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24.5.16 12:58 
Listened to Giorgio - From Here to Eternity on Spotify
24.5.16 12:48 
All right, which one of you clowns is getting scrips using my semi-secret Google Voice number
24.5.16 12:25 
Listened to Giorgio - Knights in White Satin on Spotify
24.5.16 11:35 
Listened to Shooter Jennings - Countach (for Giorgio) on Spotify
24.5.16 11:35 
HOW DID I NOT KNOW SHOOTER JENNINGS RELEASED A @giorgiomoroder TRIBUTE?! RT @stereogum: Watch @ShooterJennings ultra-'80s video for "Love Kills" from his @giorgiomoroder tribute
24.5.16 10:19 
24.5.16 10:07 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
24.5.16 09:23 
It's Chemical Brothers Week!

Chemical Brothers
Life Is Sweet
24.5.16 00:12 
 OK I'm here so what - The Saloon (Minneapolis, MN)
23.5.16 21:51 
Sharks won, guys #RAW
23.5.16 19:56 
23.5.16 19:51 
I would give A MILLION DOLLARS to the first WWE performer on this show to deliberately not say "one thousand two hundred" #RAW
23.5.16 19:46 Whoa! It's the 25th Anniversary of MARS FM! (
23.5.16 19:18 
TONIGHT: We play Shane McMahon's music on a loop for all three hours!
23.5.16 19:02 
23.5.16 18:28 
Listened to The Colourist - We Won't Go Home
23.5.16 17:53 Maybe BeyoncĂ© won't start until the Sharks game is over
23.5.16 17:17 
Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
23.5.16 16:09 
Listened to gusgus - Mexico
23.5.16 15:22 
Listened to The Awful Truth - Tap Tap (Live on Radio K)
23.5.16 15:06 @leaningcowboy YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH
23.5.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 16.92 UNCH (Range: 16.83 - 17.14)
23.5.16 14:51 
Listened to The Awful Truth - Lakewater
23.5.16 14:20 
Listened to The Rope - Waters Rising
23.5.16 13:21 Pratt Silent Auction 2016 (
23.5.16 12:28 @mrstephencole Yes, no, good luck
23.5.16 12:27 @mrstephencole Literally months go by without a submission, so it's not MUCH of an option :)
23.5.16 12:18 
23.5.16 12:15 @Markysparkly Oh! Well, I can't. I have enough problems on my own. I still think we should compare notes some night.
23.5.16 12:13 @Markysparkly I thought that might be what you were looking for :)
23.5.16 12:11 @Markysparkly Well actually, Marcus, it's spelled "mansplain" and
23.5.16 11:00 
23.5.16 10:32 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
23.5.16 08:23 
Hey how about a CHEMICAL BROTHERS week? Ooooh yeah. It's gonna be a good week. Happy Monday - and PUSH THE BUTTON

Chemical Brothers featuring Q-Tip
22.5.16 23:19 
 Chergosky Park (Minneapolis, MN)
22.5.16 23:16 
Is that Mars guys?
(The one on the right that's not the moon)
22.5.16 22:04 
Good show, but Shane and Steph didn't kiss, so
22.5.16 20:59 
What was REALLY shocking was The Official™ didn't put on his nitrile gloves - OH THERE WE GO #ExtremeRules #ExtremeinAirQuotes
22.5.16 20:55 
When I can't make out the hashtag WWE has invited me to use on social media, I believe I can complain about the stream quality #ExtremeRules
22.5.16 20:54 
I mean, they haven't even set off the fire extinguisher yet, unless I missed it during one of the many WWE Network rebuffering ad breaks
22.5.16 20:39 
If this match doesn't bring @Steve_Blackman back to Twitter, there's no hope #ExtremeRules
22.5.16 20:39 
RT @ryderfakin: Y2J / Ambrose / Mop...Hyatte is somewhere taking credit for this
22.5.16 20:34 
But is the Ambrose/Jericho feud more over than the JBL/Saxton one? #UHOH #ExtremeRules
22.5.16 20:13 
No matter where WWE goes, their crowd is in capable of correctly counting full rotations on the Giant Swing #ExtremeRules
22.5.16 19:08 
Who had "eight minutes in" in the pool for first JBL spouting Roman Reigns talking points? #ExtremeRules
22.5.16 19:07 
As I watch Luke Gallows here...ya think when Luke Harper returns he'll have a new first name...or NO first name? #ExtremeRules
22.5.16 18:53 
@thecubsfan Tout's final tout
22.5.16 18:51 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
22.5.16 18:45 
@lavidajudoka Do titles EVER change hands in this company? Doesn't feel like it. I'd guess IC title has the best chance of moving tonight.
22.5.16 18:12 
How many things are drawn on Renee's wrists? #ExtremeRules #ExtremeInk
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