna miss all my shows tonight. I'm definitely gonna miss The Trapezoids again; they're probably playing right now.
16.1.16 22:26 
16.1.16 22:12 
He did WHAT? #GoPackGo
16.1.16 22:02 
@thecubsfan P..........lenty of time?
16.1.16 21:40 
16.1.16 16:35 
So back on the first day of the State Fair, Chris and his wife delivered me a bouquet of Canadian Lay's, which I managed to not eat for - wow, going on 5 months. Given that they all had October freshness dates, that's probably not the best snack management on my part, so yesterday I tried these - with a SEPTEMBER freshness date - to see if they were still edible or if I'd die. They were still edible and I didn't die, so expect some long-delayed Lay's Canada contest chip reviews coming soon to this suicidal network. SOCIAL network. (Damn, autocorrect! Eating unfresh chips is NOT a cry for help!) (Cc: James)
16.1.16 13:59 French Roast
16.1.16 13:26 
Listened to sloslylove - Can't Get Enough
16.1.16 07:23 
I get a little lazy on the weekends. Here's a track that helped define house music for me AND the world, although there's really been nothing like it before or since. It's a track I don't think I could ever get tired of hearing.

Rhythim is Rhythim
Strings of Life
16.1.16 05:46 FINAL UPDATE: OK, finally finished with the movie's deleted scenes (all 90 minutes of them) so I am officially DONE with "Twin Peaks" until Showtime has new episodes for us in 2017(?).

My next marathon has GOTTA be less creepy... for the well-being of my own psyche, if for no other reason. Don't get me wrong, though; I'm glad I did it and, for me, it was long overdue. Still....maybe not the best choice for a Christmas marathon. ;-)
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