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29.2.16 22:33 
By special request, this was my phone call from Kirk Cameron (video of my answering machine)
29.2.16 22:14 
RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 36 days since @TripleH won the @WWE World Heavyweight Championship. #RAW
29.2.16 22:02 
Earlier tonight, we implied that WWE would have one more night of Black History Month stuff. They did not. We regret the error. #RAW
29.2.16 22:01 @MickLenny He's on Twitter if you like Los Angeles news
29.2.16 21:47 
Does Popeyes think Lent is over or something? #RAWads
29.2.16 21:40 
Between her bandana-pattern-inspired tights and only one working shoe light, not Naomi's best look #RAW
29.2.16 21:38 
29.2.16 21:33 
If I may, tonight Renee looks hotter than the woman wearing the LISTEN UP SLAP NUTZ T-shirt #RAW
29.2.16 21:31 Third KARE account unfollowed - a boffo night for their social media strategy
29.2.16 21:29 LOCAL NEWS UPDATE: Unfollowed a second KARE personality tonight - anybody else want to hype that story? You've still got 30 minutes!
29.2.16 21:22 In local news: KARE has now hyped their 10PM Sweeps "investigation" crooked cop story with, like, a hundred tweets - I will not be watching
29.2.16 21:13 
Word count for Take's promo: 36
...making him my favourite McMahon tonight
29.2.16 20:31 
Say, bookers..maybe if you hadn't already had Miz win a short match tonight, Ryback's equally short match might make more of an impact?
29.2.16 20:28 
29.2.16 20:27 @tapemachines #asquishedfishpattyonabun
29.2.16 20:23 
29.2.16 20:21 @D_V_D_V_R Olé!
29.2.16 20:17 
I never thought I'd say this, but Sheamus' beard looked better with the beads and the braids #RAW
29.2.16 20:13 
READY FOR ACTION: The US Champ and his tag team partner
29.2.16 20:12 
RT @crz_ebooks: Somehow we made it through that without a CM Punk chant...progress?
29.2.16 20:11 
THIS JUST IN: GFW announces new signing
29.2.16 20:08 
Aw, hell, I can't compete with you RT @tapemachines: DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE LISTEN UP SLAP NUTZ SHIRT????
29.2.16 20:08 
Whoa! I've never been so attracted to a woman in a wrestling crowd than I find myself to that blonde in the LISTEN UP SLAP NUTS shirt #RAW
29.2.16 20:04 
Top of Hour 1: Paul
Top of Hour 2: Steph
Top of Hour 3: Vince (proj.)
Crowd chant: "This is wrestling"
CRZ: Still too old for this shit
29.2.16 19:54 
Holy crap they managed to cram even MORE camera cuts into this Let Us Take You Back...and also CGI'd out all of Shane's sweat
29.2.16 19:46 
Wow, what a baffling finish
I love it!
29.2.16 19:43 
29.2.16 19:26 
Is ANYBODY expecting a clean victory for either of these ladies tonight?
29.2.16 19:26 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
29.2.16 19:21 
How fitting that on this, the final day of Black History Month, we get appearances from both of WWE's blackest characters: Take + Vince
29.2.16 19:19 
Boy, they're really gonna pop an....overrun...I guess #RAW
29.2.16 19:14 
Discouraging sign: Crowd already resorting to chants in (vain?) attempt to entertain themselves #RAW
29.2.16 19:11 
Considering WWE won't have another chance at a Leap Day show until 2044, you'd hope they'd try a little harder than a HHH promo opener #RAW
29.2.16 18:58 
ALSO TONIGHT: rare 5th February Monday means WWE has worked overtime to find more black people to create inspirational quote bumpers around!
29.2.16 18:56 
Well, Twitter, tonight you 'n' me are going to try to answer the question:
Which takes longer: the
#Oscars, or a live #RAW?
29.2.16 18:09 
You REALLY want to go with the full-on crazy this cycle? Caucus for McAfee on Super Tuesday.
29.2.16 16:57 
Listened to NERO - Between II Worlds
29.2.16 16:34 RIP George Kennedy
29.2.16 15:17 
29.2.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.31 ▼0.13 (Range: 19.18 - 19.48)
29.2.16 12:50 
 Walmart Supercenter (Roseville, MN)
29.2.16 12:41 
 U.S. Post Office (Roseville, MN)
29.2.16 12:22 36th Annual Razzie winners
29.2.16 11:23 
RT @Timberwolves: PEEP the selfie game.
29.2.16 11:22 
@jkalyn RT @Timberwolves: Getting ready to spread some smiles at @childrensmn with @WolvesCrunch and @PEEPSBrand this morning! #WolvesCare
29.2.16 11:03 
29.2.16 10:55 
Happy Leap Day! - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
29.2.16 09:23 
It's COVERS WEEK here at KZiM! First up is Atom Heart's lb project which produced several fine covers in the same unusual style. I like this one the least, this week I like this one the most. Check out the entire "Pop Artificielle" album some time.

Happy (Leap) Monday!

Jealous Guy (Poeme Syncope)
29.2.16 09:09 
They're coming fast and disappearing even faster - before I woke up, "Tinna Mattews" was already gone
29.2.16 02:11 Take a flying leap!
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