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26.9.16 10:06 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
26.9.16 09:47 
Ah, shoot, I slept on the free Lynx playoff tickets released at 8. Does anybody need a +1?
26.9.16 09:25 
Aw! I knew there'd be free Lynx tickets this morning but snoozed on 'em.
26.9.16 08:23 
Verrrrrrrrry eighties. Happy Monday!

Blue Mercedes
I Want To Be Your Property (Street Latin Wolff Mix)
25.9.16 22:25 
 with dave - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
25.9.16 22:08 
Did ANY of tonight's matches not end with "This feud MUST continue!" and if not...why'd we watch it? #WWEClash
25.9.16 22:06 
Man I could have been at Happy Hour by now. When's this match end? #WWEClash
25.9.16 21:37 
This set of clips is very confusing given the earlier backstage segments - good to see the Creative team is all on the same page #WWEClash
25.9.16 21:12 
Yeah, didn't Kevin Owens pin this guy, though? #WWEClash
25.9.16 21:03 
Thad Young and family in the front row at #WWEClash tonight RT @Mrs___Young21: I used to watch mankind when I was little. The boys actually met him! @yungsmoove21
25.9.16 19:59 
25.9.16 19:48 
Pouring one out tonight - RIP
25.9.16 19:30 
Connor the Crusher was a cruiserweight, technically #WWEClash
25.9.16 19:28 
Wait, did they change the ropes, too? #WWEClash #Cruiserweight
25.9.16 19:02 the-w Survival Football: 2016.03
25.9.16 18:50 
A fun thing to do during a WWE preshow is to watch the countdown timer to see how rare a second ticks by without them changing camera angles
25.9.16 18:42 12 oz bottle of True Stone Cool Coffee Brew
25.9.16 18:30 
N......ot really
25.9.16 13:35 
 Water break - Super America (Minneapolis, MN)
25.9.16 13:18 
 Sneaky cheeky - The Home Depot (Minneapolis, MN)
25.9.16 10:13 Of course, if all those shows up is the Martika track, that won't work. :) OK, you do have to click "See More." Anyway, I wasn't at "I love you" yet...and it's still hard now, but it should never be something I'm afraid to say. SHOULD. I love you all. Try to get me to actually speak the words sometime, though....I need the practice. Maybe most of us do? (shared memory from last year)
25.9.16 10:12 I want to share these with you in case we weren't Friends last year - one's a cool story, and one is me trying to tell you I love you. Eh.....maybe both are both. I've come a long way and not very far at all in a year. (shared memory from last year)
25.9.16 07:23 
Party at Pete's! I think that's his daughter doing a verse.

Pete Townshend
Face the Face
25.9.16 00:29 
It is The Sex Rays
24.9.16 23:29 
It is Dose & The Dinks
24.9.16 22:19 
It is Trailer Park Queen (
24.9.16 21:57 "What the fuck are you doing here?"
"Well, YOU came to MY thing..."
24.9.16 21:52 
 Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
24.9.16 20:54 
Good time at brunch working with Mason! Thanks to my friends who came out or were there in spirit.
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24.9.16 14:22 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
24.9.16 14:20 
Listened to Beatles Remixers Group - With a Little Help from my Friends
24.9.16 14:18 
Listened to Duran Duran - Falling Down (GYR8 Remix)
24.9.16 12:09 Black seconds
24.9.16 10:11 
 Hey DJ (it's me) - Turf Club (Saint Paul, MN)
24.9.16 10:08 Coffee!
24.9.16 10:03 
DJ'd "Tunes 'n Toons Brunch" at Turf Club with Mason
24.9.16 09:50 
C'mon over!
24.9.16 09:47 
Listened to Efterklang - falling post
24.9.16 09:42 
Listened to David Duriez - WereWulf
24.9.16 09:23 
I can't speak for the weather today but I CAN tell you I'm spinning during the Turf Club brunch from 10-2. Although...if you're reading this, it may be too late.

Sunless Saturday
24.9.16 00:42 
Listened to Kraftwerk - Radioaktivität [Francois Kevorkian Remix]
24.9.16 00:38 
Listened to Deja-Move - Master Of Seduction
24.9.16 00:08 
 Pinball! - Mortimer's (Minneapolis, MN)
24.9.16 00:07 
Listened to Bon Jovi - Always
23.9.16 23:59 
Listened to Edwin Starr - Contact
23.9.16 23:52 
Listened to Phil Collins - Sussudio (Extended Remixed Version)
23.9.16 23:46 
Listened to DJ Shadow - Mutual Slump (Alternate Take Without Overdubs)
23.9.16 20:22 
Listened to Tea Dancers - Cosmic Dance Percapella
23.9.16 20:18 
Listened to The Orb - Passing Of Time (Ambient Mix)
23.9.16 20:09 
Listened to Way Out West - Ajare
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