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22.1.16 13:13 Tried to optimize some of the slower queries that generate this page - hopefully this page (AND The W) render much faster with the reduced overhead - I should probably stop coding at a third grade level someday
22.1.16 12:46 
22.1.16 11:09 
Listened to Norrie Morse - Across The Board 2016-01-22
22.1.16 10:47 
22.1.16 10:26 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
22.1.16 10:24 
Listened to Beatles Remixers Group - She Loves You
22.1.16 10:21 
Listened to Diana Ross - Upside Down
22.1.16 10:18 
Listened to Jamyang - Oliver Said
22.1.16 10:14 
Listened to BT - The Force of Gravity (Bt's Edit)
22.1.16 10:11 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
22.1.16 10:08 
Listened to Kitten Forever - Witch Hunt
22.1.16 08:23 We waited for The Orb's "Cydonia" so long that there were eventually three different versions and the third one is the one that went on sale. The "1.0" version of what was eventually called "A Mile Long Lump of Lard" was the greatest, heaviest thing I'd heard and it's sad that it got some neutering before the CD version was finally released in 2001. I know this track was on YouTube before, but it only lives on via this probably highly questionably legal MP3 site in Vietnam. THE INTERNET! I hope you'll click through and find that it was worth it. Have a good weekend!

The Orb
Mile Long Lump of Lard ("Cydonia 1" version)
22.1.16 01:04 
22.1.16 00:45 
Listened to James Brown - Blind Man Can See It (Extended)
22.1.16 00:37 
Listened to Big Audio Dynamite - Bad
21.1.16 23:19 @Markysparkly hahaha
21.1.16 23:01 @Markysparkly Tonight I tried my first ever plank because I read this tweet. I am pretty sure I did it wrong
21.1.16 22:12 
Back once again! I just dethroned Nick as the Mayor of @grumpysne on @Swarmapp!
21.1.16 22:11 
 Yes, I would sing "The Heat Is On" for a drink ticket - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
21.1.16 22:08 @PPPRNews Mine isn't, suspect nobody's is out. Check their website for sure. I already left the house hoping they'll be done when I'm back
21.1.16 21:59 
Listened to Alex Alicea - Alex Alicea - Straight For You (Ft. Sarah T.)
21.1.16 21:03 Judging by the amount of noise outside, it must have been a real gas leak after all (Cc: @PPPRNews)
21.1.16 17:02 
Listened to Aphex Twin - Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
21.1.16 16:59 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
21.1.16 16:55 
Listened to GusGus - Desire (Jason Bentley remix)
21.1.16 16:50 
Listened to Giorgio Moroder vs. Jam & Spoon - The Chase (Jam & Spoon Radio Mix)
21.1.16 16:21 36th Annual Razzie Nominations
21.1.16 15:49 
Listened to K-X-P - III, Pt. 1 on Spotify
21.1.16 15:19 Video - UPDATE: I couldn't stop thinking about this. Why do we even HAVE two microwaves in such close proximity? Anyway, I may have OCD.
21.1.16 15:07 
Listened to K-X-P - II
21.1.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.98 ▲0.16 (Range: 18.79 - 19.12)
21.1.16 14:47 
Listened to K-X-P - Easy
21.1.16 14:03 
Listened to K-X-P - s/t
21.1.16 13:59 
Listened to The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Fear Of Dawn Remix)
21.1.16 13:54 
With @mslanei on holiday, it fell to me to try to create a look worthy of FANCY FRIDAY (or as we here in the States like to call it..."Thursday") Unfortunately I awoke at 8:27 for an 8:30 call, so actually creating that look was a bit more spontaneous than I intended. But honestly...if I had actually TRIED, I probably would not have done any better. Miss you LV!
21.1.16 13:22 Video - I tried to synchronize the microwaves
21.1.16 12:22 
@NeroUK I love the latest album, I love the previous album, I love all the singles, I love the remixes, I love love love love love love love
21.1.16 11:54 This is work today - I'm critiquing the spurious comma in this Internet graphic
21.1.16 11:48 
Listened to NERO - Between II Worlds
21.1.16 11:44 
There's not enough coffee in the world today
21.1.16 10:23 
I don't have a story for this one...I just like it. I hope you like it too! (That's actually the story for ALL of these, but I usually try to bring a little to that breakdown! Isn't it cool?)

Basement Jaxx
Jus 1 Kiss
21.1.16 09:23 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: APPLE PIE #yogurtoftheday
21.1.16 08:48 
 SHIT - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
21.1.16 08:46 
Listened to Kraftwerk - Prologue
21.1.16 08:45 
Listened to James Brown - The Spank (12" version)
21.1.16 08:39 
Listened to Thelma Houston - Don't Know Why I Love You
21.1.16 03:38 
Listened to Cassetteboy - 10$ Sting
21.1.16 03:37 
Listened to ABC - 15 Storey Halo
21.1.16 01:03 
 Out my mind - Clubhouse Jäger (Minneapolis, MN)
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