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5.9.16 18:18 
Securing a poncho - Northern Tool & Equipment
5.9.16 18:12 
 Mr E's Drink Time (Saint Paul, MN)
5.9.16 18:10 
 Mouth Trap Cheese Curds (Falcon Heights, MN)
5.9.16 18:03 
Hmmm, these appear to be the best seats #frontrow
5.9.16 17:47 
 Pinball On A Stick
5.9.16 17:39 
Well it took me until almost the very end of the Fair but I finally found @kuretakora's blue ribbon
5.9.16 17:36 
 Creative Activites Building (Falcon Heights, MN)
5.9.16 16:47 
 Foot Long Hot Dog Stand (Saint Paul, MN)
5.9.16 16:39 
 Minnesota Newspaper Museum - State Fair (Falcon Heights, MN)
5.9.16 16:32 
 Culligan Water's Hydration Station (Saint Paul, MN)
5.9.16 16:21 
 Minnesota Territorial Pioneers Log Cabin (Falcon Heights, MN)
5.9.16 16:07 
 DNR Fish Pond (Saint Paul, MN)
5.9.16 16:01 
 Root Beer Barrell (Saint Paul, MN)
5.9.16 15:58 
 Pickle Dog @ MN State Fair (Falcon Heights, MN)
5.9.16 15:53 
Last time :( — with Lily - Minnesota State Fairgrounds (Falcon Heights, MN)
5.9.16 14:33 
State Fair Workout Plan: I walked half a marathon and set a new step record yesterday (when you include my 1am Pokéwalk)! I'm headed out to the last day of the Fair soon; I got a date with Bonnie Raitt. That rhymes. Hit me up if you wanna share a Pickle Dog or some cheese curds before the show.
4.9.16 19:01 
 Minnesota State Fair Grandstand (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 18:53 
 Corn Roast (Falcon Heights, MN)
4.9.16 18:34 
Butterfly House (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 18:02 
 Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 17:46 
 Alpacas (Falcon Heights, MN)
4.9.16 17:35 
 Australian Battered Potatoes (MN State Fair) (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 17:13 
 Miracle Of Birth Center (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 17:07 
 Minnesota Territorial Pioneers Log Cabin (Falcon Heights, MN)
4.9.16 16:41 
 The Ball Park Cafe (Falcon Heights, MN)
4.9.16 16:30 
 Dr Pepper refill - Food / Crossroads Building (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 16:23 
 Sold out of cookie beer! :( - Andy's Grille (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 16:09 
 French Meadow At MN State Fair (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 16:02 
 Dole Whip (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 15:33 
Burnt Butt Ends + Black Cherry Kool-Aid pickles @ RC's BBQ
4.9.16 15:26 
 Here for Burnt Ends and Koolickles! - RC BBQ
4.9.16 14:24 
 Mr E's Drink Time (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 14:24 
Food / Crossroads Building (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 14:12 
 Agriculture Horticulture Building (Falcon Heights, MN)
4.9.16 14:00 
4.9.16 13:45 
 International Bazaar - Minnesota State Fair (Falcon Heights, MN)
4.9.16 13:36 
 Peterson's Pork Chops on a Stick (Roseville, MN)
4.9.16 13:25 
 My happy place - DNR Fish Pond (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 13:21 
 DNR Building (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 13:17 
 All right, let's try the Reuben - I can always get a regular tomorrow - Pickle Dog @ MN State Fair (Falcon Heights, MN)
4.9.16 13:08 
 West End Market (Falcon Heights, MN)
4.9.16 12:55 
Missed Lily but found CRZ!
4.9.16 12:50 
 Might have missed Lily - Alphabet Forest (Saint Paul, MN)
4.9.16 12:38 
 YAY — with Lily - Minnesota State Fairgrounds (Falcon Heights, MN)
4.9.16 12:27 
Oh we got us one of them FUNNY bus drivers #MNStateFairTrips
4.9.16 12:07 
Today's trip to the Fair is sponsored by...

(hi Amy)
4.9.16 12:02 
Gee my FB snark has really evolved, hasn't it
4.9.16 11:26 
Today is Natalie's birthday and all she wants in life is for you to come out and have a good come out and have a good time. C'mon you're probably not working tomorrow anyway let's enjoy life why not
4.9.16 11:24 
Happy Birthday to my favourite homie! (Because I'm pretty sure you're my ONLY "homie," but still...) You are amazing in so many ways and I'm so lucky for the opportunities to spend time with you and sometimes Kazia when none of us have anything better to do. ;-) What I have also learned this morning is that we should probably take more selfies so that I have more material to work with by the time your NEXT birthday comes around, but this'll do for today. (I hope J likes his hat.)

I love you! See you tonight!
31.8.16 15:43 
PEOPLE REALLY WIN RT @efetusmpls: Our winner for tix to @TheBonnieRaitt Mon at the @mnstatefair is @CRZ! Congrats on the big win. We'll DM you prize info.
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