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19.4.16 09:03 
I can't post this link on Allison's wall but she probably has all this stuff anyway but who else could I have thought of? (Telekom Electronic Beats: "Listen to Hours of Coil Classics and Rarities")
19.4.16 08:39 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: PEACH (GREEK) #yogurtoftheday
19.4.16 07:46 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
19.4.16 07:37 
 Quickie - Walmart Supercenter (Roseville, MN)
19.4.16 01:30 
I have enjoyed this ad every time I've seen it, so now I'm making you enjoy it! ("Adult Swim: Bob's Burgers Opera Ad")
19.4.16 00:38 
Stupid Kings
18.4.16 23:39 
Very tough to pick between the Sharks and the Warriors tonight. You can take the boy out of Silicon Valley but you can never take him off Pacific time.
18.4.16 21:55 
18.4.16 21:51 
Anybody got an "uh oh" count on this match so far? #RAW
18.4.16 21:39 Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha #thunder #mavericks
18.4.16 21:31 
Radio. (shared Swedish Egil's post: "KROQ DJs")
18.4.16 21:02 
All these entrances are like somebody keeps hitting SKIP on their favourite online streaming service #RAW
18.4.16 20:19 
Who's the large black fellow with Natty? He looks familiar. #FiniShit
18.4.16 20:00 
Sure hope he tries to get that line over again. OH YES HE'S SAYING IT #RAW
18.4.16 19:27 @Markysparkly What do you think? I had one on Tuesday and...can't remember a thing about it, to be honest
18.4.16 19:25 
Cole gotta stop saying "live" #RAW
18.4.16 19:04 
I love James Cordens' parents WAY more than James Corden #RAW
18.4.16 19:01 
Figures that I'm finally live and #RAW isn't
18.4.16 17:41 
Listened to Human League - Secrets
18.4.16 16:26 
Listened to !!! - Bend Over Beethoven
18.4.16 15:24 
Listened to Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Blow Your Head (undubbed)
18.4.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.11 ▲0.07 (Range: 17.94 - 18.19)
18.4.16 14:38 RT @CityPagesStreet: Retweet to win 2 tix to @bobmould at @FirstAvenue this Friday w/ #TheSuicidecommandos & #Furythings #Retweet2win https…
18.4.16 14:37 
Listened to Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Damn Right I Am Somebody on Spotify
18.4.16 14:23 
Here in America, now more than ever. I hope you got a refund. Have a great weekend!

Fred Wesley & The JB's
I'm Payin' Taxes, What Am I Buyin'
18.4.16 12:29 
18.4.16 11:11 
18.4.16 10:50 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
18.4.16 10:43 
IT'S BACK IT'S BACK @MountainDew #PitchBlack
18.4.16 10:38 
 Need yogurt - Walmart Supercenter (Roseville, MN)
17.4.16 23:23 Life is pretty much wall-to-wall awfulness punctuated by occasional sublimity
(Please attribute this sunshine to
@CRZ when you repeat it)
17.4.16 22:59 
'twas a goodun
17.4.16 20:56 
Come to the Roseville library Wednesday night (or one of the other four days)!
17.4.16 14:07 
Changed my profile photo
17.4.16 13:40 You can come sit on my porch if you can't figure out anything to do but still want to go outside - in fact you have a standing invite to do this any day, but preferably on days when I'm home so the neighbors don't look at you as funny
17.4.16 13:36 @dhm Big-time approval of the accordion reply technique you're employing - so much so I don't want to reply to a photo and muck it up
17.4.16 13:18 French Roast
17.4.16 06:23 
...and here's the second.

John Oates & Daryl Hall
Possession Obsession
17.4.16 01:06 
I bought a lot of records today, but you know what else I bought? A JESUS
17.4.16 01:04 
I finally got my disco nap in so let's catch up with a photo or two. I'd love to say I got a tan today but this was all garden dirt and my legs are as white as they were before (except the backs, which I managed to burn - ouch)
16.4.16 21:40 
 Pickin' up and takin' out! - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 21:03 
Staying in. I'm gonna order 50% off Papa Johns and be pretty unapologetic about it. Let me know if you wanna come over and eat pizza....or watch me eat pizza. They're both super options!
16.4.16 18:07 
On the left, the 808 State Record Store Day reissue of the "Pacific" 12" single which embodies everything I despise about RSD and RSD people and my own terrible hyprocisy coming out of my own purchase of it at Cheapo - but gosh it's pretty isn't it? On the right, 14 disco things I bought at Electric Fetus. I'll bet you can guess which cost me less.
16.4.16 16:40 
 Last one for me I think - Electric Fetus (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 16:09 
 Happy Foursquare Day! - Cheapo Records (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 15:51 
 Happy Record Store Day! - Treehouse Records (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 15:21 
 One Reuben sammich, hold the Krista - Common Roots Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 14:17 
Look, if you have a relationship with Jesus, do you REALLY need to Friend ME? Profile photo is stolen from Connie Talbot's Instagram - I have to admit I didn't know who Connie Talbot was until now. But, hee haw, here's "Ellie May"
16.4.16 14:08 tbh I wasn't as think as you drunk I was last night
16.4.16 12:42 
 Time for one beer - Surly Brewing Company (Minneapolis, MN)
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