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1.2.16 07:23 
Extended out one more day but this is our last scheduled local track for a while. Here's Hideo and Matthew with my favourite track off their latest CD. Catch these guys live every chance you can!

Happy Monday!

Birthday Suits
Golden Weeks
1.2.16 02:21 topics of interest: January 2016
31.1.16 23:21 
 Mortimer's (Minneapolis, MN)
31.1.16 21:48 
GORGUI DIENG: 6 (13 & 10, 0:35.0 3rd)
31.1.16 21:46 
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: 25 (16 & 10, 2:04 3rd)
31.1.16 19:05 
Played DVD "James Brown: Live at Montreaux 1981"
31.1.16 16:55 Played DVD "Gil Scott-Heron & Amnesia Express - New Morning: The Paris Concert"
31.1.16 16:46 
Listened to Frank Stallone - Far From Over (Extended Club Re-Mix)
31.1.16 15:21 
 Need a box cutter...for cutting boxes, yeah - Menards (Minneapolis, MN)
31.1.16 15:19 
Shorts weather! Man, I wish I'd worn shorts. But I had to open the moon roof, at least. (43°)
31.1.16 14:35 Wish us luck! - IKEA Twin Cities (Bloomington, MN)
31.1.16 14:13  Tomodachi (Bloomington, MN)
31.1.16 13:57  Best Buy (Bloomington, MN)
31.1.16 13:54  Is this a good Idea - Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)
31.1.16 12:57 Gearing up for one more IKEA trip.
It'll probably be more crowded than it was Thursday afternoon.
Sure hope the box fits in my car somehow!
31.1.16 11:18 
Listened to Thelma Houston - You Used To Hold Me So Tight (12" Version)
31.1.16 11:08 This was a good story. I should write more.

(Like this, I mean. I write plenty... but it's usually not like this.)
31.1.16 11:05 
Listened to Sharpe & Numan - Change Your Mind
31.1.16 10:57 
Listened to Tomas Andersson - Washing Up (Tiga Remix)
31.1.16 10:50 
Listened to Eurythmics - Here Comes That Sinking Feeling
31.1.16 10:45 
Listened to Eurythmics - Would I Lie To You? (Extended Mix)
31.1.16 10:39 
Listened to Arp Aubert - Audiomoebeln
31.1.16 10:35 
Listened to Arp Aubert - Albatros
31.1.16 10:30 
Listened to Arp Aubert - Actress
31.1.16 10:25 
Sadly, by the time I checked Facebook only three hours after her request, "Mary Joanet" had already ceased to exist
31.1.16 09:23 
Here's Tracy from Still Pacific's new project - and we're hungry for more!

31.1.16 01:54 It's the burrito hour
31.1.16 01:22 1am is a real "too late to ___ / too early to ___" situation, innit
31.1.16 00:27 @dream_salad Godspeed
30.1.16 23:23 
It is Babes in Toyland - sorry, I meant to say @Nightosaur
(Grumpy's Bar & Grill)
30.1.16 23:12 Mobile Facebook's "in the past" feature is dangerously more robust than the website's "On This Day" nonsense, we have learned
30.1.16 22:28 
It is Black Sam Malone
(Grumpy's Bar & Grill)
30.1.16 22:05 
 Last Saturday of the Nightosaur residency - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
30.1.16 21:01 
Here's a progress check on my current Kallax adventures. I don't think I've ever sweat this much in a Minnesota January as I have the past 24 hours. Looking at what's left to organize...I think I may need to make one more IKEA trip as I've figured out two more good places in this room for storage. Also, does anybody need a million boxes? Honestly I'd keep at it tonight but I have a date with Nightosaur.
30.1.16 14:31 
30.1.16 13:50 
How my vinyl still sounds this good on the crappiest of turntables after being ignored almost 12 years is nothing short of miraculous #KZiM
30.1.16 13:46 
Back to work, after one more...

30.1.16 13:43 
Listened to Howard Jones - Hide & Seek (long version)
30.1.16 13:30 
Listened to Keiichi Suzuki - Satellite Serenade (Saturday Mix) With Japanese It's All Right Song
30.1.16 13:18 
Listened to Keiichi Suzuki - Satellite Serenade (Transasianexpress Mix)
30.1.16 13:09 
Listened to Ed "Too-Tall" Jones - Can't Stand the Heat
30.1.16 13:06 
It took something like 33⅓ years for this one to even be opened for the first time...we'll see if that was long enough to make it any good. (time passes) Oh....well. (Attn: Chuck Tomlinson)
30.1.16 13:04 
Listened to Ed "Too-Tall" Jones - Let's Make Tonight Our Night
30.1.16 12:51 
Listened to Pete Townshend - Face The Face (Long Version)
30.1.16 12:49 Peet's Holiday Blend
30.1.16 12:44 
Listened to Junior - Mama Used To Say (English Party Mix)
30.1.16 12:36 
Listened to Junior - Mama Used To Say
30.1.16 11:23 
Nightosaur has actually been down at Grumpy's with a residency every Saturday in January. It's been a good month. They claim that aside from longtime members Andy & John, I've been to the most Nightosaur concerts, which is something for my tombstone. This one's from their first album and is a good example of their early super heavy sound. They're up to three albums (and down to three performers) but still heavy.

Spare Swords
30.1.16 07:03 Video - Holee crap, it's 7. I've spent like nine hours on IKEA assemblage and record unpackage. Honestly tonight's been like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one. Sadly, I'm nowhere close to done (so you don't get a photo just yet) but I think I better sleep and work on this whenever I wake up again. G'night Facebook
30.1.16 06:55 
Listened to Aquanote - True Love (Speakeasy Vocal)
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