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9.8.16 14:39 
I Voted
9.8.16 14:37 
Too late for coffee, I've already napped
9.8.16 14:30 
Listened to NERO - Between II Worlds
9.8.16 14:07 RT @jtimberlake: JC's 40th... And, if you don't know now you know...
9.8.16 13:52 
9.8.16 13:50 
Listened to Shooter Jennings - Countach (for Giorgio)
9.8.16 13:06 Me and a crate of records will be out in public on Saturday.
If you're local, get over there, you yokel.
9.8.16 13:05 GUYS nobody else was available so I am DJing the TURF CLUB TUNES ‘N TOONS BRUNCH this Saturday with The Incredible Mason Butler!
It's ALMOST at a time you can make (10 to 3 but we're done at 2 I think)!
I WILL play "Def Con One" at some point during the day unless Mason beats me too it!
I WILL drink a Bloody Mary and eat....what do people eat at brunch? Eggs?
I WILL eat eggs!
I WILL invite you to this later (when the day drinking at work has worn off)!
It's the CLOSEST I'll ever get to spinning at First Avenue!
BUT if you just RSVP NOW you can save us both some embarrassment!
9.8.16 10:55 Pizza Hut dishwasher/cook/cashier
Basketball statistician
Help Desk consultant
Professional wrestling recapper
Drive-time talk radio host
President of the United States
9.8.16 10:39 
9.8.16 10:39 
Here's me and Gregg Iverson running for mayor of Minneapolis back in 2013.
We both look better these days!
9.8.16 10:35 I think I can reveal that I did vote for my close personal friend (and once opponent) Gregg Iverson today. Keith Ellison is probably safe.
9.8.16 10:17 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
9.8.16 10:12  I voted! - Pratt Elementary School (Saint Paul, MN)
9.8.16 09:23 
Another song which went through multiple iterations, and probably the one you heard first was the one you thought was the best. Hmmm, we're kind of turning into a freestyle week...

WOW this is a very "eighties" video

Pretty Poison
Catch Me (I'm Falling)
9.8.16 01:51 
Caught #1000 with Allison tonight!
9.8.16 01:38 
Before taking Allison on a pokéwalk (found a Magmar as promised, and a Psyduck for a bonus!), I was introduced to the real-life "catch 'em all" quest of looking for dolls in the clearance toys section of Target for future flipping - which turned out to be a little less random and a little more exciting, not to mention accompanied by a lot less bug bites. I was ready to take a very amusing photo of Allison carrying an armful/pyramid of merchandise to share with you but you'll just have to imagine it instead - trade secrets and all that.
8.8.16 23:34  Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
8.8.16 23:11  Target (Saint Paul, MN)
8.8.16 23:06 
Listened to Jamie Jones - Essential Mix 2016-08-06 Part 1
8.8.16 21:05 
 Target (Minneapolis, MN)
8.8.16 20:25  Target (Richfield, MN)
8.8.16 20:14 
Listened to Carl Cox - Essential Mix 2016-08-05
8.8.16 19:11 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
8.8.16 17:10 @mrstephencole Yes, will bring it back to working condition, but currently no timetable for when I will/can get to it.
8.8.16 15:11 
Hooray! I just dethroned Jen as the Mayor of @veritastechllc on @Swarmapp!
8.8.16 15:10 
 Picking up new badge! - Veritas (Roseville, MN) (Building 2)
8.8.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 21.78 ▼0.10 (Range: 21.67 - 22.14)
8.8.16 14:55 New Blu-ray/DVD/digital titles coming out 8/2/16 (186)
8.8.16 14:55 New Blu-ray/DVD/digital titles coming out 8/9/16 (153)
8.8.16 13:42 
Listened to DJ SLT - Across The Board 2016-08-05
8.8.16 12:18 
8.8.16 10:51 
I'm Pepper. I'm a little bit shy but life wouldn't be the same without me. I'd usually be found having a quiet night in or hiding in the pickling pot!

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8.8.16 10:30 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
8.8.16 10:27 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
8.8.16 08:08 
Oh, right, it's also 808 DAY. Take it away, Egypt!

The Egyptian Lover
The 808
8.8.16 07:23 
I was always tickled by the original version still having a male (guide?) vocal buried in there, especially during the "by YOUR siiiiiiide" bit. "Hmm, wonder which one of the three ladies on the album cover was the bass..." They later rerecorded it and it was much less fun. Hopefully I have linked you to the version I wanted you to hear. Happy Monday!

The Point of No Return
8.8.16 01:41 
Added 4 new photos to the album "I am also a Pokémon Go addict"
7.8.16 22:28 
 Where's Dave? - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
7.8.16 21:10 
7.8.16 18:18 "Where's my football?!" - Vince McMahon
7.8.16 18:14 One hundred fifteen million wasted clicks
7.8.16 13:37 
Listened to Huey Lewis & The News - Small World (New Edit)
7.8.16 13:29 
Listened to Huey Lewis & The News - Small World (Part One & Two)
7.8.16 13:24 
Listened to Huey Lewis & The News - Give Me The Keys (And I'll Drive You Crazy) (Remix)
7.8.16 13:17 
Listened to Chic - Your Love (12" Remix)
7.8.16 13:11 
Listened to Crescendo - Are You Out There (Alternative Mix)
7.8.16 13:04 
Listened to Crescendo - Are You Out There (Full Vocal 12")
7.8.16 12:57 
Listened to Crescendo - are you out there (full vocal 7")
7.8.16 12:41 
Listened to Kelis - Young, Fresh n' New (Album Version)
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