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18.1.16 11:01 
Listened to Bad Idea - This Is...Bad Idea - buy it at Bandcamp
18.1.16 10:31 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
18.1.16 07:23 
It's Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the USA, so I thought I'd select a song sampling him...but I didn't want one most of you had heard of, either, so I went with this ZTT classic, which I hadn't even heard of until I bought one of their "Art of the 12 inch" retrospectacles a year or two back which included this version. Yes, it's a cover. We love strange covers. Happy Monday! We'll have a bonus track coming up a little later.

Mint Juleps
Every Kinda People (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
18.1.16 06:36 
TFW you know you're not falling back asleep and also that you work at a company that does not include MLKJ Day on the list of company holidays
18.1.16 06:18 

Howard Jones: This is a video of Howard Jones performing 'City Song' . The song originally appeared on the 'In The Running' album. This video is from the bonus DVD which is included in the special book edition of 'Engage'. The film is of the 30th Anniversary concert at the indig02 in London and features Jonathan Atkinson on Drums and Robin Boult on guitar.
18.1.16 04:17 
RIP Frankie Knuckles, one year ago today.
18.1.16 04:15 RT @essentialmix: Happy Birthday, #FrankieKnuckles.

We love you, we miss you.
17.1.16 22:51 
17.1.16 18:45 
Wolves' win got me feeling SO good I bought - and will now eat - supermarket sushi
17.1.16 18:29 @Zo_Brown Good seeing you on the floor at the Target Center again!
17.1.16 18:27 
@TheOldLogo Say! Would you like my Wolves/Bulls ticket the night before the Super Bowl?
17.1.16 18:25 
@kwatt Prime time exposure in Europe (seriously!)
17.1.16 18:24 
RT @KSTP: WATCH: Fire produces heavy flames, smoke at abandoned warehouse in Mpls.
17.1.16 18:17 French Roast
17.1.16 17:35 
 Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
17.1.16 17:04 
Skyway from Target Center really confused the GPS - "1.16 miles"
17.1.16 16:59 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#twolves 117 - #suns 87
"We can still make the playoffs" -
(Target Center)
17.1.16 16:53 
Everybody's scored for the #twolves except Garnett (117 - #suns 83, 0:35.9 4th)
17.1.16 16:48 
17.1.16 16:40 
17.1.16 16:22 
They've got us right where they want us (#twolves 83 - #suns 69, Start 4th)
17.1.16 15:46 
Look, I LOVE being a #twolves STM but this is some Idiocracy-type ish here
17.1.16 15:41 RT @paper_sleeves: The King of the Freaks has passed. #RIPBlowfly
17.1.16 15:40 
HALFTIME: #twolves 58 - #suns 48
(Target Center)
17.1.16 14:33 
RT @JerryZgoda: Wolves have lost 9 consecutive games and 21 of 25. Suns have lost 13 of 14 and 9 straight on the road. What gives today?
17.1.16 14:16 
 LET'S GO TIMBRRRRRRRRRWOLVES! - Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Phoenix Suns - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
17.1.16 14:00 
Skyway to Target Center - "0.53 miles"
17.1.16 10:23 
I guess it's a house weekend! Here's an acid classic and again, there wasn't much that sounded like it before OR since. Gerald Simpson was also an early member of - you guess it - 808 State.

A Guy Called Gerald
Voodoo Ray
17.1.16 03:17 
It's now so cold out that I either have to use the upstairs toilet or test flush before using the downstairs toilet. That's a little extra information just for you.
17.1.16 02:34 
One man dance party
17.1.16 02:32 
Listened to Paris Angeles - Filter De Luxe
17.1.16 02:25 
Listened to Spandau Ballet - Communcation (Club Mix)
17.1.16 02:19 
Listened to Pretty Poison - Catch Me (I'm Falling) (Original Mix)
17.1.16 02:12 
Listened to Pretty Poison - Catch Me (I'm Falling) (Still Falling (Dub))
17.1.16 02:06 
Listened to Pretty Poison - Catch Me (I'm Falling) (Dance Mix)
17.1.16 01:59 
Listened to Roberta Kelly - I'm Sagittarius
17.1.16 01:55 
Listened to Roberta Kelly - Funky Stardust
17.1.16 01:50 
Listened to Roberta Kelly - Drifter
17.1.16 01:49 
Listened to Tracey Dean - Boy on the Ball
17.1.16 01:47 
Listened to Roberta Kelly - Love Power
17.1.16 01:46 
BONUS: I'm listening to this 45 RIGHT NOW! Somebody's trying to sell a similar one over on Discogs for $75 - it ain't worth it. What I mean to say is there's a reason Pete Bellotte moved quickly from singing to "producing," and this is it.

Tracey Dean
Boy on the Ball
17.1.16 01:37 
Listened to Tracey Dean - Moonshiner
17.1.16 01:33 
Listened to Vanity Fare - Take It, Shake It, Break My Heart
17.1.16 01:30 
Listened to Vanity Fare - Down Home
17.1.16 01:22 
Listened to Luther Vandross - Stop to Love (Special 12" Remix)
17.1.16 01:18 
Listened to Giorgio Moroder - Sally Don't You Cry
17.1.16 01:15 
Listened to Giorgio Moroder - Hilly Billy Man (Arizona Man)
17.1.16 00:56 
Listened to James Brown - You've Changed
17.1.16 00:53 
Listened to James Brown - The Scratch
17.1.16 00:12 
It is Seibold the Terrible (@hatedept /
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