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20.8.16 21:44 
@Butchmania Thanks! I think with the almost instant video we have now, transcripts are largely unnecessary and I'm pretty old and obsolete
20.8.16 21:36 #KeepOnSucking
20.8.16 21:35 
Commentators way too quick to say "broken jaw" for me to believe it's a legit broken jaw, but you know I'm a cynic #NXTTakeOver
(GREAT show)
20.8.16 21:09 
Over/under on any #SummerSlam entrance being on this level: 1%
20.8.16 20:58 
What the hell is a TEGDAINTY? #NXTTakeOver
20.8.16 20:53 
Not a five snowflake match, but a great match nonetheless #NXTTakeOver
20.8.16 20:36 
Just from the entrances, this Women's title match feels like such a huge deal #NXTTakeOver
20.8.16 20:26 


20.8.16 19:56 
Gotta be confusing have two guys named Paul in the same segment, right, Vince? #NXTTakeOver
20.8.16 19:26 
Okay but seriously when are they gonna announce weights of the women's division competitors #NXTTakeOver @WWE
20.8.16 19:23 
20.8.16 19:22 
OH HE OH AFTER THE BELL OHHHHHHHHH GREATEST MAN THAT EVER LIVED YES BUT OH SHIT IT'S ITAMI IN A SUIT NO SOCKS #NXT RT @D_V_D_V_R: God this is really good and I get the feeling that no one will remember the match by the end of the night
20.8.16 19:12 
My timeline tonight is all Metallica, Tragically Hip and NXT TakeOver.

I wouldn't mind it like that all the time this year, come to think of it
20.8.16 19:05 
I haven't watched #NXT since the last event but I already feel like I know what's going on tonight. Should be a good one live!
20.8.16 18:46 12 oz bottle of True Stone Cool Coffee Brew
20.8.16 16:05 
Target acquired
20.8.16 16:00  Cub Foods (Saint Louis Park, MN)
20.8.16 15:37 
It's like I'm shopping for Kris today...damn, complete series sets for $21.99. I already own all three of these as individual seasons and I can tell you they were damn sure hella more expensive back then, and that was for just ONE season at a time
20.8.16 14:48  Maybe NOT the best rainy day activity - Costco Wholesale (Saint Louis Park, MN)
20.8.16 14:24 
 Candyland (Minneapolis, MN)
20.8.16 14:23 
What in the world?

Public Image Ltd.
20.8.16 13:33 
The highlight of my trip to the Metallica popup store, thanks to Robby
20.8.16 13:26 
 Better - City Works (Minneapolis, MN)
20.8.16 13:08 
 Never been, but it looks pretty full - Red Cow (Minneapolis, MN)
20.8.16 12:47  Well, in line at least - Metallica Pop Up Store
20.8.16 11:15 This rain is seriously infringing on my plans to do absolutely nothing
20.8.16 01:54 
Listened to Moonbootica - Mau Mau High (Brös. 2 The Bootique Remix By Märtini Brös.)
20.8.16 01:15 BONUS! Somewhere in there is @AKWIUS ( @ Hexagon Bar…
20.8.16 01:09 
 Tail end - Hexagon Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
20.8.16 00:29 
It is Lutheran Heat (
19.8.16 23:41 
It is Bug Fix (@bugfixband /
19.8.16 23:04 
It is Private Interests (
19.8.16 22:18 
It is Brilliant Beast (@beast_tunes /
19.8.16 21:32 
It is Neon Dirt (
19.8.16 21:14 
Well, well, well...I just dethroned @phony01 as the Mayor of Eagles Club #34 on @Swarmapp!
19.8.16 21:13 
 In the big room! - Eagles Club #34 (Minneapolis, MN)
19.8.16 21:03 
Listened to Madonna - What It Feels Like for a Girl
19.8.16 20:58 
Listened to The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Pick Up Sticks
19.8.16 20:56 
 Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
19.8.16 20:54 
Listened to 808 State feat. Simian - 606 (Revisited)
19.8.16 20:35 Off to Eagles for the Lutheran Heat show, but they close early, so maybe I'll try Up/Down muuuuuch later. Let me know if you're bored around 1!
19.8.16 19:48 
Listened to Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street
19.8.16 19:44 
Listened to BT - Mercury and Solace (Quivver's Transatlantic Remix)
19.8.16 19:24 
Listened to Private Interests - PRIVATE INTERESTS
19.8.16 17:58 
Listened to Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk 2
19.8.16 17:23 
19.8.16 17:17 
Listened to Kraftwerk - s/t
19.8.16 16:40 
19.8.16 16:07 
Geez, as if there wasn't enough to worry about now we got "foxes with rabies" to add to the list
(MPD's post)
19.8.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 23.72 ▲0.61 (Range: 23.11 - 23.86) New 52 week high!
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