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13.6.16 16:05 
Listened to Dirt Bag Acid Crew - Why Did I Have The Bowl?
13.6.16 16:00 
13.6.16 15:16 @davegatchell KITT
13.6.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.21 ▲0.91 (Range: 17.35 - 18.58)
13.6.16 14:10 
13.6.16 13:54 
Changed my profile photo
13.6.16 13:53 
Office T's (and chins) - a continuing series
13.6.16 11:34 
Listened to DJ SLT with Jeremy Be - Across The Board 2016-06-10
13.6.16 11:21 
13.6.16 11:18 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
13.6.16 11:09 
Stupid trains - Walmart Supercenter (Roseville, MN)
13.6.16 10:46 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
13.6.16 08:23 
Back in the 1980s when I was obsessed with The Time, I picked up the Ta Mara & The Seen album based solely on the fact that it was produced by Jesse Johnson. I was NOT disappointed. I don't think this one was a single, but let's face it...even the singles weren't REALLY well known. Happy Monday!

Ta Mara & The Seen
Got To Have You
13.6.16 01:25 Video - It's a birthday present from Gera! I feel like the Japanese ones are somehow even further removed from English than the Americanized ones!
12.6.16 22:53 
 with dave - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
12.6.16 21:47 
It's over.
12.6.16 19:09 
 Ooh yeah - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
12.6.16 18:39 OK, switching back to narcissism mode.

I walked, like, half a marathon yesterday - I think I will survive having Papa Johns with hockey tonight
12.6.16 16:11 Sorry guys, all my silly fun from last night feels a lot more selfish and a lot less meaningful after waking up to a timeline full of mass shooting and political nonsense
12.6.16 15:23 
Ha ha! I just wanted to see if you were paying attention

Serge Gainsbourg
Love on the Beat
12.6.16 10:23 
Hmm, this isn't an 80s track. I'll have to give you another one later.

Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot
Bonnie et Clyde
12.6.16 06:50 
OK, if you'll please indulge me, just ONE more story before I pass out. You probably didn't see it on my timeline but while I was hanging out at the Convention Center's Northern Spark site prior to working my shifts at Mill City, I happened to check On This Day, and On This Day, as it is wont to do, brought up a long post I wrote a year ago about my friend Andy after learning that he'd died. I shared it, adding "I'm really glad I am volunteering for the arts today, I'm really glad I have a working bike that I'm riding [he was a fanatical cyclist], I miss Andy, and I'm thinking about [his sister] Renee." So while walking between sites, at one of the intersections, I saw a watch in two pieces and picked it up - the pieces went back together easily and I was astonished to discover that (a) it had Pikachu on it and (b) it was still running and keeping perfect time. It might be a kid's watch - it BARELY fit around my other wrist and used one of the very last holes to latch closed, but it DID fit. Now you can either believe it was an astonishing coincidence that a lightly used analog Pokémon watch would appear on my path or that Andy heard me thinking about him and put it there. If you know me, you know I don't really believe in coincidences. I guess I'm going back to "why do you wear two watches?" for a while...although nobody asked me that tonight - and I even forgot I was wearing it until well after the sun came back up and I was walking home from the train station...when I took this photo - 6.29, just like the watch said, just like the timestamp on the photo. G'night everybody. G'night Tequila weirdo.
12.6.16 06:23 
Just in time! I just dethroned @sjurrens03 as the Mayor of @metrotransitmn on @Swarmapp!
12.6.16 06:22 
 Prospect Park LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
12.6.16 05:59 
 Government Plaza LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
12.6.16 05:45 
Finally caught up with him just before catching my train but I was too tired and caffinated for a proper selfie - oh well, maybe next year we'll have to wear the same shirts
12.6.16 05:05 Movie Theatre in the Ruins, very lightly attended this late #nspk16 @ Mill City Museum
12.6.16 03:57 I'm temporarily manning The Drawing Project; here's what's been handed to me so far #nspk16 @…
12.6.16 03:23 Climate changed #nspk16 @ Mill City Museum
12.6.16 02:50 "20%!c(MISSING)hance of rain?
20%!c(MISSING)hance of MY ASS"
- Jim Ross, probably
12.6.16 02:40 
 Well...under it - Stone Arch Bridge (Minneapolis, MN)
12.6.16 01:53 I'm patrolling the "Chicago Mall" (translation: I'm kinda walking anywhere I want) and still have a million programs to hand out #nspk16
12.6.16 01:51 @dream_salad Wow, how many times must I have unwittingly walked right by you tonight
12.6.16 01:49 @d_feldman no
12.6.16 00:45 
 Mill City Museum (Minneapolis, MN)
11.6.16 23:23 
 #nspk16 - Guthrie Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
11.6.16 23:02 Big bubbles #nspk16 @ Mill Ruins Park
11.6.16 22:49 
 Mill Ruins Park (Minneapolis, MN)
11.6.16 22:48 
 Northern Spark (Minneapolis, MN)
11.6.16 21:32 
Howling at the moon
11.6.16 20:44 
Moose & Wolf #nspk16 @ Minneapolis Convention Center
11.6.16 20:38 
#nspk16 - Minneapolis Convention Center (Minneapolis, MN)
11.6.16 20:28 
 Government Plaza LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
11.6.16 20:11 
Back once again - Prospect Park LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
11.6.16 19:49 
Ooh, I just dethroned Stephen as the Mayor of SuperAmerica on @Swarmapp!
11.6.16 19:49 
 SuperAmerica (Minneapolis, MN)
11.6.16 17:37 
Back and forth we go...I just dethroned @ofthegirl_ as the Mayor of @clubjager on @Swarmapp!
11.6.16 17:37 
 Ooh, conditioned air! I better not get used to it. Hey DJ - Clubhouse Jäger (Minneapolis, MN)
11.6.16 15:47 Oh, England. #ENG
11.6.16 14:48 Decaf
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