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19.3.16 16:43 
This almost certainly is a fundraising email
19.3.16 16:14 @grumpymartian Oh I guess I shouldn't call Aaron until later, then-- hey, it's not ME there, is it? I better check
19.3.16 15:35 Coconut coffee
19.3.16 14:45 Holiday Grogg
19.3.16 14:38 Today I learned that I'd spend more on The Cure tickets than I'd spend on Paul McCartney tickets, so maybe I'm NOT as old as I thought I was. (That said, remember me in May when you find you have an extra Paul McCartney ticket you need to sell)
19.3.16 13:48 @timlogue OMG! This better make it to @MySuperAmerica ! RT @timlogue: @CRZ !!!
19.3.16 11:42 
It's my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday, Aaron! I love you! I bet this is not the selection you were expecting!

The Farm
Groovy Train
19.3.16 06:37 
Well, what better way to wrap up an eventful night than with one more Friend request. I appreciate the use of lots of photos because it makes it easier to identify the stolen identity (in this case, Daniela Lanio) and including the photo of the dog was certainly a nice touch. High marks all around for your nice try - well, except for the use of "Canada" as a city. Better luck next time, "Eve Swift"
19.3.16 04:46 I'm glad I saw it, but it was....kinda boring? (watched "Pee-Wee's Big Holiday")
19.3.16 02:31 
Listened to Art of Noise - Hands Off Love
19.3.16 02:02 Decaf French Roast
18.3.16 20:55 
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: 40 (29 & 10, 8:22 4th)
18.3.16 20:13 
Added 3 more profiles to my album "Fake People Who Friend Me on Facebook"
18.3.16 19:00 
18.3.16 18:05 
Listened to Erasure - Sweet, Sweet Baby
18.3.16 18:02 
 IT'S SNOWING - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
18.3.16 18:00 
Listened to Electric Chairs - Barbie Girl - Original
18.3.16 17:58 
Listened to Sly & The Family Stone - Livin' While I'm Livin'
18.3.16 17:55 
Listened to Shirley Jean & The Relations - People Make The World A Better Place
18.3.16 17:55 
Listened to Leonard Nimoy - Where Is Love
18.3.16 16:59 
Listened to Hall & Oates - Don't Hold Back Your Love
18.3.16 16:41 
I couldn't get the Facebook Messenger hoops game to work so now I guess I'll just find some work to do
18.3.16 16:36 
Listened to Supermax - Lovemachine (Gusgus Remix)
18.3.16 15:40 
Listened to Void Vision - Sub Rosa on Spotify
18.3.16 15:23 
Another all-time favourite extension for an extended Friday. Happy weekend!

Love Conquers All (Extended Version)
18.3.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.60 ▼0.13 (Range: 18.58 - 18.84)
18.3.16 14:25 
Listened to Nero - Welcome Reality
18.3.16 14:11 
Today and tomorrow are "bring your own cup" days at @7eleven, also known as "CRZ cries because he lives in a @slurpee-free state"
18.3.16 13:11 
 I did not - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
18.3.16 13:11 
TGIC - wait, did I check in?
18.3.16 12:45 
Listened to Art of Noise - Reconstructed...for Your Listening Pleasure on Spotify
18.3.16 12:34 
RT @WolvesCMO: Final Mpls city council vote for TC Renovation passes! Big thanks to all that have worked towards this day over past 5yrs. #twolves #loslynx
18.3.16 12:32 
RT @Twolves_PR: #Twolves could be officially eliminated from the playoffs tonight with a loss and a Dallas win.
18.3.16 12:28 @HackmanRSPW Don't you remember how cheap I am? It was a $4.79 Walmart shirt!
18.3.16 12:26 I really need to work right now but Kris we should probably try this later (TechCrunch: Facebook sneaked a seriously addictive basketball game into Messenger)
18.3.16 11:51 
Hey, it's Janessa Brazil again...oh, no, wait, this time it's "Comfort Martey"
18.3.16 11:36 
Listened to Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression on Spotify
18.3.16 11:30 
18.3.16 10:23 
Listened to Kraftwerk - Morgenspaziergang
18.3.16 10:19 
Listened to Art of Noise - Promenade 1
18.3.16 10:18 
Listened to SMD - Cliktrak
18.3.16 10:17 
Listened to Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock
18.3.16 10:14 
Listened to Judy Clay & William Bell - Private Number
18.3.16 02:35 It occurs to me a little too late that this may have been the first SPD in over 20 years that didn't see me putting corned beef and cabbage in a crock pot.
18.3.16 02:14 
Listened to Pytch Records Vol. 1 Mixtape
18.3.16 02:08 A great night - thanks pytchrecords! (PS Sorry I've already rubbed of last of your logo)
18.3.16 02:08 
A great night - thanks @pytchrecords! (PS Sorry I've already rubbed of last of your logo)
18.3.16 01:03 
Listened to Rei Harakami - Remain
18.3.16 01:02 It is @sloslylove ( @ Kitty Cat Klub (video)
18.3.16 00:50 
Tonight's DJ has been @KeithMillions
(Kitty Cat Klub)
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