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18.7.16 10:35 
.@Gavinduenas Good morning!
It ain't 1999, baby.
LATER: which yogurt I'm eating...
@Gavinduenas @CRZ you might be the dullest poster on all of Twitter. I preferred it when you used to talk about Raymond Stereo. Can you do that again?
7.5.16 12:07 
RT @dhm: “Dave Meltzer… tells me that at most there are 200 people making a living wrestling.”
13.4.16 00:53 
I can't deal with this y'all RT @WONF4W: Balls Mahoney passes away at just 44 years old:
11.4.16 12:01 
• Not a promoted tweet I expected to see
• Terrible timing, "live" show long over
• "0AM" unintentionally hilarious
1.4.16 14:19 
Ridiculous; show is over 48 hours from starting.
Why not post your WrestleMania 33 live results while you're at it? RT
@WONF4W: WWE WrestleMania 32 live results: HHH vs Roman Reigns, Undertaker vs Shane McMahon
28.3.16 15:26 
@massdistraction I would be shocked to learn you were EVER hooked into Wrestling Twitter
28.3.16 15:23 
I am now so far removed from Wrestling Twitter I don't even know what everybody's so unhappy about
25.3.16 14:02 
@thecubsfan Magic 8 ball but with DaMeltz
20.3.16 14:44 
This may sound ironic and hypocritical, but I've unfollowed Meltzer because his signal:noise ratio was not adding value to my twitstream
17.3.16 17:52 
Oh, wow, an even BETTER #tbt - via Scott Christ, this is a GIF from ECW Double Tables at the famous Arena on Swanson St. in Philadelphia, PA. I'm down in the lower right corner, way too close to Ian and Axl Rotten's blood (yellow shirt/Sacramento Kings cap/mullet). February 4, 1995.
15.3.16 11:18 
@tapemachines I keep a screen shot handy for just this purpose:
15.3.16 11:16 
@tapemachines Did you see me at Double Tables?????
8.3.16 12:35 
@RobKennedy70 Probably something about us old grizzled real-Internet vets always bashing fake-Internet AOL at every opportunity
1.3.16 13:28 
@KevinMarshall Man why didn't Rolling Stone have a wrestling beat back then? Can we ALSO blame that on 9/11?
29.2.16 20:11 
THIS JUST IN: GFW announces new signing
23.2.16 10:32 
@lavidajudoka Very kind, thanks! Did Shano bring you back?
23.2.16 10:31 
RT @lavidajudoka: @CRZ Watched RAW for 1st time in well over a decade. Back in the 90s I loved your wrestling recaps. Good 2 see you're still alive.
1.2.16 18:11 
@thecubsfan CLICKbait... more like DICKbait, am I right?
26.1.16 11:12 
They managed to misspell "consistency" two different ways in the same sentence. Bravo!
18.1.16 13:12 
@HackmanRSPW Why you say "was" ohhhhhh (RIP "Iron" Mike Sharpe)
13.1.16 12:24 
@dhm ONLY 3,000 words?! Why in my day
13.1.16 12:18 
Wait. It took SIX people to write that rassling listicle? Holy cow!
11.1.16 18:22 
Every 1/11 I'm obligated to share my smart mark #rspw recap of WWF "Monday Night #RAW" Episode 1 - now 23 years old:
7.1.16 11:09 
@tapemachines Any doubt that the TNAPOP viewership level was set as a ceiling and not a floor?
4.1.16 01:52 
Man it's gonna suck barreling through 500 #WK10 tweets when I wake up
17.12.15 18:10 
Well, I wasn't...but I am NOW RT @therealfredo: For those wondering about Star Wars inspired luchador gimmicks, late '70s - early 80's tag team Los Robots R2 & C3.
15.12.15 15:36 

tape, I'm getting a little scared to heart stuff...
15.12.15 15:33 

Well, I suppose I might
12.12.15 22:43 
@hansen9j I don't have to look; I'm sure I already know
7.12.15 16:03 
@tapemachines [burn] wrestling
7.12.15 12:38 
@WOW_Wrestling You forgot to "[ INSERT: .gif of Poison and Ice Cold double suplexing Paradise: ]"
2.12.15 14:22 
@luchablog Whoa
29.11.15 16:42 
@HaveTilFive @HeelWillMahoney Looks like he beat Jannetty 12/27/93 by cheating (cradle + Pierre), lost a rematch 1/31/94 by Rocker Dropper
29.11.15 16:28 
@HeelWillMahoney It was just for 1 taping around Survivor Series coinciding w/ Lawler suspension/girl trouble (so Michaels suspension ended)
29.11.15 16:09 
@HeelWillMahoney "Reo Rodgers" did, like one Michaels vignette, 1-2 weeks of Superstars commentary & the one Michaels interview segment IIRC
13.11.15 22:30 
8.11.15 20:29 
RT @D_V_D_V_R: WELCOME TO DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW 173 - (The fully loaded version) #DVDVR173
12.10.15 12:43 
@luchablog Can't tell if serious or sarcastic - let me watch it a couple more times
4.10.15 19:53 
RT @tapemachines: @CRZ Sadly no Head Cheese reunion
4.10.15 19:49 
Steve Blackman show up at the TNA PPV yet?
21.9.15 15:58 
The Internet is awesome, and so are we! RT @ironlungryan: @CRZ wow. I used to read your site all the time 15 years ago. Great to randomly see you while looking at Anthony Bennett mentions.
18.9.15 23:31 
Might have hit 12,000 live viewers on the YouTube stream for Sombra's unmasking #CMLL82
18.9.15 23:20 
I gotta say, Atlantis still brings the goods...even at a spry 82 years young #CMLL82
18.9.15 23:07 
@hansen9j @thecubsfan I certainly didn't!
18.9.15 23:04 
The CMLL YouTube stream has passed 10,000 live viewers #CMLL82
18.9.15 21:13 
Oh, wait, it's on YouTube? OK, I'll give CMLL a look.
18.9.15 21:11 
@HackmanRSPW Hi!
17.9.15 17:19 
Also in this cafe: a member of the nWo B-team I can't quickly identify @ Barrio Cafe at the Phoenix International Airport
1.9.15 22:59 
I know what shirt to wear tomorrow! Thanks, Timehop!
31.8.15 13:07 
Interesting placement, Wob
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